14 Amazing Vegan Ankle Boots Not To Miss Out On

Ankle boots are a wardrobe staple, especially when the weather starts to turn. They can be worn with almost anything in your closet and can give you some extra height.

15 Amazing Vegan Ankle Boots Not To Miss Out On

Vegan leather has risen in popularity which means that a bunch of new brands have popped up over the past few years with some fabulous designs.

In this article, we have found 15 different vegan ankle boots that are perfect for fall and winter.

15 Amazing Vegan Ankle Boots

Tammy Vegan Flat Ankle Boots
Ink-Black Vegan Leather Boots
Point Toe Vegan Leather Boots

Tammy Vegan Flat Ankle Boots


The Tammy vegan flat ankle boots come in both a ‘fig’ and ‘black’ color, which makes them perfect for the changing seasons.

Made with smooth vegan leather, these ankle boots have a small black heel and a simple design. The boots are easy to slip on with a zip fastening at the size.

Pair these boots with a simple pair of jeans or pants for everyday use, or wear them with a long dress for a fall statement.

Ink-Black Vegan Leather Boots


Alohas are a Spanish brand often associated with making sandals, but they have recently expanded into making some vegan leather goods!

These super chunky vegan leather boots are a great example of what they have to offer.

Stylish and practical, these are perfect everyday boots for fall and winter. Although they have a chunky heel, they aren’t too bulky and over the top.

The boots are fastened with a zip to the back of the ankle which gives them a seamless all-round look.

Point Toe Vegan Leather Boots


Will’s is a well-known vegan leather footwear brand that offers a variety of ankle boots.

Made with Italian vegan leather using plants and organic cereal crops, the production method is completely carbon neutral.

Embossed with the Vegan Society trademark, as all Will’s products are, you can be sure they are held to high cruelty-free standards.

The materials are breathable and water resistant making them super practical and comfortable. Elastic gussets allow you to easily slip the boots on and off.

Isabella Vegan Grain Leather Heeled Ankle Boots


Allkind Vegan made the Isabella ‘leather’ ankle boot, with an impressive heel.

The curved toe and round block heel create an elegant and stylish look, perfect for the office or date night.

This British footwear brand offers luxury style without compromising your beliefs.

The soles are made from recycled and upcycled rubber, whilst the outer layers are made from recycled polyester and polyurethane for that classic leather look.

Eddie Vegan Ankle Boots


Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather is the pioneering vegan brand that made these gorgeous boots.

Motorcycle chic, a square toe, and plenty of personality can be seen in these boots.

If you’re looking for something a little edgier and ‘out there’, then these are a welcome addition to your winter wardrobe.

They are made with smooth and resistant microfiber materials with an elastomer sole and a wooden heel.

Not only are they vegan and fair-trade, but they also ensure their packaging is made from recycled paper too.

Vegan Felix Ankle Boots


Dr. Martens has always been known for their quirky style and attitude. In the past few years, the brand has created a number of vegan versions of its most popular products.

The Felix ankle boot is made with their black Felix Rub-Off synthetic material.

With instantly recognizable Dr. Marten features, these cool and trendy boots are a real investment.

Made with durable materials, they will last you a lifetime and are suitable for numerous occasions and activities. No longer do you need to compromise on your favorite brands to find an ethical shoe.

Liman Women’s Vegan Flat Boots


Matt & Nat is a vegan, cruelty-free, and recycled footwear brand that makes stylish and high-quality footwear.

The Liman flat boots can be purchased in nude, black, or brown to appeal to a range of tastes.

Regardless of the color of the boot, they all feature a gold zipper which adds subtle contrast.

With the brown and tan colors, they also have contrasting darker heels for a sleek look.

The materials used to make the boots are biodegradable but still durable and long-lasting.

Although it doesn’t state the exact sources of the material, they had a smooth matte finish that looks similar to classic leather.

Centaur Vegan Leather Western Ankle Boots


These cowboy-inspired cream ‘leather’ boots have tan soles and all the western characteristics you could ask for, including studded accessories.

Although not made from leather, these boots still have a matte and smooth finish.

To create this look, they have been made with eco-friendly recycled materials and recycled synthetic fibers.

This makes them the perfect blend of stylish boots and friends of the environment.

Wear these boots with your favorite jean shorts for a true cowgirl look, or simply with your everyday pants for a cool and classic vibe.

Franca Up-Cycled Vegan Leather Ankle Boots


Collection And Co crafted these Franca ankle boots from vegan leather which has been upcycled.

Their almond toe shape set them apart from other similar ankle boots, adding an element of sophistication.

Available in a tan shade, they are smooth and have a slight shine. With cushioned soles and a back zipper, they are super comfortable and easy to slip on.

Coconuts Elsa Ankle Boot


Coconuts by Matisse is a range that includes numerous trendy and affordable shoes, with a whole vegan range!

All of their vegan products are Peta-approved, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a great boot.

The Elsa ankle boot comes in ‘ivory’ or ‘saddle’ and features a light brown crepe sole that contrasts with the colors of the material.

Made with synthetic leather, the upper material has a suede-looking texture and a simple zipper up the side of the ankle.

Contemporary colors match well with a variety of different colors, although make sure to avoid wearing the ivory color near muddy puddles!

Rebecca Vegan Suede Ankle Boot


Italians know how to make a great shoe, it also turns out they know how to make a great vegan shoe as well.

NOAH designed this vegan suede ankle boot in navy blue which is the perfect mix of classic Italian style and practical vegan fabrics.

The microsuede material is similar to leather in appearance but unlike the real thing, it is waterproof.

Made from ultra-fine polyester fibers, you can still expect the soft feel of suede but with stronger properties.

Watercolor Cucumber Green Ankle Boots


Another vegan boot from Alohas is this dark green Watercolor ankle boot. With a square toe and a shaped heel, these are what ankle boot dreams are made of.

If green isn’t really you, then there are a range of other colors to choose from, all with the same elegant shape.

Made from 100% vegan materials, these sustainable boots will have you walking with pride this winter season.

Wear these boots with literally anything to make the outfit instantly more fabulous.

Linda Recycled Polyester Veg Suede Boots


Suede and vegan aren’t usually words you hear in the same sentence.

High-quality and recycled materials are used to make these boots, giving off a suede look without using animal products.

The camel material is ideal for pairing with every color, so you can trust these boots will go with everything you own.

With a chunky sole, you can splash through puddles without worrying about getting your feet wet, and make these boots part of your everyday fall look.

Elasticated sides allow you to slip the boots with ease.

Aura Vegan Leather Ankle Boots


Sometimes we want something a little more interesting than a plain black ankle boot.

The Aura vegan ankle boot is slightly taller than a classic ankle boot style and it also features a braided material with a golden buckle around the ankle.

A zip is tucked away on the side of the boot with a classy gold zip pull.

Minuit sur Terre uses eco-friendly materials made from recycled cereals and recycled polyester. These boots are perfect for a more elegant statement this fall, perfect to wear with long floaty skirts and tights.

The Bottom Line

Finding great vegan ankle boots doesn’t have to be difficult. With the demand slowly increasing, so is the rise in great vegan footwear brands.

We’ve included 15 of our favorite ankle boots, but there are so many more styles and variations on offer with these labels, you just have to look!

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