15 Amazing Vegan Cowboy Boots Not To Miss Out On

Navigating the world of sustainable and animal-free fashion can be a trek, but for those who live by the principles of compassion, every step counts. Enter the realm of vegan cowboy boots: the perfect fusion of classic American heritage with modern ethical practices.

15 Amazing Vegan Cowboy Boots Not To Miss Out On

No longer must style be sacrificed at the altar of sustainability.

As the demand for cruelty-free products surges, a plethora of brands have risen to the challenge, offering beautifully designed, durable, and eco-friendly boots that uphold the rugged charm of the Wild West.

If you’re a fashion-forward individual with a heart for the planet and its inhabitants, this review page will guide you through the vegan cowboy boots you simply can’t miss out on. Join us on this journey and stride confidently into a future where style and ethics ride side by side.

Very Volatile Denver Boot
Very Volatile's Vegan Boots
Tall Western Boots

Very Volatile Denver Boot


Take a look at this style of cowgirl boot in black faux leather! With some classic cowboy boot designs and a 3-inch heel for an alternative take on the traditional cowgirl boot, these are very fashionable and chic boots.

They are also available in a few other colors, from bright white to muted brown. You are sure to find one that fits in with your sense of style.

The boots are embellished with dainty little silver studs, and they have a pointed toe along with a deep V cutout in the front of the shoe for some added flare.

Very Volatile's Vegan Boots


These cowgirl boots get a little sexier and more fun thanks to the three-inch high heels.

They have decorative inlays of teal and green teal leatherette and are made out of faux leather in a tan color.

The shaft measures 11 inches from the arch, and the soles are made of rubber to make walking and all-day wear a lot more comfortable.

Tall Western Boots


If you are looking for your next favorite cowboy boots, then look no further! These are sophisticated Roper cowboy boots with a towering 2.25″ heel.

Beautiful western flowers are stitched on them for some added decoration and a Southern feel, and the shaft is 16 inches in height.

Roper Cowboy Boots


These Stars and Stones Boots by Roper are perfect for you if you adore stars but are looking for something a little less obvious to show your passion for them.

The heel is roughly 2.25 inches, and the shaft is around 13 inches from the arch.

Along with these nice design elements, these cowboy boots have a cushioned support footbed and a flexible sole for further wearer comfort.

These cruelty-free western boots are available in either brown or black so you can choose one to match your style.

Durango's Accessorized Faux Leather Western Boot


These unique cowgirl boots from Durango have the appearance of weathered leather and come with a variety of distinctive added elements, such as hardware made of tarnished metal and wrap-around straps.

They reach around mid-calf, making them an excellent choice for wearing with jeans or a cowgirl skirt.

These boots have a rock and roll design to them, but even if you are not a fan of this kind of music, if you’re looking for a distinctive pair of fake leather cowboy boots, this pair will be perfect for you.

These cowboy boots have a very classic appearance to them, but they are still edgy enough to stand out from the crowd.

Refresh Faux-Leather Boots


Check out these slouchy, ankle straps with ring boots by Refresh if you’re looking for a western boot that has a touch more of a biker babe flair.

These cowboy boots prove that it is possible to be cruelty-free and badass at the same time. The height of the shaft is 9.75 inches, and either brown or black is available.

Helen's Heart Cowboy Boots


Check out these bright and vibrant bling boots from Helen’s Heart if you feel like your next party needs a little more pizazz than what typical imitation leather cowboy boots can provide.

They are available in a variety of colors, including black, brown, red, fuchsia, turquoise, pink, gold, silver, sparkly gray, and black.

These cowboy boots are made out of rubber, which is great news for all you animal-loving cowgirls who live in wetter climates and like to put a smile on people’s faces as you pass by.

The heel is 3.25 inches tall and the shaft is 13 inches from the arch. They feature a zipper on the side, making the boots simple to put on and take off.

Roper Brown Boots


If you want to show off a bit of leg or don’t want to be covered up on hotter days, then you should get these adorable brown low-western boots.

The heel is 1.25 inches tall, and the shaft is about 9 inches from the arch.

Durango's Cowboy Boots


These brown cowboy boots are made of imitation leather and feature ornamental American flags wrapped around the ankles.

They have a square toe and are perfect for your Fourth of July celebrations. The height of the shaft is around mid-calf.

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Very Volatile Velvet Cowgirl Boots


Check out these gorgeous cowboy ankle boots that are made of velvet and imitation leather for a style that is one of a kind.

They are available in black, blue, or the color of red wine.

They are made entirely of synthetic material, and the distance from the arch to the shaft is 12 inches. The heel height is 2 inches for a bit of added height.

Western-Style Cowboy Boots


The traditional cowboy boot has been updated with these ankle boots for a modern look. When paired with a pair of skinny jeans, they speak of an inner cowgirl who isn’t afraid to let loose and have fun.

Jessica Simpson Cowboy Boots


Check out Jessica Simpson’s Zellya Bootie if you want a little more sparkle in your cowgirl boots. It is constructed of synthetic materials and has sufficient glimmer for the stage or a night out with the girls.

Roper's Men's Vegan Cowboy Boots


These men’s cowboy boots from Roper are made of imitation leather and available in a variety of color combinations. They feature a sole made of rubber that is flexible and easy to walk on all day.

The heel measures 1.5 inches, and the shaft measures 11 inches from the arch.

Amali Men's Western Style Ankle Boots


Another great pair of men’s ankle cowboy boots is the Amali Men’s boot. This design is available in distressed imitation leather that is either black, gray, or burgundy.

Alberto Fellini Men’s Cowboy Boots


Since the 1970s, trendy synthetic shoes and boots for men have been among Alberto Fellini’s specialties.

The sizing zipper on these men’s vegan western-style ankle boots makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze.

The stitching is done in a traditional western design, and they include unique ankle straps and rings. They appear in both brown and black varieties.


Finding a pair of vegan cowboy boots doesn’t have to be hard. While these shoes used to be made out of leather and other animal materials, nowadays a lot of them are made from faux leather.

This change in material does not affect how strong and durable cowboy boots are though, as even faux leather can last a very long time with the right care given to them. Keep your shoes in good condition and they can last you for years!

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