How Many Outfits Should I Have?

There are many lifestyle and fashion gurus nowadays, each of them describing the best ways to optimize your wardrobe, making sure it is as versatile as possible. 

How Many Outfits Should I have

Versatility is important, as is having a series of specifically designed outfits that can be paired in a number of ways – meaning that you can change and adapt for any situation in your life. 

But just how many outfits should you have, and what needs have to be met? 

The Ideal Number Of Outfits

When it comes to our wardrobes, everyone has the tendency to purchase things – be them based on a whim, or simply because you think something is cute. 

However, they can often be a waste of space, especially if they do not quite work with what you had in mind, or if they are very limiting in terms of their pairing options. 

Although this figure is subject to change, and it very much depends who you ask, most modern influencers suggest that the average woman has no more than 50 items in her wardrobe – including shoes and accessories. 

However, the thinking behind this is that, with a series of timeless staples and statement pieces, you can dress for any occasion, and make all of your clothes work for you in many different, stylish ways. 

What Outfits Are Essential? 

When it comes to how many (and what style) outfits you need in your wardrobe, you first need to consider several things. 

How Many Working Days? 

Firstly, how many days a week do you work? For most people, work is where we spend the majority of our time, which means you want to be looking your best – not to mention have enough outfits so as not to wear the same thing too often. 

This obviously depends on the type of work you do, whether you wear a uniform or not, and whether or not you work from home. 

Work & Casual Clothes

The number of outfits you have also depends on whether you have designated work and casual clothes.

Not everyone does, and as we say, it depends on the type of work you do, but most people have some designated outfits for the office, and some that are perfect for their daily lives. 

Formal Wear

Not everyone believes in formal wear, but every now and then we can find ourselves in environments where we need to dress up a little and look our best. 

This could be a wedding, a funeral, or a party with friends, family, and colleagues, and ultimately requires something a little special and versatile for these sporadic and surprising events. 

Seasonal Clothing 

Depending on where you live, you could also require drastically different clothing depending on which season you are currently experiencing.

This can also be a deciding factor on how many items of clothing are in your wardrobe, and so this needs to be considered carefully when planning your outfits. 

Frequent Clothing Changes

Of course, depending on your lifestyle, you might need to change clothing frequently. This might be down to your work, your personal hobbies, or any form of exercise you take part in. 

Similarly, you could have any number of commonly experienced conditions that mean you need changes of clothing at the ready just in case disaster strikes. 

Essential Items Every Woman Should Own

Essential Items Every Woman Should Own

But to make things a little easier, we have compiled our own list of items that every woman needs in her wardrobe. 

Black Blazer

These are great layering pieces, especially if they are more form fitting, and then can just as easily be spruced up to look fancy, or dressed down to look more casual.

Little Black Dress

This is a classic for a reason. The little black dress is the perfect outfit for social functions, office parties, or even seasonal get togethers, and what’s more it looks great on all body types. 

Light Cardigan

These are great for the cooler months, and are a good layering item that can be paired with many different things. 

Black/White/Colored Tee

Everyone needs a couple of neutral (or all over) colored tees. These go with everything, and are a great layering piece that can be dressed up or down depending on how you do it. 

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans always look neat and tidy, not to mention stylish. They are also incredibly versatile, and can make any outfit look fancy or casual, depending how you dress them. 

Pencil Skirt

These are good for the office, but can also be good for formal functions like weddings and funerals. 

Wrap Dress

These dresses flatter any figure, and can be dressed up or down. They also work at any time of the year, and can be paired with jackets to give a totally different look. 

Leather Jackets

Everyone needs a good leather jacket. These go with almost any outfit, and are versatile, in the sense that they can be both classy and casual at the same time. 

Black Trousers

These are the staple of the modern businesswoman, and there are numerous styles available depending on your taste. 

Denim Shorts

These are timeless, and for most people, a summer staple. They can be worn with tops, cardigans, and sweaters, or paired with a blazer for a cool, layered look. 

Basic Tank Top

Like a plain tee, a basic tank top is a great base layer for any outfit, and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation required. 

Knit Sweater

Finally, a knit sweater is great for winter, and looks cozy and casual. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to get the perfect wardrobe. 

We all like filling our wardrobe with the newest designs and items, but if your wardrobe is full of unworn, one-off pieces that don’t work for you, then something needs to be done!

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