15 Amazing Vegan Combat Boots Not To Miss Out On

If you care about the ethical treatment of animals, then buying clothes and accessories that reduce the amount of harm done to animals will be paramount. And this is none the more important than when you are buying shoes.

15Amazing Vegan Combat Boots Not To Miss Out On

Because we’ve all seen combat boots, they’re traditionally made out of tough materials such as leather. But where does this leave vegans?

Well, luckily there are plenty of places where you can pick up vegan combat boots very cheaply.

So where can you get vegan combat boots? Can you expect the same level of protection and comfort that you would get with regular leather combat boots?

Well, we have compiled a list of 15 of the best vegan boots that money can buy.

15 Amazing Vegan Combat Boots

Dr. Marten’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot
Dr. Marten’s Unisex Adult Vegan Boot
Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II Boot

Dr. Marten’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot


This first boot is by one of the most established brands when it comes to boots, Dr. Marten’s. This brand is known for its high level of quality, which really matters when you are buying your first pair of boots.

This boot is very streamlined and designed to be worn frequently.

This shoe is made from 100% non-animal-tested materials, yet it is extremely durable and resilient. You can wear these come wind, rain or intense sunshine.

Dr. Marten’s Unisex Adult Vegan 101 Fashion Boot


We’re sticking with the Dr. Marten’s brand, this time with a vegan shoe that can be worn by both men and women.

This is great if you like to share your shoes with a partner (although they would have to be the same size).

This boot comes with extremely durable shoelaces that you can be sure will provide you with maximum stability.

These boots are utilitarian and will provide you with comfort, they are great for wearing on the building site as well as the dancefloor.

Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II 8-Eye Synthetic Platform Boot for Men and Women


If you like your vegan combat boot with a thicker platform, then you’ll definitely want to check out this make by the same prestigious brand.

Because why can’t you vary your style just because we don’t want animals to be harmed in the making of your clothing?

These boots can be worn by both men and women, with a thick platform that will give you that extra height and also protect the soles of your feet from any harmful elements like broken glass or jagged metal.

Dr. Martens Women's Vegan 1460 Boot


Now we have a boot that is just for the ladies, with a sexy read leather style that is made with 100% cruelty-free materials.

This comes with 8 solid eyelets that you can use to completely tie up your shoe for amazing stability and comfort.

This boot comes with a sheen that will allow you to wipe it down much easier.

This combines that rocker style with sustainable ethics, which is great if your philosophy is as important if not more so than what you’re wearing.

Altercore Boots


Now we move on to a brand that might not be as well-known as Doc Marten’s, but sure as hell commits itself to produce cruelty-free footwear.

This boot is very long and will protect most of your leg against cold and other harsh elements.

This comes made with 100% imitation leather, which will allow you to match it with most of your favorite outfits, including jeans or a sun dress. You can also wear these to work if you have a manual labor job.

Vegetarian Shoes Combat Boot In Black


Next up, we have a set of combat shoes that are also very high on the leg, giving you everything that you need for a solid and secure fit. This is very important if you are going to be wearing this boot to your manual labor job.

These shoes are made from 100% cruelty-free material and are manufactured by a company that specializes in only this.

These shoes are also very comfortable and you can match them with pretty much any style.

Maree Women’s Vegan Combat Boots


Next up, we have a pair of women’s combat boots that are actually made from 100% biodegradable material. These shoes have a very comfortable inner shoe, which is great if you are going to be wearing them all day, every day.

These shoes come in a wide range of colors and styles, which is great if you are looking for something to wear on the dance floor.

You can pair these boots with almost any outfit, which is ideal if you have an eclectic wardrobe.

Danner Men's Tachyon 8-inch Military and Tactical Boot


If you are looking for something that is a little different in terms of material and shape, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at the tactical boots.

They are made from soft synthetic material and they go up the leg, offering you great protection and stability.

This comes with a rubber outsole, which is also great for protection and will give you an aligned gait.

If you are going to be working these shoes hard on a daily basis, then you won’t have to worry about them wearing down.

Forever Link Women’s Combat Boots


Next up, we have some great combat boots for women that are both stylish and very affordable. These are a little bit thinner than some of the other models that we’ve listed, but they are still great.

These come with many eyelets that you can use to lace your boots all the way up, almost to the knee.

You can get these shoes in 11 different colors, which is great if you want to buy a few pairs to match your outfit.

Dream Pairs Women's Combat Boots


Next up, we have a women’s military-style boot that will be just perfect for your needs.

These are slender and stylish boots, you can match them with pretty much any outfit that you might have in your wardrobe, even a flower sun dress!

These have buckles all the way up to the top, with fur lining that will be very comfortable and easy to maneuver.

These boots also come with an optional zip up the side, which allows you to slip out of this heavy boot quite easily and comfortably.

DailyShoes Women’s Military Up Buckle Combat Boots


Next up, we have some vegan boots with pockets, which is great if you are a fan of hiking but you don’t want to bring that many heavy bags with you.

These shoes are comfortable, light and made from 100% completely synthetic leather.

These shoes are extremely streamlined, which makes them great for walking and will not give you a wobbly gait. These shoes are also available in many styles and colors, as well as thick enough to withstand impacts and sharp knocks.

Dadawen Waterproof Ankle Bootie for Women


Next we have a combat boot for women that is a little bit more on the fashionable side, coming with a zip up the middle as well as lace-up options.

This boot is completely waterproof, which is great if you are going to be working in the great outdoors.

These boots are also very lightweight, coming with a soft material on the outside that will be very easy for you to wash off.

The sole is made from rubber too, so it’ll be easy to protect your foot from sharp objects.

Vepose Women's Fashion Ankle Booties


Now we have another pair of very attractive ankle booties that are great for wearing out on the town.

If you are looking for something to wear with that red satin dress or even a pair of boots you can slip on before going to the supermarket, then these are for you.

These shoes are made from rubber, wool and synthetic leather, meaning that absolutely no animals were killed to make these boots.

This is great durable vegan footwear, ideal for hiking or hitting the dancefloor.

Vepose Women's 28 Mid-Calf Boots Military Combat Boot


Now we have another women’s vegan combat boot that you can keep your stuff in.

This is a must-have for vegan hikers, as it comes with pockets that you can use to keep your wallet, your map and even your car keys.

These come with shoelaces on the front and zips on the side.

They also have buckles on the back for decoration. These shoes look great if you want to cultivate that all-round adventurers look and what’s better – no animals have suffered in the process!

Vepose Women's 9622/23 Fashion Ankle Boots


Finally, we end on a very fashionable white shoe (although you can also get this one in many colors).

These shoes are both tough and fashionable, with a nice thick sole on the bottom that will prevent them from getting damaged.


We hope that our list of vegan combat boots has helped you to decide which ones are the best for your outfit or activity.

Remember, if you are shopping for a vegan boot, check the manufacturer’s instructions and materials before buying.

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