8 Best VEJA Vegan Sneakers To Buy Today

The VEJA project set about making sneakers in a completely different way. Combining social projects, economical justice, and ecological materials the company aims to provide its customers with high-quality products that come from a responsible source.
10 Best VEJA Vegan Sneakers To Buy Today

From sourcing the materials needed to production to upcycling, there are a number of ways VEJA works to create a more ethical product.

Did you know that VEJA is the first brand to make sneakers from a fabric entirely from recycled materials?

With a range of contemporary sneakers that are suited for different activities and styles, there is something for everyone at VEJA.

They are a brand that are constantly working to do better and produce a greater range of products suitable for everyone.

In this article, we will include the best 10 VEJA vegan sneakers that are available to buy today.

10 Best VEJA Vegan Sneakers To Buy Today

Nova Canvas Black Pierre Sneakers
V-12 Vegan Sneakers
SDU B-Mesh Nautico Menthol Sneakers

Nova HT Canvas Black Pierre Sneakers


These black high-top sneakers are made with 100% organic cotton canvas and a white rubber sole. 

Contrasting the black canvas with the white rubber soles and heel make for a classic-looking sneaker that can be paired with a variety of outfits.

A classic white ‘V’ can be seen on the side of the sneaker, creating further contrast from the black canvas material and laces.

Due to the canvas structure, it is advisable that you spray the shoes with waterproof protection before you wear them for the first time as well as periodically after this to extend the life of the shoe.

V-12 Vegan Alveomesh Dune White Sneakers


A classic low-top style, the vegan Alveomosh sneakers are practical and stylish.

Made with an Alveomesh material on the main part of the sneaker which allows for flexibility, breathability, and a lightness that makes the sneaker super comfortable.

Alveomesh is also made out of 100% recycled polyester, making it a sustainable and fashionable choice.

There are other color choices available with the sneaker, but the beige shade featured here offers the perfect neutral tones to base around any outfit.

The laces blend into the shoe, with light white and beige tones found in the sole, heel, and the iconic ‘V’ logo on the side of the sneaker.

SDU B-Mesh Nautico Menthol Sneakers


Another low-top fashionable sneaker from VEJA is made from B-Mesh material.

This material is made from 100% recycled polyester, sourced from old plastic bottles which are shredded and converted into fibers.

The material leaves you with a light, breathable, and water-repellant fabric that is ideal to wear as a general everyday sneaker.

As the sneaker is designed with multiple panels, it is worth noting that these are made from vegan suede and coated canvas and are completely vegan.

With a range of different colorways, there is something that everyone will love.

V-10 CWL Black Black Sole Sneakers


If you’re looking for an all-black sneaker, then look no further than these leather-looking low-top sneakers Made with CWL, which stands for ‘cotton worked as leather’ this is a great alternative to real leather and makes a 100% vegan shoe. Yay!

The soles are made from Amazonian rubber, recycled materials, and organic cotton from sustainable sources.

These sneakers are ideal if you work in retail or hospitality and need a smart and comfortable pair of shoes to wear as part of your uniform.

Alternatively, there are a number of bright and colorful options if you’re looking for a great everyday sneaker.

Thunderbird V-Knit Mix Sneakers


With a sporty design and a thick sole, the low-top sneaker offers a unique style.

Made with v-knit materials there is plenty of elasticity and adaptability with this sneaker, which can be useful if you have wider feet.

With the way the sneaker is knitted together in one piece of material, layering and stitching are reduced and therefore reduce material waste.

If you are concerned about material waste with your sneaker choice then this is an ideal choice.

The sneaker panels are made with ThermoPlastic Polyurethane (PTU) which is a film glued onto the sneaker.

This material reinforces the material together for a seamless effect but helps to keep the sneaker as light as possible making it super comfortable to wear.

Although the Thunderbird sneaker looks like it would be the perfect sports sneaker, it is not recommended that it be used for sporting activities.

V-15 CWL White Rouille Butter Sole Sneakers


For high-top lovers, these leather-look Rouille sneakers mimic a basketball style with padding around the ankles. 

The sneakers are made with CWL, which is 54% bio-based and coated with natural materials to give them that great shine.

Unlike some of the other high-top sneakers, the ‘V’ logo is a bright red color but there are a couple of other color choices available if they are more suited to your tastes.

The ‘butter’ sole refers to the creamy-beige color of the sneaker which looks great against the stark white material of the main panels.

Perfect to pair with a pair of jeans or comfortable sportswear, these sneakers are a great way to make a fashion statement.

Nova Canvas White Ouro Sneakers


The Nova canvas sneaker is one of the most simply designed out of their vegan range. 

With a low-top canvas material shell and a thick rubber sole, these sneakers are a classic choice.

Organic cotton canvas is used to make the majority of the sneaker, with the signature Amazonian rubber sole providing durability and stability for the foot.

Interestingly, the ‘V’ logo here is done with a water-based screen printing method compared to other sneakers that use pieces of material.

It could be said that this design element gives it a more simplistic and everyday feel.

Due to the structure of the sneaker, it’s best to spray with a waterproofing spray before use and to avoid machine washing them at all costs.

Marlin LT V-Knit Black Kaki Jaune Fluo Sneakers


The Marlin is one of the more bold designs from the vegan range.

This particular colorway features a fluorescent yellow sole contrasting with the black upper part of the sneaker with more subtle grey design elements mixed in.

As you may have guessed from the fluorescent yellow sole, these sneakers were made for running.

They are light and dynamic, offering the user the perfect mixture of characteristics that can be used in everyday training.

The v-knit technique we’ve seen with other sneakers allows it to adapt to different foot shapes and widths, which is essential for a comfortable running shoe.

TPU is used to glue the sneaker together, adding to its lightweight feel.

Featuring L-Foam cushioned technology which is a combination of natural and synthetic latex, the cushioning inserts in the sneakers adds a layer of comfort and protection against vibrations that occur on impact with hard surfaces.

Overall, these cleverly designed and responsibly made sneakers are a runner’s new best friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are VEJA Campo Sneakers Vegan?

The Campo sneakers made by VEJA have been made into a vegan version after years of research and development.Using corn waste, the company was able to create a vegan version of leather to use as a substitute material for a wide range of the sneakers including the Campo.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of sneakers, but can’t find a vegan pair then look no further than VEJA.

With their strong ethical values and great quality products, you know you’re going to get a great pair of trainers when you choose this brand. With so many great sneakers to choose from, you might be scrolling for a while. 

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