10 Best Vegan Nike Sneakers To Buy Today

Vegan trainers are quickly becoming the go-to resource for all things Vegan. Learn how to get started with this growing category of professional services.Vegan trainers are available to help your company reduce its carbon footprint and promote a healthy eating plan too! 

10 Best Vegan Nike Sneakers To Buy Today

Veganism is growing year on year and more products are coming to light which follow these morals and beliefs concerning animal welfare and the health of the planet.

How common are vegan trainers and which ones are the best? Find out everything you need to know down here below!

Nike does not specifically produce “vegan trainers” however sell many shoes that are vegan due to the fact they use 100% synthetic materials.

Moreover, Nike has begun manufacturing a number of athletic trainers using 50% to 75% recycled plastic, which is another reason to purchase them.

10 Best Vegan Nike Sneakers To Buy Today

WMNS Wildhorse 7 Running Shoe
Nike Womens Hypervenom Phelon 2
Nike Womens Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit

WMNS Wildhorse 7 Running Shoe


These are a popular pair of women’s running trainers which can be worn for a variety of occasions from hiking to a run on the beach. These are super trendy and practical shoes.

They boast a mesh top which enables air to enter the shoe and a synthetic bottom which prevents any moisture entering the shoe.

Meaning the shoe is adaptable to all weather types and you can avoid wet feet if you run through a puddle!

The Nike Wildhorse 7 shoes boast a pegged bottom sole which gives you a strong grip on a variety of different terrain for example, sand, gravel and mud.

In addition to this, another useful feature of this shoe is the pegs on the sole extend upwards towards the toe, behind the heel and the outside of the shoe. 

This helps provide grip if you’re running on an inclined trail.

Finally, this shoe is a popular choice amongst many women due to the fact it is known to be a very comfortable shoe to wear.

This is perhaps one of the most important factors when deciding between shoes to purchase.

Nike Womens Hypervenom Phelon 2


Nike’s Hypervenom Phelon 2 cleats are a popular pair of soccer trainers.

Their vegan Nikes are made from 100% synthetic materials which are unlike the traditional leather cleats.

Although initially the fact they are not made from leather may make you think they are not as durable and strong, many have expressed that they have found faux leather much more durable and reliable.

The sock liner has a diagonal orientation which increases the comfortability and reduces the risk of acquiring any blisters when wearing them.

In addition to this, this feature increases the surface area for your foot to make contact with the ball when playing soccer making passes and goals more accurate.

The studs on these shoes provide great traction and fast response, this is because they are aligned perfectly.

These are 100% Vegan and made from all synthetic materials. They are also lightweight and provide great ankle support.

Nike Womens Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit


The Nike Women’s Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit trainer boasts a blue pink and purple midsole placed on a white background.

These are very trendy, modern shoes which give them a cool futuristic appearance. You are bound to stand out whilst wearing this shoe!

The Vapormax were designed to be a bit different from Nikes traditional air max system in the sense that these present a softer, spring-like feel.

This new system releases air when pressure is applied which allows more air to flow in when you release the pressure and step up.

This is opposed to just filling small cells up with as much air as possible.

A fantastic feature of this shoe is that not only are they 100% vegan but also made from 75% recycled plastic so are as eco friendly as they are vegan friendly.

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 6


The Nike Air Zoom is best suited for track running and long distance walking. This is a lightweight durable shoe.

The Air Zoom provides a mesh top providing maximum airflow. The reinforced toe will give you extra traction whilst you’re running or walking long distances.

The trainers were made and designed with Nikes patented Air Zoom technology. The soles are filled with highly pressured air pockets that give runners great traction.

These are available to purchase in fourteen different colors so there’s a pair for everyone!

Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4


The Nike Mens Air Max Torch is a perfect all rounder shoe.

These can be worn whether you are running outdoors or training crossfit indoors, this is due to the fact they boast a thick sole which provides excellent traction.

This is a highly durable and versatile shoe. This shoe features an air filled heel which creates ultimate comfort and shock absorption.

The high level of comfortability means the Torch 4 is a perfect everyday shoe.

The reinforced mid section of this vegan shoe means this is a very durable shoe and you can be a little more rough and they are likely to last for a longer period of time.

In addition to this, these are made with a lot of mesh creating maximum airflow keeping your feet cool on the hot summer days!

These are made from 100% synthetic, vegan friendly materials.

Nike Men’s Air Force 270


When it comes to basketball, Nike does not provide a large variety of vegan friendly trainers.

However, the Nike Men’s Air Force 270 are one of the few available, and possibly the trendiest!

Although at first glance they look to be real leather, they are in actual fact 100% faux leather and made from 100% synthetic materials.

One of the main features of this shoe is the thick sole, perfect for basketball when landing a high shot or stopping suddenly.

The Air Force 270 features a high top design which not only looks great but provides maximum support for the ankle and minimizes the risk of injury whilst playing.

Nike Phantom Vsn 2 Elite Cleats


These cleats are 100% vegan friendly and are made from synthetic materials.

They feature a mesh top which allows for maximum air flow, to the foot keeping them cool whilst playing sports.

The lower part of the shoe boasts a synthetic rubber sole meaning it is water resistant. This is perfect for playing on a wet field.

As this is a popular soccer trainer, this shoe features Nikes “ghost laces” system without any traditional laces meaning you can use your entire foot to make contact with the ball.

These shoes are extremely lightweight and you will be able to run around in them for hours!

Nike Women’s Space Hippie 04 Gymnastics Shoe


These are a very versatile and fashionable shoe that can be worn as an everyday shoe with jeans or leggings or to the gym!

These are known as a very comfortable shoe due to the thick foamy sole and raised heel.

The space hippies are one of the most vegan friendly Nike has produced!

They are made with 100% recycled materials, so if you purchase these you won’t just look great but will be reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans.

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes


The Air Zoom shoes would be a perfect option for vegan cross country runners.

The lightweight design is perfect for those who enjoy long walks/runs on the treadmill or outdoors.

The top section of the shoe boasts a high tech mesh design which allows for maximum airflow enduring your feet are kept cool and dry in all weather conditions.

The sole boasts Nikes Air Zoom technology which features air filled pockets in the sole, they are designed to provide the ultimate shock absorption.

This means you can run all day without feeling ankle pain.

Air Max 1’s


Nike has now clearly marked most of the Air Max 1’s as synthetic suede.

General releases from Nike are not always leather-free. However, the ‘AIR VGN’ Air Max 1 design is made of synthetic suede.

With this shoe there are a large range of colors available.

In addition to this, you are able to design a fully animal-friendly pair of your own. This is becoming an increasingly popular option.

Final Thoughts

If you’re vegan, this does not mean you should have to miss out on the latest, best shoes on the market.

Nike is one of the most popular, well-known brands on the planet and designed and produces some of the best quality athletic shoes and you shouldn’t have to miss out on that because you’re vegan.

The best place to buy vegan Nikes is on Amazon, you will be able to read customer reviews and can compare different shoe types.

In addition, when you purchase shoes online there will be a larger selection available, meaning you will have more chance of finding the correct size as sometimes this is a struggle when you go into the store.

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