Does Revlon Test On Animals?

Revlon is a cosmetic products company that was originally founded in 1932 by Charles Revlon. The company operates under the Revlon, Inc. brand.

Revlon, Inc. is headquartered in New York, New York. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of beauty products, and has over 150 products

Does Revlon Test On Animals?

Revlon is one of the best and most famous beauty products companies in the world.

Today, we will introduce you to the world of Revlon in terms of their policies and whether they test on animals or not.

Find out more about their cruelty-free/Vegan products and if they exist!

Are They Cruelty-Free?

Unfortunately, Revlon can not be viewed as completely cruelty-free because they do have 3rd parties who test on animals to sell in their country.

They are very open about all of the ingredients that they use for their products but they do sell to mainland China where by law they make the companies test their products on animals to be able to sell in their stores.

Their Policies

Even though they do state that they do not test their own brands on animals, they still allow many of their brands to be tested by third parties in China.

This is quite similar to a wide variety of brands which are still selling to countries which require animal testing because they are some of the biggest markets in the world.

It is all about profit and nothing about welfare. Revlon owns other companies which are also sold in these places as well and not just the main brand.

Some of the other brands which they own include: Elizabeth Arden, Sinful Colors, Gatineau, Mitchum Deodorant, and Almay.

They are all very well known brands but not everything thinks about where they have been tested.

Even though they are not doing these tests themselves, it does not matter. If they are taking part in animal testing in any sort of way, they are deemed not cruelty-free.

Revlon Make-Up

The makeup they sell has decreased in popularity over the years and wasn’t doing overly well across the world which is why they no longer sold to China after 2014.

However, they have started selling to the online markets in China which do not require animal testing.

However, when looking at the reasons why, it does not come down to them protecting animal welfare, it is all about how well the company is doing.

When the make-up starts doing well online again in China they are more than likely going to sell to their physical stores again after that.


Some brands can now gain certifications to whether they are cruelty-free or not and Revlon is definitely not one of them because they do not meet the standards of which they can be.

However, this brand has still claimed that they are cruelty-free even though they get other countries to test their products on animals for them.

They are blacklisted by PETA for certification because of how their business works and because they don’t have too much interest in animal welfare and it is just about business strategy.

They place the blame on the third parties and their required laws, but there are other companies which just choose not to sell to these countries to avoid any animal testing altogether.

Is It Vegan Friendly At All?

Is It Vegan Friendly At All?

Due to the fact that they do test on animals in certain places, they will never be deemed completely vegan friendly until they have stopped doing this and selling to Mainland China.

Most of their products also have ingredients derived from animals which also is the cherry on the top of why they aren’t either cruelty-free or vegan.

Where Can You Find A Good Cruelty-Free Brand?

Skin care and makeup is very important to a lot of people because they want to be able to trust what is going on their skin.

Therefore, there are other well-known and trusted brands which are vegan and cruelty-free. For example you have both NYX and e.l.f which are cruelty-free and vegan.

These types of brands are making their way into a new era where they do not need to sell to mainland China for huge profits because they have found another target audience in different countries across the world.

People are looking more and more for brands who are not exploiting animals for cosmetics and is becoming a much more widely spoken topic.


Overall, when it comes to any cosmetic brands, it is always best to do a little bit more research about what you’re buying and the processes it goes through.

Cruelty-free and vegan products are increasing in popularity massively including smaller brands making their way through as well.

Brands like Revlon are known for the way they operate and they are quite transparent about it but do not want to take any blame for being not cruelty-free.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand what Revlon is all about in the sense of how they work and who they sell to.

It might take time for older brands like this one to adjust to how the world is now changing and how people care more about animal welfare than supporting their cosmetic brands.

Make sure you are always reading the labels if this is something that is important to you because you might think a brand is cruelty-free and they might say they are but it does not mean they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revlon Sell To China?

Yes, Revlon does sell to mainland China where they do tests on animals because it is required by law.

Therefore, they can not be deemed as either cruelty-free or vegan because they do have products around the world which are tested on animals.

Is Revlon Vegan?

It cannot be Vegan because they use 3rd parties to test on animals. No products can be vegan if somewhere else in the world they are testing on it.

Just because they do not do it in the US, does not mean they allow it somewhere else.

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