15 Amazing Vegan Snow Boots Not To Miss Out On

We have put together this list of the most amazing vegan snow boots to make it easier for you to choose which boots you should buy. You will not want to miss out on these highly recommended products. Keep reading to find your ideal pair of snow boots.

15 Amazing Vegan Snow Boots Not To Miss Out On
Dream Paris Women's Mid Calf Snow Boots
Waterproof Snow Booties
Polar Quilted Nylon Snow Boots

Dream Paris Women's Mid Calf Snow Boots


These Dream Paris snow boots come in 5 different colors – black, beige and white, brown, gray or khaki. These boots have 200g of thermolite insulation which will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees fahrenheit.

The faux fur lining also helps to keep your feet snug and warm.

These boots have buckle details, but they are actually very easy to take on and offer using the zipper on the side. You can also use the laces on the front to make sure that boots fit nice and securely.

The uppers are waterproof to ensure that your feet remain dry in wet and snowy conditions. The seam sealed construction ensures that no water can get into the shoe.

The lowest part of the uppers is made from a harder material which is scratch resistant and it is great for harsh conditions. The outsoles are slip resistant with deep lugs to prevent slipping.

Waterproof Snow Booties


These boots are ideal for shallow snow as they are ankle height. They are easy to slip on and off with a zip on the front for a tighter fit. The oxford cloth uppers are waterproof and will block out rain or snow.

The warm lining will protect your feet from the cold weather whilst still allowing air to circulate around the shoe. The artificial fur is soft and cushioned for a comfortable experience.

The outsoles of these boots are made from polyurethane which is a highly durable and flexible material. It absorbs impact and shock, protecting your joints on long walks.

They are also anti-slip and skid-proof, helping you to stay standing even in slippery or icy conditions.

There are 14 different colors to choose from including red, black, gray and blue.

Polar Quilted Nylon Snow Boots


These nylon snow boots are vegan friendly and very durable. They are made from premium materials for a long-lasting and hard-wearing shoe.

They lace up at the front for a snug fit and a secure feel, making them comfortable enough to wear over long distances. The laces are threaded through steel eyelets which are rust resistance and durable.

These boots are lined with faux fur to cushion your feet and keep them nice and warm in cold weather conditions. This also ensures that the heat from your feet is retained in the boot.

The molded rubber sole is waterproof with deep treads. This gives you excellent traction on uneven ground and slippery surfaces.

You can choose from 20 different colors for these snow boots, so you are sure to find a pair that will work with your clothes and your personal style.

Sorel Men's Nylon Snow Boot


These nylon winter boots are sturdy and comfortable. The uppers are made from ripstop fabric which is durable and resistant to tearing and abrasion. The shoes are secured with laces that are threaded through steel eyelets on the front of the boots.

This means that you can get a secure fit and the shoes will not wriggle around on your feet. There are also pull tabs to make it easy to take these shoes on and off.

The textile lining keeps your feet nice and warm and provides cushioning. These boots also benefit from a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug to keep out the icy cold weather.

The sherpa lining provides comfort and warmth, and is removable which makes it easy to wash. The rubber lining ensures that your feet stay nice and dry.

The outsole of these boots is made from a vulcanized rubber shell with a herringbone pattern on the tread which helps you to keep your grip on slippery surfaces.

Sorel Women's Winter Carnival Boot


These nylon snow boots are vegan friendly and come in 10 different colors. There are neutral colors like black and gray, and more unusual colors like plum, and bright red or blue.

These boots are waterproof so you can wear them in rain or snow and your feet will remain dry.

The shell is made from vulcanized rubber with herringbone outsoles for great traction and grip even on ice or wet, slippery surfaces. The 6mm inner lining of the boots is made out of felt and microfleece and is removable so that it can be washed.

It also means that your feet won’t overheat if you need to wear them in more mild weather conditions. The bonded felt frost plug also helps to provide additional warmth.

Unisex Rubber And Neoprene Snow Boots


These unisex boots can be worn by men or women. They are made out of 100% waterproof materials – rubber and neoprene – which will keep your feet warm and dry in rain or snow. They also have nylon blended in which helps to improve flexibility.

The boots move with your foot to ensure that you are comfortable. They also absorb impacts to protect your joints.

You can wear these boots in temperatures as cold as minus 4 degrees fahrenheit. They are insulated to retain the heat in the boots. The reinforced rubber toe cap protects your feet from injury. The waterproof outsole is slip resistant and provides good grip.

Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot


These seam sealed snow boots are waterproof and warm. The uppers are made from nylon and the tongue of the shoe is also waterproof. The faux fur collar helps to keep out wind, rain and snow, keeping your feet warm and snug.

These boots have a moisture wicking lining which ensures that your feet do not get too hot and sweaty inside the shoes.

This also allows air to circulate around the boots. The footbed of the boots is removable so it can be washed, and has anti-odor properties to keep the boots hygienic.

The bungee cord laces keep the shoes secure and ensure a comfortable fit. The sole is designed for great traction on ice and snow, making them ideal and safe for use in the snow.

Dream Paris Waterproof Boots Mid Calf


If you want a comfortable snow shoe with good cushioning then these could be a good option for you. They are wind resistant and water resistant with a cushioned footbed for comfort. Your feet will be warm, dry and protected from the snow.

These boots have 200g of thermolite insulation to keep your feet warm in temperatures of up to minus 25 degrees fahrenheit.

The faux fur lining provides extra warmth and cushioning, and the textured outsole ensures excellent traction. It is made from slip-resistant rubber which will keep you standing upright on slippery and icy surfaces.

Xero Alpine Men's Snowshoes


These waterproof snow shoes have a wide fit which allows your toes to spread out, helping you to maintain natural balance. The shoes are flexible and bend with your feet, allowing you to walk with a natural gait.

They also have a zero drop heel so they feel natural on your feet, almost like walking barefoot. This gives you better posture.

These boots are very durable, and will last a long time even if you wear them in rough conditions. The sole is guaranteed for up to 5000 miles. The 2mm insole can be removed for an even more barefoot feel if you prefer.

Columbia Women's Minx Shorty Snow Boot


The uppers of these boots are breathable yet waterproof. Your feet will stay warm and dry without overheating and moisture will not build up in the shoe.

The omni heat thermal reflective lining retains heat within the shoe to keep you warm, even in deep snow.

The faux fur lining of the collar is stylish and cozy, keeping the wind out of your boots. The molded PU footbed is removable and the boots benefit from 200g of insulation. The rubber outsole has great traction.

Xero Alpine Women's Snow Shoes


The wide toe box of these boots gives them a natural fit so that your feet can flex and spread out.

You can maintain natural motion as the shoes bend and move with your feet and the shoes have no heel. If you want to, you can remove the insole to enhance the barefoot feel of these shoes.

Bearpaw Vegan Women's Winter Boots


These tall snow boots are made from water resistant synthetic suede. They are fashionable but are also suitable for light snow and winter weather.

The durable rubber outsole can be worn indoors and outdoors. These boots are machine washable and will remain waterproof for up to 40 washes.

Women's Classic Waterproof Rubber Boots


These waterproof rain boots are also ideal for snow shoes. They are made from 100% waterproof rubber with 7mm of nanotech insulation.

They have a moisture wicking lining to keep your feet dry from the inside as well. The 4-way stretch rubber is flexible and durable.

STQ Women's Fashion Waterproof Booties


These quilted snow boots have a lovely pattern which makes them stand out. They come in 5 different colors so you can find a pair that matches your favorite winter coat.

The waterproof shell will keep your feet dry even in the snow. The microfleece lining will keep your feet warm and the outsoles will ensure that you have good traction.

Aleader Waterproof Winter Boots


These snow boots for men come with plenty of insulation. The seam sealed construction and waterproof uppers keeps out any water so that your feet stay dry.

The rubber soles will provide great grip on wet mud or slippery ice. They are cushioned for extra support and comfort, even if you are walking for long periods of time.


These boots are all vegan friendly and ideal for wearing in snowy, cold conditions. Whether you want an ankle height boot or something taller, there is something for everyone on this list.

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