15 Amazing Vegan Sorel Boots Not To Miss Out On

It has always been challenging to buy accessories if you’re a vegan, you have to watch out for garments that include leather or fur.


15Amazing Vegan Sorel Boots Not To Miss Out

If you are looking for sorel boots for hiking or even wearing out and about on the town, you might struggle even more to look for boots that do not include leather. However, we are here to help you out.

We’ve scoured the length and breadth of the internet to try and find the best vegan sorel shoes for your needs.

We’ve whittled them to down to the 15 best that we can see, rating them in terms of style, comfort and protection.

15 Amazing Vegan Sorel Boots Not To Miss Out On

Sorel Women's Explorer II Joan
Sorel Women's Winter Carnival Waterproof
Sorel Men's 1964 Pac Nylon Snow Boot

Sorel Women's Explorer II Joan Faux Fur Boot


First off, we have a very cozy winter sorel boot that you can be sure will give you everything that you need to stay warm during the winter. This is made from faux fur, so you won’t have to worry about any cruelty in making this boot.

This comes with molded EVA plastic on the bottom, which will give you that comfortable footing and allow you to engage in more challenging tasks like hiking and even climbing.

However, these boots are also very fashionable and you can wear them with most outfits.

Sorel Women's Winter Carnival Waterproof Boot for Winter


Now we have a waterproof boot that will be able to withstand hours of rain for months on end without perishing.

These are great women’s boots that will be perfect for snowy weather. They are also very stylish and will match most outfits.

This comes with a very strong lace-up design, which is great if you are looking for something that will make you feel safe and comfortable.

This brand of the shoe comes with a range of different designs, so you should be able to find a shoe for every outfit.

Sorel Men's 1964 Pac Nylon Snow Boot for Winter


Now we have something for the chaps in the form of a thick, furry, high-ankle boot that will be perfect for hiking or trudging through the snow. This is made from durable rubber, which means you’ll be able to withstand sharp implements.

This comes with a solid lace-up option, which means you can be sure there’ll be no looseness or open flapping when you are wearing this boot in extreme condition.

If you want something that will be able to withstand a lot of water, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Sorel Women's 1964 LTR Waterproof Winter Boot


These snow shoes are amazing in terms of comfort, style and hardiness.

These boots have seam seals that you can be sure will not let any water in, which is great if you are going to be wading through a lot of ankle-deep water.

This comes from a vulcanized rubber sole, perfect for hiking over trails and paths that have sharp rocks and stones.

This will also keep your feet very warm, so you can wear them for most of the day, which will be essential in cold conditions.

Sorel Women's Blake Lace Block Heel Boots


Now we have something with a decent heel, fusing a boot that is functional with a boot that you can also wear on the dancefloor.

This has a great style that you’ll be able to wear with jeans or your favorite evening dress.

This comes with very eye-catching red laces that are extremely durable

You can be sure that you’ll be able to lace these up nice and tightly, keeping out the cold and keeping your boot securely attached to the bottom of your foot.

Sorel Women's Sneaker


This next boot combines all the comfort of a sneaker with the thickness and durability of a snow or rain boot. This comes with some hefty elements that will keep your foot protected along with a great aesthetic and neat little features.

You can get this one in the tan color, but there is a range of colors and styles that you can choose from. This is well protected, with ridges on the bottom that will allow you to really get your feet stuck in if you are negotiating rough terrain.

Sorel Women's Explorer II Carnival Cozy Boot


Now we have a great shoe that you can use during the winter months. With a great microfleece lining and plenty of eyelets, this one will feel like more of a slipper than a shoe. This is a comfortable and stylish boot.

This comes with high-traction rubber on the sole, which is great for gripping slippery surfaces such as ice or snow. This boot is also very long-lasting, you can use it in multiple situations for months at a time without seeing much wear and tear.

Sorel Women's Tivoli IV Waterproof Boot


This boot comes with a faux fur collar, which means that your ankle will be kept soft and warm, even during the coldest months. This comes with a microfleece top cover, which is great for sealing out the cold.

This comes with teeth in the foot, which means that you can get a solid grip on your surface, which will be super useful when you’re hiking. This has a well-sealed waterproof construction, which is fantastic if you are going to be tramping through the water a lot.

Sorel Women's Out ‘N About


The comes with a serrated design on the foot, which makes it one of the best vegan sorel boots for hiking on this list. This is a narrow-footed women’s style that will give you a confident and solid gait when you are walking or hiking.

This is made from 100% vegan materials, meaning you won’t have your footwear choice lying heavy on your conscience.

This is made from a soft material on the inside of the shoe, which is great if you are looking for comfort over functionality.

Sorel Women's Out 'N About Slip-On Wedge Boots


Next up, we have a boot that comes with a top-quality slip-on wedge with a rubber sole that makes it resistant to both rain and snow. These shoes look like something out of Blade Runner and can be paired with most futuristic-style outfits.

This slip-on shoe is attractive simply because it is so simple. It comes with ridges on the back that not only look cool, but also offer you a solid grip on the back, which will really come in handy when trying to grip on rough surfaces.

Sorel Women's Explorer Carnival Boots


These next shoes would not look strange in an arctic camper’s tent. They are extremely fluffy on the top and on the insides.

If you are looking for a set of shoes that you can wear in extremely snowy conditions, then we would nudge you in the direction of these.

These are very solid boots, with eyelets all the way up the the ankle. These will keep you sturdy and stapped in no matter how much stress and strain you’re putting on your foot. This also comes with a thick sole, which is great for off-trail hiking.

Sorel Women's Explorer II Joan Cozy Boot


These boots are so comfortable, you can see from the outside as well as the inside that these boots are perfect for the snowy weather.

These are lightweight snowy boots, meaning that you won’t experience much fatigue on your foot when walking for long distances.

These shoes come with around 100 grams of insulation, which is great if you are looking for a shoe that you can out on when you are clearing the driveway of snow.

These come with rubber insoles and EVA footbeds, both of which make for an extremely comfortable shoe.

Sorel Youth Unisex Toddler Snow Commander Boot


Now we have a great boot for children, made from 100% cruelty-free materials with a very thick and durable body and sole. This has a molded rubber shell that will move with not against the natural movement of your child’s leg.

Sorel Men's Buxton Pull-On Boot


This next boot is made from rubber, coming in a pull-on design that you can be sure will give you everything you need for easy access and durable wear. This has a great heel that will protect most of your ankle.

Sorel Unisex Kid's Snow Boots


This final boot is another heavy-duty one for the kids, giving you complete protection during even the coldest of seasons.

This comes with rubber, nylon and synthetic materials, so you and your child can be sure that no animals were harmed in the making of this product.


We hope that our list of some of the best vegan sorel shoes has given you a better idea of what is out there and the sheer diversity of this type of boot.

You can get sorel boots for men, women and children, all of which are made with the most durable materials and come in a wide range of prices.

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