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Stepping Towards Conscious Fashion: The Rise of Vegan Shoe Brands

The fashion world is evolving. As our global consciousness shifts towards a more sustainable, ethical, and compassionate paradigm, so does the demand for products that reflect these values. Enter the world of vegan shoes – where style, comfort, and ethics walk hand in hand.

Why the Fuss about Vegan Shoes?

At its core, a vegan shoe is designed without any use of animal-derived materials. While leather has historically been a primary component of footwear, its production often comes laden with ethical dilemmas and environmental concerns. From the treatment of animals to the impact of leather tanneries on our ecosystems, the quest for an alternative was essential.

Vegan shoes, therefore, are not just about excluding animal products. They represent a larger commitment – to our planet, to its creatures, and to sustainable innovation.

More than Just a Trend

With the rise of veganism and heightened environmental awareness, the demand for vegan footwear isn’t merely a transient trend. It’s an echoing statement from consumers that choices matter, that ethics are integral to aesthetics, and that the future of fashion is conscious.

Moreover, these shoes are a testament to innovation. With materials like mushroom leather, recycled plastics, and other plant-based alternatives coming to the forefront, the world of vegan footwear is as much about technological advancement as it is about compassion.

For Everyone, Not Just Vegans

It’s essential to note that vegan shoes are not exclusively for those following a vegan lifestyle. They cater to everyone who believes in sustainable and ethical consumerism. Whether you’re motivated by style, environmental concerns, or animal welfare, there’s a vegan shoe out there for you.

A Journey Ahead

While this article serves as an introduction to the world of vegan footwear, what follows will be a deep dive into the brands that champion this cause. From their backstories to the innovations they bring, stay tuned for a comprehensive look at the trailblazers of this industry.

In conclusion, every step we take in a vegan shoe is a stride towards a world that values every life and cherishes our planet. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or someone exploring sustainable fashion, welcome to this enlightening journey. Every choice matters, and together, we can tread lightly on our Earth.

The Best Vegan Shoe Brands


Will’s Vegan Shoes

If you want to support a company that is 100% vegan, then you can’t go wrong with buying from Will’s Vegan Shoes!

They have been in the business since 2013, and are known for producing high-quality shoes and boots that are fashionable whilst also remaining entirely vegan. 

Their range of products is vast too, so whether you’re looking for vegan sneakers, dress shoes, or lace-up boots, they have you covered for all of your vegan footwear needs!

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Based out of France, this Parissiene brand was founded in 2011 and was also the first ever 100% vegan shoe company from France!

They have a whole range of boots in differing styles, even including styles such as cowboy boots and moto boots, so there is something for everyone!

These boots are PETA-approved, and some are made using incredibly clever materials, such as apple skin leather, so you can get that amazing leather look and feel without any of the cruelty involved!


US-based Bhava is an excellent choice when it comes to trying to find fashionable and high-quality vegan footwear, and when it comes to comfort, people don’t stop talking about how comfortable their Bhava boots are, so if you want a pair of boots that you can wear all day with no issues, then you should definitely take a look. 

They have a range of styles available, so whether you’re just looking for some normal vegan boots, or you want to expand your wardrobe and opt for their incredible knee-high vegan boots, Bhava have such an excellent selection that we’re sure that there will be something for everyone. 


When it comes to ensuring that your fashion choices are cruelty-free, it shouldn’t just end at animals, Nae is a vegan footwear brand originating from Portugal, that takes pride in its use of sustainable vegan materials, as well as the fair treatment of its workers who help to make their footwear. 

So for a wide range of entirely vegan footwear that you also know has been made by people who are treated fairly and in good working conditions, then you can trust Nae to provide you with all of the vegan footwear you could ask for!

Doc Martens

If you’re a fan of the original Doc Martens styling but want to try and remove the leather products from your wardrobe, then worry not, as Doc Martens has their very own range of vegan boots for you to choose from, so you don’t have to compromise your style just to be cruelty-free!

Of course, some people won’t like buying vegan footwear from a brand that still makes use of normal leather in the rest of their footwear, however, we’re sure that the Doc Martens lovers amongst you will just be grateful that you can buy all of your favorite styles whilst remaining cruelty-free.

Stella McCartney

As everyone knows, this fashion icon was vegetarian, and much like the creator herself, her footwear range is also entirely vegetarian too.

It’s worth noting that some of her products do still make use of some animal products, such as wool, but you can be sure that there is no animal leather to be found here!

So if you’re looking to embrace the style of a cultural icon, all whilst avoiding wearing any real leather, then you should definitely have a look through some of the styles of boots on offer from Stella McCartney!


15 Amazing Vegan Lace-Up Boots Not To Miss Out On

Founded in 2020, Allkind are a UK-based company who are relatively new to the vegan footwear market, however these newcomers are proving to be popular with those who are looking to seek out the newest and best vegan boots out there. 

Allkind aren’t just entirely vegan, they’re also committed to using some recycled materials throughout their products, whilst also being completely sweatshop free too!

So if you’re looking for some stylish cruelty-free footwear, then take a look at Allkind!

BC Footwear

Looking for an entirely vegan boot company that still delivers exceptionally stylish and comfortable boots, then look no further than BC Footwear!

These boots are 100% vegan and there are such a wide range of styles available that you won’t know quite which ones to choose from! 

Their knee high boots are a favorite amongst their customers, but they also have amazing ankle boots too if knee high boots aren’t quite to your taste, so when it comes to the styles they have in store for you, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Minuit Sur Terre

Another vegan footwear company hailing from France, Minuti Sur Terre is a fantastic footwear company that is dedicated to creating excellent all-vegan footwear, as well as including some recycled materials in their products too, which is great for people who are trying to make more sustainable choices!

Vegetarian Shoes

If you’ve only recently discovered vegan footwear, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was a fairly new movement, but it’s actually been a movement for quite some time, as proven by the brand Vegetarian Shoes, who were founded all the back in 1990. 

They have a full range of all of the traditional styles of boots you could want, and despite their name stating that they’re vegetarian, they’re actually entirely vegan too, so you can buy these boots without having to worry about whether or not they use any animal products. 

Native Shoes

If you’re looking for some waterproof lace-up boots ahead of the winter, but you also want to make sure that the boots you wear are entirely vegan, then you’ll be glad to know that Native Shoes has the boots you need in order to keep your feet dry no matter what the weather is like. 

So whether you want to opt for vegan leather or non-leather boots, Native Shoes will be sure to keep your comfy and dry! 


If you want to buy boots that get made in the only entirely vegan shoe factory, then you definitely need to add some Ahimsa boots to your wardrobe as soon as possible, these all vegan boots originate in Brazil, and Ahimsa was the first company to create an all-vegan shoe factory, and they make everything from lace-up boots, to Chelsea boots, and even some boots with heels too, so there’s plenty of choice. 

Mieria Playa

Based in Spain, Mieria Playa is an all-vegan shoe company that is known for its distinctive styles and silhouettes, and they also offer a great range of both heels and low boots, so no matter what your preference is, Mieria Playa is sure to have some great boots to suit your wardrobe well. 

Veerah Vegan Leather Booties 

Their selection when it comes to non-vegan boots might be slightly limited in comparison to others on this list, however there’s definitely no denying just how amazing these vegan leather booties from Veerah are! 

With five different colors of the same style available, but with the added possibility of choosing from a variety of accessories and add-ons, you can be sure that no one else is going to have a pair like yours. 

Matt & Nat

What started out as a wallet and bag company over a decade ago has over time evolved into one of the most popular choices for vegan footwear!

Based out of Canada, Matt & Nat’s footwear is known for its durability and quality despite the use of vegan leather, and with such a huge range of vegan footwear for you to choose from, they make for an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some vegan footwear to their wardrobe!

There have been some concerns around their sustainability choices, but none of this information is public, so in the meantime, don’t be afraid to enjoy their fantastic selection of vegan footwear. 


We hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best vegan lace-up boots available on the market, and hopefully a pair makes its way into your wardrobe sometime soon!

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