Does Goodwill Take Bras?

Donating clothes is usually a fairly straightforward process, not to mention enjoyable. Sorting through all of your old clothing and getting rid of items causing clutter can be highly cathartic. There are some items that can make you pause however, such as undergarments. Can these items of clothing be donated along with all of your …

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What Is Rayon?

The term “rayon” is not uncommon when discussing fabrics. Most likely, some of you own clothing, accessories, or home goods made of this fabric. But do you understand what rayon is? In a nutshell, it’s a synthetic fibre that isn’t entirely synthetic. Rayon is a substance with a natural basis that is created from the …

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Do Nivea Test On Animals?

Nivea is a popular cosmetics brand, who specializes in numerous products, ranging from body washes, to shampoos, and even deodorant.  But while their product range is favored by many, how well do their ethics stand against modern attitudes to product testing and the treatment of animals?  How Do Nivea Test Their Products?  While Nivea as …

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