About us

Welcome to my NAK fashion website.

My name is Jessica Strouss and I’m a fashionista in heart and soul.  

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by my mom’s closet and was always dressing up in her clothes, wearing her high heel shoes, jewelry and make-up.  Pretending to be a supermodel on the catwalk, being cheered on loudly by my best friend,… my dog Chocolate.

Over the years, my passion for fashion grew stronger, … as well as my love for animals.  When my mom explained that the fashion and beauty industry abuses and even kills animals, I was heartbroken.  Up until that moment, I never realized that animals were killed for clothes, shoes, accessories or beauty products. 

It was right there and then that I decided that my life’s mission would be to combine my two favorite worlds (fashion and animals) and to inspire people with my No Animals Killed fashion website.  

I truly believe that fashion can be ethical and stylish at the same time.  NAKfashion.com is the go-to website full of vegan and cruelty free fashion insights and style tips.

I hope that, just like me, you’ll see how amazing vegan fashion can be!

Jessica Strouss