Does Clinique Test On Animals?

For most brands nowadays, people are looking to see whether they are cruelty free before using them because buying that product would be against their morals and beliefs if they are.

It has become a topic which is spoken about frequently around the world. There is also the argument of whether the product is vegan and what it means for it to be vegan.

Does Clinique Test On Animals?

Is it just the ingredients that are being used or whether it includes animal testing across the world.

You need to be careful with big brands because they might appear to be Vegan but in some places in the world, they will be testing on animals because it is required.

Many brands have changed their whole production to become cruelty free for this exact reason as they do not want to lose customers.

This article will be covering if Clinique are cruelty free for animals or whether they still use animals for their testing and what their production process is.

Is It Cruelty Free?

The simple answer is NO.

Clinique is actually owned by another brand Estee lauder which is also not cruelty-free and will test on animals before selling their products in places like mainland China.


In the world now, there are lots of laws and policies put in place for makeup and skincare brands to follow.

This specific brand does state that they avoid testing unless they have to by law depending on what country they are supplying it to.

Every country has different laws to abide by and this includes the laws about animal testing.

In some countries they prefer the items to be tested on animals first to make sure they are safe for the people to use. However, in other countries it is illegal to do so.

It emphasises the differences in beliefs about animal cruelty and how different countries deal with this.

China is the main example of this because in mainland China, it is required by law for the products to be tested on animals first and because this is such a huge market, big companies like this will not miss out on it no matter their thoughts on animal cruelty.

Is There Any Way Around This Law?

Yes, several companies will take a different route around manufacturing in China by bypassing China’s pre-market animal testing.

However, there has been no evidence of Clinique even trying to do this at all.

It can also depend on the pre-conditions of the product as well.

If they are up to a certain standard for China in particular, they can be sold in the Chinese market without having to test it on animals.

In the past, the conditions have been set extremely high and can be very difficult to overcome which is why many people do not choose to take that route.

Many of the big named brands and smaller brands have chosen to not sell their products to China because of the animal testing.

However, Clinique has chosen not to do this and refuses to do so which cannot make them cruelty-free.

Considering Everything

Considering Everything

To be able to be completely cruelty-free, you have to take into consideration everything that goes on within the company and externally linking to the company.

This includes: the brand itself, its suppliers, and by any third parties.

This is because some companies might brand themselves as cruelty-free, but someone externally that they are linked to might not be so cruelty-free and work with animal testing.

You can also be certified as cruelty-free now that can be performed by companies like leaping bunny. However, Clinique has also not been certified with being cruelty-free either.

Is It Vegan?

With most conversations including cruelty-free and animal testing, the conversation of veganiam will arise at some point. So, if Clinique Vegan either?

There are claims that Clinique does offer one or a couple of vegan options to choose from, but most of their line is not vegan at all.

However, because in some places in the world they do tests on animals, it is difficult to even say they are vegan at all!

Are There Any Good Alternatives?

Yes, there are hundreds of amazing alternatives to this brand which are completely cruelty free and vegan. These include:


Overall, if you are worries about buying a specific product because you aren’t sure whether it is completely vegan or if it does not take part in animal cruelty, you need to make sure you are doing your research.

The brands can be slightly misleading with what they think Vegan is in terms of animal testing as well.

There are hundreds of different brands which offer completely vegan and cruelty-free products across the world online.

They might be a little bit more expensive for the smaller brands, but they are definitely worth it.

Hopefully this guide has given you an insight into this specific brand and how it works with their production.

It outlines how this brand is NOT vegan or cruelty free in their production because they still sell to China and animal testing to sell there.

This is very common with the larger brands because they need them in every big market to sell huge amounts at a time.

However, be careful with what you’re buying and make sure you are reading the label properly to avoid any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clinique Vegan Friendly?

NO, they say they offer a few vegan products to their customers but can they really be considered as Vegan when they do tests on animals in different places in the world?

People often think that because it doesn’t have any products derived from animals, it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been cruelty along the way with the testing of the products.

This is where you need to be careful with labels as it can be quite misleading.

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