Does Goodwill Take Bras?

Donating clothes is usually a fairly straightforward process, not to mention enjoyable. Sorting through all of your old clothing and getting rid of items causing clutter can be highly cathartic.

Does Goodwill Take Bras?

There are some items that can make you pause however, such as undergarments.

Can these items of clothing be donated along with all of your regular items? Will Goodwill, along with other charitable organizations accept them?

To find out more about this topic, and what you can do with your unwanted bras, keep reading below. 

Will Goodwill Take My Old Bras? 

Let’s get right to it and see if Goodwill is willing to take your unwanted bras. You can check with specific stores local to your area, but generally, Goodwill will not take any bras or underwear

This is a shame because it’s much easier to simply group all of your unwanted items together and donate them as a bundle, but this is not always the best way of donating clothes. 

Even if Goodwill does decide to accept your undergarments as a donation, chances are that they won’t find a new home.

Charitable organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army are under a lot of pressure recently in terms of donations, with people inundating them with unwanted items. 

Most of these larger organizations can’t keep up with the donations, meaning that most of them won’t be available for people to buy on shelves. 

This doesn’t mean however, that there aren’t places that you can donate your unwanted bras to.

In fact, you can actually make a positive difference depending on the organization you donate your undergarments to. 

Places You Can Donate Unwanted Bras To 

To find out some charitable organizations you can donate your unwanted bras to, keep reading, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best charities that have this purpose in mind. 

1. The Bra Recyclers

As you may have guessed from the name of this organization, The Bra Recyclers have spent their time devising a way of cutting down on textile waste.

If you decide to donate your unwanted bras here, you can rest easy knowing that The Bra Recyclers are dedicated to extending the lifespan of clothing. 

The way in which this charity operates is through donating unwanted bras and other items of clothing to women who are in desperate need of these items.

You can even send bras here that aren’t useful anymore, as the organization will find a purpose for them. 

If you want to donate your bras here, all you have to do is fill out a simple form. You can do this here

2. Free The Girls 

Another fantastic place to donate unwanted bras, Free The Girls is an organization dedicated to helping women who have been victims of sex abuse. 

Women who have been subject to abuse can sell their lightly used bras, in exchange for financial independence. The organization empowers women by giving them a sense of freedom. 

The organization collaborates with other charities all over the world in order to help prevent sex trafficking. 

Does Goodwill Take Bras?

3. Donate To A Women’s Shelter

One of the best ways that you can donate unwanted bras is simply by locating your local women’s shelter.

The women here will most likely be in dire need of clothing items such as bras, so making them easily accessible to them is an incredibly positive way of getting rid of unwanted items. 

Specific shelters dedicated to helping women are far more likely to accept undergarments such as bras than larger organizations such as Goodwill. 

4. I Support The Girls 

Another fantastic way to make a positive impact through donating unwanted bras is by handing them over to an organization called I Support The Girls. 

This charity is dedicated to distributing items such as underwear, bras, general clothing, as well as menstrual hygiene products to victims of homelesness.

These items are not only dontanted to women living in the United States, but all over the world. 

This means that you could be making a difference in somebody’s life at the farthest reach of the globe. 

They are committed to helping women in the foster care system, LGBTQ + agencies, and those experiencing homelesness face their struggles with dignity, and hold their heads up high. 

5. Harpers Wilde 

Some people may be unaware of the Recycle Bra program which has been released by Harpers Wilde. The purpose of the program is simple, to help give bras new life. 

This is not in the regular way that you might expect them to be used after donating, as many of the bras which are handed here are used for unique purposes, such as couch stuffing, insulation, and as carpet padding. 

They’re not picky about the kinds of bras that they receive, be they sports, underwired, padded etc… just as long as you donate them, they’ll find a good purpose for them. 

6. Donate Unwanted Bras To Schools 

This is also another great way of giving your old bras new life. Where there are schools, there are young girls in need of bras to wear.

Consider taking a look at some of the local schools in your area, then you can simply call reception and ask if they would be willing to take bra donations. 

Events such as clothing drives which are regularly held each year in schools would be a great way to give your old bras a new purpose. 

Final Thoughts 

Although larger organizations such as Goodwill do not tend to take undergarments such as bras as donations, there are lots of different places that you can donate them to. 

To make a positive difference in another woman’s life, consider donating your unwanted bra to one of the charitable organizations listed above. 

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