15 Amazing Vegan UGG Boots Not To Miss Out On

We vegans often have to go without for the greater good. Whether it’s food, clothing, or even sometimes activities, we put the needs of our fellow earthlings first, letting our moral compass guide us.

15 Amazing Vegan UGG Boots Not To Miss Out On

But year after year, more and more vegan alternatives hit the shelves, ensuring we don’t miss out on too much, and one of the best additions of recent times is the vegan UGG!

That said, they’re still quite hard to find if you don’t know where to look, so I’ve listed the very best of the best in this one space for easy access!

Zette Shoes Willow Slipper Boot
Dksuko Classic Winter Boots
Mooloola Grace Slipper Boots​​

Zette Shoes Willow Slipper Boot​​


Not only are these Zette masterpieces vegan, they’re highly functional, with structured uppers crafted from Oeko-Tex certified microfiber, and a robust EVA outsole.

What’s more, Zette doesn’t take any chances with their products, choosing to craft them in all-vegan factories in Brazil, so there’s not a chance they’ve been even remotely near to non-vegan materials during the production process — Hooray!

The ones I’ve chosen to include here are a gorgeous, muted silver, but there are two other beautiful colors to choose from if this cloudish hue just isn’t your cup of tea.

They’re by no means a budget pick, but if you’re looking for longevity, the Willow boot is the way forward!

Dksuko Classic Winter Boots​​


From the plush premium pick to the beautiful budget boot, we arrive at the Dksuko winter UGG shoe.

These things are great, but before we go any further, I think it’s important to mention that Dksuko isn’t exactly a vegan company, so there may well be some unethical practices somewhere along the production process.

Then again, there might not, but anyway… back to the boots!

The outsole is made of natural rubber, giving them an extra grippy feel should you wear them in challenging conditions, and the suede-like upper is crafted entirely from flannel — It’s ingenious!

Arriving in a number of colors, there really is a pair of vegan Dksuko UGG boots for everyone.

Mooloola Grace Slipper Boots​​​


If you’re looking for more fluff for even less money, allow me to introduce you to these amazing Mooloola UGG boots.

They’re practically bursting with faux fur, and the faux suede upper is both tough on wear and remarkably soft on skin — Woo!

The outsole is quite a bit thinner than most other UGGs you’ll see about, so it’s best to keep these as indoor shoes, but they look so good that you may be tempted to throw caution to the wind and show them off on your next jaunt anyway.

PAWJ California Tall Vegan Fur Lined Boot


With their vegan UGG offerings, PAWJ produces perhaps the closest thing to the real deal that’s out there.

The synthetic suede uppers are as tough as can be (and oh so soft!), and the fur linings pass the cozy test a million times over.

They also have a super reliable, double nylon stitched EVA outsole to add some much-appreciated functionality to the equation, so if you want to sport your vegan UGGs out and about, these PAWJ boots should be a real contender!

Once Wild Vegan Classic UGG Mini Boots​​


Once Wild is another company leading the charge for us vegans in need of cozy toes.

Their UGGs follow decidedly uncompromising designs, aimed at matching both the aesthetics and quality of the real not-so-vegan articles.

In light of this, you can expect to pay a little extra, but if you love UGGs almost as much as you love animals, then they’ll be worth every single penny!

The rubber soles allow outdoor wear, and thanks to some reinforced stitching, they’ll stand the test of time no matter how many times you hit the town looking equal parts stylish and sn-UGG.

Mooloola Olympia Boots​


We’re back at Mooloola for our 6th entry, and looking at these Olympia boots, who could blame us?

Featuring a truly stunning faux fur trim and lace-up design, these should be your go-to if you want to look like a Greek Goddess.

And thanks to the high-rise silhouette and insanely fluffy vegan lining, you could actually brave the chilly altitudes of Mount Olympus with these cozy UGGs on your feet.

Although, much like the previous Mooloola UGGs, they’re probably not designed to handle much weather, so perhaps it’s best to put off the mountain climbing and have a lazy day indoors instead!

Bearpaw Elle Short Boots​


If you’re looking for functionality and form in equal measure, these vegan Bearpaw UGGs with an aggressive tread pattern will be just the ticket.

Made entirely from cruelty-free materials, they’ll keep your toes lovely and warm and your morals intact!

The faux fur lining is particularly inviting on this pair of alternative UGGs, making them a fantastic choice for those who live in colder climates, and with three colors to choose from, you can fight the shivers and look fantastic while doing so.

Sleepy Squirrel Hirafu Slipper Boots​


Looking for maximum fluff for your buck? You can pick up these cozy numbers for a song!

While they’re not at all designed for outdoor wear, they’re the perfect slipper for all indoor occasions… watching a movie? Hirafu.

Doing the dishes? Hirafu.

Sorting out your taxes? Hirafu.

Lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling? Hirafu!!!

Mooloola Perisher Slipper Boots​


If you ask me, the one thing most UGG boots are missing are some lovely tassels, but the Mooloola Perisha sorts that out with gusto!

The beaded side tassels add rustic, yet elegant visual intrigue, perfectly suited to the three earthy colors on offer.

And the price tag is almost as enticing as the boots themselves, yet although they’re unquestionably affordable, they’ll make you feel like a million bucks, even if you’re just lounging around the house watching your favorite repeats!

PAWJ California Short Vegan Boots​


These California Short boots are almost exactly the same as the tall PAWJ offering earlier in the list, but they’re, you’ve guessed it… short.

Calf-height when fully extended, and ankle-height when the top section is folded over to reveal some of the very welcoming faux fur, they’re versatile boots that many claim are better than branded UGGs in terms of longevity and fit.

Mooloola Lennox Slipper Boots​


For a snugger fit, these wrap-laced Lennox Boots from Mooloola are a no-brainer!

The thick fur lining won’t let in the slightest whisper of a draft, and the metal eyelets secure the lacing pathways for a long-lasting slipper that won’t let you down when Jack Frost comes to town.

Once Wild 3/4 Classic UGG Boots​


This Once Wild offering is just a calf-height version of the ankle boots we collectively drooled over earlier.

A simple, classic design underpins a versatile boot that will suit almost any outfit, whether it be your lazy day pajamas or your night on the town razzle-dazzle.

They’re not cheap, but if you’re looking for impeccable quality and uppers that hold their shape and color come rain or snow, then it’s 100% time to smash that piggy bank of yours and treat yourself to a pair.

Bearpaw Alyssa Vegan Ankle Boots​


With these vegan Bearpaw UGGs, you may actually feel as though you’ve sprouted some bear claws, as the tread pattern is incredibly robust, keeping you from falling on your tucks when navigating slick or icy terrain — Picture an UGG crossed with a Timberland.

Yet, despite this functional appointment, they’re reasonably affordable, so you can enjoy the UGG style with tactical improvements for less.

Vegetarian Shoes Snug Boot​


If you thought pineapple on pizza was a contentious topic, wait until you hear about pineapple on shoes!

These UGG alternatives from the genius (and a tad eccentric) minds over at Vegetarian Soles are crafted from pineapple leather, or “Pinatex” if you want to get all fancy about it.

Despite being made of fruit fibers, these boots won’t bruise easily, as the pineapple-derived uppers are super tough, and they’re breathable too, so you can stay cozy without developing a case of stank-foot — Yippee!

They don’t look quite as authentically suede as the others on this list, which may be a deal-breaker for some, but I think they earn extra points for ingenuity!

Why wear murdered cow carcasses when you can wear some sweet, sweet cruelty-free pineapples?

PAWJ California Vegan Fur Lined Slippers​


Have you ever wished that there was a slipper out there with all the hallmarks of the classic UGG but with much easier access?

Well, my friend, your prayers have been answered in the way of these UGG-ish slippers from PAWJ.

With these slip-ons waiting for you by your bedside, no matter how terrible a day you have ahead of you, and no matter how awful the night prior was, you have a luxuriously cozy buffer to help you survive the struggle.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — 15 of the most amazing vegan UGG boots you’d kick yourself for missing out on, and it’d hurt too, as you wouldn’t have a pair of these plush booties on to cushion the blow.

So go ahead and treat yourself. After all, we should be rewarded for having a strong moral fiber rather than punished!

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