7 Best Vegan Leather Sneakers To Buy Today

Sneakers are probably one of the most popular types of shoes that are bought and sold out there. However, many of the makes and brands out there are often made using products that often negatively affect plants and the environment around them.

9 Best Vegan Leather Sneakers To Buy Today

At a time when ecological disasters seem to become more and more frequent, and with sustainable products being the new priority for many items, going vegan-friendly might not just be a fun little trend to jump on, but vital if we wish to continue to live as we currently.

Fortunately, this is a design philosophy that many designer brands and manufacturers seem to be taking on board, as there are more vegan sneakers available now than ever.

And, in this guide, we are going to show you some of the best that you can find for yourself!

Veja V-10 Vegan Sneakers
Ahimsa Sneaker 772
Saye Modelo ‘89 Vegan Lima

Veja V-10 Vegan Sneakers


Starting this list with one of our favorites when it comes to style, we have Veja’s vegan-friendly entry into the designer footwear market.

Veja has a very distinct style when it comes to its designer line, so a good vegan alternative needs to match that design sense.

Fortunately, and unsurprisingly, they have managed to do just that, combining their classic simple-yet-effective sneaker design, plus a couple of neatly colored accents, with the environmentally conscious materials that go into making these shoes, from the organic cotton to the wild amazonian rubber that goes into each pair.

These shoes will go with pretty much any outfit that you have, from faded denim to simple dresses.

Plus, these particular Veja V-10s are super comfortable to walk in too, a must for any good sneakers that will be used for any activities that you put them through.

Ahimsa Sneaker 772


One of the things that can often add to a shoe’s environmental footprint is the distance between materials, and places of manufacturing, and is one of the biggest hurdles that many global brands have to overcome when it comes to making sure that your clothes and sneakers aren’t just vegan-friendly, but environmentally conscious too.

Fortunately, this is an area where the luxury shoe manufacturer Ahimsa shines.

Opened in 2013, this company recognized that having its base of operations near its manufacturing facilities and materials that are used helps keep these numbers down.

That is why the vegan leather and other materials that go into this are all sourced and made in Brazil.

Add to that a stunning and comfortable design, and you have a set of sneakers that are some of the most sustainably built in the world!

Saye Modelo ‘89 Vegan Lima


Of course, a good pair of designer sneakers will look as good as feels to wear, and how sustainable they are to the source.

Saye is one of the newest and best brands to go with when it comes to getting all 3 of these qualities in your sneakers.

Saye has the looking good part down to fine art, with the pastel colors scheme giving these sneakers a retro feel that is in equal parts great to look at and admire, as well as a comforting feeling of nostalgia.

And on the environmentally conscious front, this model of shoe is another excellent example of a vegan leather sneaker done right, with these shoes being made from recycled insoles, environmentally sourced bamboo, corn leather, and even recycled thermoplastics too!

Plus, going about a day’s activities in these shoes is as comfy as they are gorgeous to look at!

Adidas Continental 80 Vegan Shoes


The 80s are back in style again when it comes to high-quality leather sneakers, so you’d better believe that the king of footwear Adidas would get in on this nostalgia trip with their sneaker design.

These Continental 80 shoes certainly fit the bill, with their classic chunky design and simple, yet iconic logo being implemented in these shoe designs.

With these simple yet classy shoes being simple, they go with pretty much any kind of clothing that you can imagine, from 4-digit tees and shorts to your favorite 80s-themed jacket or bottoms.

They make you want to put on your favorite throwback playlist whilst in them!

Plus, these shoes are sourced with materials that are both vegan-friendly and recycled too, so you’ll be able to wear these with peace of mind when it comes to the planet.

These are a limited run, however, so grab them while you still can!

Matt + Nat Gia Vegan Sneakers


When it comes to pioneers in the world of environmentally sustainable designer shoes, there might not be a name as important as Matt + Nat, who has been ahead of the curve when it comes to making and designing designer fashion that looks great and is vegan-friendly at the same time.

Their Gia sneakers prove that, despite this corner of the market becoming increasingly crowded, Matt + Nat are still at the top of the game too!

These designer sneakers fit that retro 90s aesthetic that you love to rock, as well as benign incredibly comfortable to go about town and your day-to-day life in too, combining cool design sensibilities and comfort in a single pair of shoes.

And, of course, that’s not even touching on the environmentally-conscious materials that these shoes have been made from too!

Vans Checkerboard Vegan Slip-On


Perhaps one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to designer footwear, Vans has both a high reputation to keep up, as well as being able to make a designer pair of footwear that is vegan friendly if it wants to continue competing in this market going forward.

Fortunately, if these checkerboard slip-on designs are anything to go by, then Van’s ecologically-friendly future is in safe hands!

For starters, these vegan-friendly shoes have that distinct checkerboard design that has set Vans apart from many of the other designer brands out there.

That bold, yet classy design that has helped make Vans a household name is still here, so folks will know whose shoes these are!

Combine their other trademark design feature, and their slip-on ease of use, and you have shoes that are every bit the Vans that you know and love.

Only here, with some extra recycled and environmentally-friendly materials being used to make these Vans, they’re incredibly vegan-friendly too!

Solodus Yebo Vegan Sneakers


Solodus is another mainstay of high-fashion footwear culture, with this brand being popular with a massive variety of celebrities across the world, so you know that they are a big deal!

So, how does their vegan-friendly line of shoes compare to not just their line of products, but also the others we have covered?

Well, if the recycled rubber and cork materials that go into these sneakers are anything to go by, pretty well, it turns out!

These materials don’t just help keep these long-lived items out of landfills either, as their soft and pliable traits also make them incredibly comfortable to wear when you are out in the town, or on a stroll.

Plus, just look at them! They’re gorgeous, and easily up there with the best of the brand!

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options for you when it comes to combing style with ethically sourced materials for your designer sneakers.

With designs like these, the future of footwear is looking bright and green!

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