Does Elf Test On Animals?

Cruelty-free cosmetics, toiletries, and beauty products are free from ingredients that are tested on animals. Learn which of your favorite brands are vegan and cruelty-free.

e.l.f. is a fairly new brand to most people and is not as well known as some of the top brands around the world.

Does Elf Test On Animals?

However, they are making their mark as the simplistic and cheaper, more affordable brand which is why many people gravitate towards it.

The question is whether this smaller brand is cruelty free towards animals or not!

It is very important for a lot of people whether they are vegan, vegetarian or non at all for the products they use to be cruelty free.

Many companies are losing a lot of business because they still test on animals. Find more out about e.l.f. right here.

What Is e.l.f.?

e.l.f. is an online store that sells beauty and makeup products, including makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes.

The company is the result of a collaboration between the makeup artist and makeup artist, and the founder of the company has a strong commitment to the beauty community.

e.l.f. is a line of cosmetics sold at drugstores and department stores. They are inexpensive and have a wide array of eye and lip colors.

e.l.f. cosmetics are a good choice for those who want to save money while getting the look they want.

Is It Cruelty-Free?

Yes, we are happy to say that e.l.f. is 100% a cruelty-free company which is completely against the testing of animals and using products which use animals in any way.

They also do not use any third-party companies to test their products on animals either. Therefore, they are 100% cruelty-free.

One thing that makes them 100% cruelty-free is that they do not allow any of their products to be sold in mainland China where they are required to test on animals.

They do not sell any of their products in these areas which require this.

Cruelty-Free Policies

What is cruelty-free: Cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products are products that are not tested on animals and are not produced using any form of animal testing, are not made with any animal ingredients, and are not tested on animals by the manufacturer or by any 3rd party.

All cosmetics are tested on animals. The term ‘cruelty-free’ means that no animal was harmed during the testing.

Learn what it means to be is about the whole production and not just about the testing.

There are many different stages which can involve certain processes that go against the cruelty-free pledges. This includes both formulas and ingredients.

Is e.l.f. Also Vegan?

Yes, all of the products on their line are also completely vegan.

This is a huge step for businesses like e.l.f. because they still make their products affordable for everybody in less high end stores.

Vegans believe that the moral status of animals doesn’t depend on their ability to feel pain, fear, joy, or happiness.

They also believe that it’s wrong to cause suffering or death to animals for food, clothing, or any other reason.

Vegan policies are an essential part of ensuring that a business is not only ethical, but also legally compliant, and a business without a clear set of policies can lead to serious legal issues.

What Are The Common Ingredients In Non-Vegan Products?

What Are The Common Ingredients In Non-Vegan Products?

You will most likely find carmine, lanolin, snail mucus, beeswax, honey, pearl or silk-derived ingredients, animal-based glycerin, keratin, carmine, lanolin, snail mucus, beeswax, honey, pearl or silk-derived ingredients, animal-based glycerin and many more.

However, there are many different options these companies can choose from.

e.l.f is one of those companies which have chosen the alternatives to become totally cruelty-free and Vegan.

Where Are Their Products Made?

It might seem weird, but e.l.f. uses Chinese manufacturers to make their products.

However, you do not need animal testing to be able to create over there, only to important and sell in certain physical stores. This is in mainland China!


Overall, the cosmetic business is a very saturated one because of the amount of companies which do the same thing.

However, there are many brands which are trying to do something new and move away from the traditional production processes. e.l.f. is definitely one of them because they are a smaller, more affordable company which has the best interests of animals at heart.

It is a completely cruelty-free company and a Vegan company, moving towards a more modern and eco-friendly stance.

More and more companies are taking this stance in the industry and saying no to animal cruelty.

This is not just in terms of the products they use, but also who they sell to and anyone who requires testing by law.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on the importance of smaller companies like these who are raising the flag for a more animal friendly company.

It is becoming more and more common across the world because people’s views are changing and what is accepted by the people is changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did e.l.f. Stop Testing On Animals?

The answer is really simple: they stopped in July 2005. That’s when, after years of pressure from animal rights groups, they began phasing out tests on animals.

They are a part of Bunnies cruelty-free program.

How Is e.l.f. Cruelty-Free If Made In China?

e.l.f. has come under fire recently for its use of a China-based factory. How can one be cruelty-free, if the ingredients are not cruelty-free?

The reason is because when you produce your product in China it does not require animal testing.

It only applies when you are selling and importing into China! Most people get quite confused with this policy.

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