14 Amazing Vegan Desert Boots Not To Miss Out On

Are you looking for a new pair of vegan desert boots? Buying a new pair of boots can be a difficult task as you want something that aligns with your style as well as something that is practical and comfy.

15 Amazing Vegan Desert Boots Not To Miss Out On

With the demand for vegan products rising over the past few years, brands have listened to the vegan community and many have come out with vegan versions of their classic styles as well as whole new ranges.

Here we have found 15 different pairs of vegan desert boots that you won’t want to miss out on.

NOAH Italian Vegan Desert Boots
Clarks Originals Desert Boot Vegan
AYITA 2.0 Vegan Suede Desert Boot

NOAH Italian Vegan Desert Boots


Apart from pasta and pizza, Italians are known for making great quality shoes and clothes. The Marica & Marco vegan suede desert boots are completely leather-free, instead, they are made with a microsuede that has a vegan wild leather finish.

These stylish, well-made shoes come in six different colors which means there is something for everyone.

Perfect for date night or as your new work shoe, desert boots are a great way to level up any outfit. Men can pair these boots with a tight-fitting pair of pants and women with a vintage mini skirt over a patterned pair of tights.

Clarks Originals Desert Boot Vegan


Clark’s is a British brand that has recently come out with its own vegan line, which includes its classic desert boot design.

Accommodating a large range of sizes, these boots can be found in EU size 33.5 up to 46.5 which means they are suitable for both men and women.

Using vegan suede across the uppers of the shoes, you can expect to receive the durability and quality of normal suede but from a non-animal source. Crepe rubber is used on the sole as is used with Clark’s standard suede boots.

AYITA 2.0 Vegan Suede Desert Boot


The AYITA desert boot comes from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, a popular vegan shoemaker.

The classic style of this desert boot means they can be worn for a special occasion or in a casual setting. Made with a rubber sole and a microfiber upper, the unisex boots are completely vegan.

These boots feature three eyelets and prominent stitching around the sole which makes for a quirky design feature. Currently, they are only available in the ‘Brandy’ color which is similar to a camel color.

Women’s Signature Vegan Suede Deserts


Will’s vegan shoes are another reputable vegan shoemaker. Their signature vegan suede desert boots come in three different colors: black, gray suede, and dark brown suede. The black version of the shoe is a patent leather look rather than suede material like the others.

Made with ecolabel-certified vegan suede manufactured in Italy, the materials used here meet a number of different regulations so you can be sure they are of great quality and ethical standards.

Another classic style of desert boot, these can be worn with pretty much anything and look great.

Bush Boot Brown


The aptly named VEGETARIAN SHOES created the Bush Boot. These popular shoes are made of brown suede-looking material. The material upper is made of Vegetan Suede and is super breathable and soft.

With a crepe sole and padded insole, the shoes are extremely durable and comfortable. Contrasting double-stitching creates a stylish look with these classic shaped desert boots.

The two-eyelet design and thick laces contribute to the masculine-looking boots. These boots can be styled with anything from jeans to pants to skirts.

Crepe Sole Desert Boots


These Crepe Sole desert boots from Will’s Vegan Store are also created with their Ecolabel-certified vegan suede. Customers can choose from a sandy beige or black color shoe.

They are tailored more towards men’s sizes, but women with an EU size 40 will also be able to enjoy these shoes. Unlike normal suede, these are water resistant so puddles will be feared no more!

The real crepe rubber soles are cushioned, as are the insoles made from recycled rubber so you can guarantee you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud in these shoes. With a slightly lower-cut design, any length of pants will look great paired with these boots.

Ahisma Parker Espresso


The Parker Espresso desert boot is a brown suede-looking boot made from high-quality vegan leather. It has a two-eyelet design with thick leather-looking laces and natural rubber crepe soles which offer durability.

The style offers a more sporty look than other boots but they can easily be worn in formal situations or with your favorite pair of jeans.

Ahisma Parker Black


Ahisma has produced a number of vegan desert boots made with high-quality vegan leather that are ethically made by hand in Brazil. With two eyelets and a natural rubber crepe sole, these boots are both stylish and durable.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, then the black Parker boots are a great choice. The sizing of the shoes runs from EU 39 to 47, which makes them suitable for some women but mostly men.

Ahisma Thomas Canvas Espresso


A desert boot with a slightly thicker heel and patchwork design is the Thomas shoes by Ashima. With dark brown uppers and a dark natural cork sole, it has a unique design.

This fashionable shoe is made with durable organic cotton fabric and has been reinforced with faux suede which adds to the durability of the shoe.

The more casual look of this shoe doesn’t mean that it has to be saved for casual occasions. Pair with a smart pair of pants and a shirt for a more smart-casual event which will still allow you to make a statement.

Union Street Vegan Desert Boots


These unisex boots are 100% vegan and can be shipped worldwide from Union Street. They are handmade in Northamptonshire in the UK with vegan materials. The EVA sole makes the shoe extremely light making them perfectly comfortable to wear for any occasion.

Available in a charcoal color, the three-eyelet desert boots have a slightly higher ankle than other desert boots. Pair these boots with a casual pair of jeans or a winter dress for the perfect fall outfit.

Wallabee Sand Vegan


Clarks collaborated with the brand Wallabee to create a line of vegan shoes. Maintaining the original Wallabee style, with vegan-friendly uppers, linings, and natural rubber crepe soles style no longer needs to be compromised.

These shoes feature cushioned OrthoLite foam footbeds that are made with part-recycled materials. The footbeds create a comfortable and breathable insole that will allow you to walk as far as you like.

Wallabee Black Vegan


The Wallabee vegan shoes also come in black if the sandy color isn’t really your thing. Contrasting with the natural rubber crepe soles, these shoes will pair with any color outfit for a cute and trendy look.

As with the ‘sand’ vegan shoes mentioned above, these contain OrthoLite foam footbeds that make every step comfortable and light. Both colors of the Wallabee shoes are unisex, please see the website for sizing guides.

Peta Black Organic Cotton Vegan Boots


Nae vegan shoes collaborated with PETA to create an organic desert boot made with 100% organic cotton. The vegan boots are made in a sustainable way to ensure they have as little impact on the environment as possible.

The honeycomb microstructure acts as a shock absorber making for a much more comfortable shoe. Compared to the other shoes featured here, these boots are more rugged looking in terms of material and laces which would look best with a casual pair of jeans.

Altercore Rony Orange Desert Boots


If you’re looking for a bold pair of desert boots, look no further! These Rony bright orange boots by Altercore have a classic style and a fabulous color, featuring a two-eyelet design and comfortable footbed.

Made with high-quality faux suede, these boots are completely vegan.

Orange may not seem like a flexible color but it can easily be paired with a variety of colors such as reds, browns, and olive greens. If you love to clash your colors, pair them with a bright purple for a bold statement!

The Bottom Line

Looking for a new pair of vegan shoes doesn’t have to be a chore, as the demand for vegan shoes has risen in recent years brands have answered our prayers and delivered wonderful vegan shoes!

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