10 Best High Top Vegan Sneakers To Buy Today

When it comes to trying to find sneakers as a vegan, it can be a somewhat difficult task to find shoe brands that don’t use animal products in order to produce their products, and sometimes the brands aren’t entirely transparent about the production process, which makes it a hard market to navigate.

10 Best High Top Vegan Sneakers To Buy Today

However, being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up on some of your favorite styles, as you’ll see in this list, some of your favorite brands quite often produce vegan shoes by accident, but there are also some great alternatives throughout this list to replace your old favorites with new vegan alternatives!

So, for the 10 best high-top vegan sneakers that you can buy today, keep reading on through our list, and hopefully you might just discover your new favorite pair of sneakers to wear!

Best Vegan High Top Sneakers

Bangs Shoes Retro Dream High Top

If you’re tapping into some of that retro style this season, then these high tops from Bangs are a fantastic way to help add the finishing touch to your retrofit!

These high tops come in a trendy and versatile white color with a vintage-looking canvas body that has a sunset embroidered into it!

The vulcanized sole, arch support, and additional footbed ensure that your shoes are going to be both super durable, as well as comfortable for the entire time you wear them, so if you want a retro shoe with all of the benefits of modern technology, check these out. 

Flamingos Life Old 80s All White Monocolor

If you’re someone who is obsessed with recycling (as we all should be!) then you are going to absolutely love these sneakers from Flamingos Life.

Constructed with 68% corn waste and 32% organic cotton, these shoes are designed and produced to be as kind as possible to the planet, all whilst looking super stylish too!

Also included in these shoes is a cork and natural rubber insole to ensure that your comfort is the top priority, so if you’re looking for a classic-looking high-top sneaker that isn’t going to harm the planet, then make a point of looking at a pair of Flamingos Life!

Will’s Vegan Store Chicago High Tops

Chunky shoes and soles are all the rage right now, and if you want to buy into this style without having to be too harmful to the environment, then these Chicago High Tops from Will’s Vegan Store will help to provide that chunky oversized style to your outfits whilst remaining entirely vegan. 

These sneakers also make use of mesh paneling to help keep your feet cool during the warmer months too, so for a sneaker that is super stylish as well as amazingly comfortable, then the Chicago High Tops are an excellent option for you to add to your wardrobe. 

Cariuma OCA High

It might feel like high tops have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but this simply isn’t the case, and with these awesome Cariuma OCA Highs, you’ll certainly help to begin new trends!

These sneakers feature a comfortable and durable rugged sole that holds the white canvas upper, which is made from extremely high-quality raw materials to help deliver what some would consider to be the perfect vegan sneaker!

Available in all white, or a completely blacked out colorway, these sneakers are ready for any occasion, so whether you’re dressing them up or dressing them down, they’ll fit perfectly into any wardrobe.

Veja Nova Homme

Veja are well known for being one of the pioneers of the vegan sneaker, so it’s not a vegan sneaker list without at least one of their fantastic models being featured.

We’ve chosen to highlight the incredible Veja Nova Homme, a sneaker created using organic cotton and Amazonian wild rubber, so you can be sure that these sneakers are going to be super high quality. 

These sneakers are also available in a wide range of different colorways, so there’s going to be a good chance that there’ll be a color that suits your style and wardrobe, so why not buy this vegan staple today?

Palladium Vegan Pampa Hi Original

Part boot, part sneaker, these Palladium shoes take the basic format of the classic canvas sneaker and revolutionize it by adding on a rugged trail-ready sole composed of a durable rubber to keep your feet protected and comfortable whilst on your walks. 

These sneakers are 100% vegan all the way down to the glue used in the production process, and even has PETA approval too, so you can be sure that you’re not buying anything with any animal products when it comes to buying these sneakers!

So for a rugged pair of sneakers that are going to be able to be worn consistently, these Palladium sneakers make for a great vegan choice. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops

These are the first sneakers that we’re going to cover that work out to be entirely vegan, and completely by accident!

So if you’re a new vegan and still have some of your canvas Converse Chuck Taylors lying around, then there’s no reason to stop wearing them, as you can be sure that they’re a vegan sneaker as long as they don’t feature a leather upper material.  

People might have some concerns about the sustainability aspect of this shoe, especially since Converse is owned by Nike, so if you’re someone who is concerned about the conditions the shoe workers produce the shoes in, then these might be a pair of sneakers to avoid!

Vans Sk8-Hi True White

Another pair of sneakers that happens to be vegan entirely by accident are the Vans Sk8-Hi!

However, there are some specifics that make this shoe vegan, so keep reading to ensure that you get this right!

For the most part, Vans sneakers aren’t vegan due to the materials used throughout their shoes, however, the True White colorway’s materials mean that this pair of sneakers is entirely vegan, so if you’re a long-time Vans wearer and are looking to keep your footwear vegan, then this is the colorway to opt for. 

If you’re a fan of skateboarding or at least the style of skate footwear, then you can never truly go wrong with a pair of Vans, and they have a great reputation when it comes to durability too, so you can rest assured that these are going to last you for a long time!

VIRÓN 1982 Black Canvas

Based in France, Viron is a small company dedicated to creating some of the best entirely vegan footwear out there.

These shoes are made with their low-top 1968 shoes, and the entirety of these shoes are made out of different recycled materials, including recycled cotton and rubber, and the sneakers also feature some futuristic printing on the side of the shoe too. 

Viron also has a wide range of boots and low-top sneakers available on their website too if their high-tops aren’t quite to your liking, and they make use of a load of different and interesting materials in order to keep their shoes different from the rest of vegan sneakers on the market. 

The brand is committed to transparency and ensuring that all of its products are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, so you can wear them with your favorite outfits without having to worry about them being produced in unsafe conditions or with animal products. So you should definitely explore their website in order to find your new favorite shoes! 

Ethletic Classics Fair Trainer

Looking for that classic Converse silhouette but concerned about their sustainability ethics?

Then you should definitely take a look at these Ethletic Classics Fair Trainers.

These sneakers have all of the traditional style and youthfulness of the original Chuck Taylor style, but without any of the concerns over the conditions they were made in, and the materials used are also sustainable too, with the uppers being composed of a fairtrade organic cotton!

Ethletic is a great brand to put your money into when it comes to sustainable sneakers, and they even have the option for you to trace your sneakers, so you know exactly where they’ve been and what they’ve been through to make it onto your feet, which is a level of transparency that we think more brands should consider! 

So for a sustainable alternative to the traditional Converse style, make your way over to Ethletic’s website in order to discover some great sustainable and vegan footwear choices today. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 10 of the best high-top vegan sneakers that you can find on the market today, so if you’re looking for some great vegan sneakers for your wardrobe this season, then make your way through each of the options we’ve listed and follow the links to be able to purchase them, thank you for reading!

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