How To Break In Jeans?

A nicely fitting pair of jeans is like a second skin. It feels comfortable and moves with you whatever you do.

How To Break In Jeans

But denim jeans take some breaking-in time to adjust to your body shape. You can break in your jeans by wearing them often or just go for a swim with them.

Here are the easiest and quickest ways to break in your new jeans.

How To Break In New Denim Jeans

The process of breaking your jeans in starts with buying the right size jeans. 

Well-fitting jeans should give you enough room to stretch but they shouldn’t sit too loose as the jeans will stretch more over time.

That’s why, experts usually recommend buying jeans a size smaller and then breaking them in for a while.

Here are our top tips on how to break your new denim jeans in quickly.

Workout In Your Jeans

You don’t have to go as far as doing your entire gym routine in your jeans but doing some deep lounges at home can help to break your jeans in very quickly.

You will notice that the jeans will stretch better around the knees and bottom area.

You don’t usually need to be concerned about tearing the jeans as many denim jeans are super hard wearing.

However, if your jeans are a little on the tight side, then just be careful with any forms of breaking-in.

Ride A Bike

Riding a bike in your new jeans is a fun way to quickly break your new pants in. The continual movement of your legs will loosen the shape of the denim.

Also the sitting position will stretch the bottom area, so you can sit in your raw denim jeans more comfortable.

Just be careful with super skinny jeans or jeans that have a low rise. They may tear if you break them in with too much force. 

Soak Your Jeans

Soaking your new denim pants may not be something you immediately think of when you bring your jeans home.

But the soak is a great way to speed up the breaking-in process of your jeans. Just fill a bathtub with cold water and put your jeans into the water.

Allow them to sit in the water for a few minutes and then take them out to air dry. Once the jeans are slightly damp, just put them on.

The wet denim fibers will stretch more easily and the pants will gently adapt to your body shape.

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Alternatively, you can also take a bath with your jeans on. Just fill the bathtub with lukewarm water, put your jeans on and get into the water.

Lean back and relax in the tub for around 20 minutes. You can then get out and your jeans should feel nicely stretchy.

You can then take the jeans off and allow them to dry flat. If they are still too tight after a few hours, you can put them on again and wear them until they fit better.

Just Wear Your New Jeans Often

The easiest but more lengthy option for breaking your pants is by wearing them as often as possible.

The jeans will eventually conform to your body. After all, just by going about our day, we naturally move a lot.

From going up and down the stairs to cleaning the house, the more you move your body, the more your jeans will take the shape of your body.

Any kind of movement is good for breaking in your stiff denim pants. You can wear them during your home workout or when you are just having a day off playing with the kids.

Break Your Jeans In Before Tailoring

If you want to alter your jeans, then it’s important that you break them in before you make any changes to your pants.

Denim jeans will need to adapt to your body, so they get looser over time. Depending on the quality of the jeans, some pants can even get slightly longer after breaking in.

It’s best to allow your jeans to fit to your body contours nicely before you make any alterations.

How Long Does It Take For Jeans To Break In?

It take anything from a week to six months to break in your new jeans. 

Many denim enthusiasts believe that you shouldn’t even wash your jeans until they are fully broken in.

That’s because when you wash your new jeans, they will lose their shape, and all your hard breaking-in work may be ruined.

However, you can counteract this by wearing your jeans when they are slightly damp still. This will preserve the shape of your new pants.

How To Best Care For Your Broken-In Jeans

Jeans can last a lifetime when you care for them in the right way, especially after you have broken them in gently.

Here are a few denim jeans care tips.

Don’t Wash Jeans Too Often

There are different washing recommendations for jeans. The number of times you want to wash your pants depends on how often you wear them and how dirty they are.

Levi’s recommends that you wash your jeans after 10 wears. Some people might choose to wash their jeans more or less frequently. This is your personal choice.

Only Wash With Cold Water

Although raw denim is a resilient material that can withstand a lot, it’s a good idea to wash denim fibers in cold water only and avoid putting your jeans in the dryer.

The hot temperatures in the dryer could lead to your jeans shrinking.

Put Them In The Freezer

You don’t have to keep your jeans in the freezer all the time but if you notice any bad odor, then you can kill the bacteria by putting your pants inside a bag and then into the freezer.

Final Thoughts

It does not take too long to break jeans in. Wear your denim pants as often as possible and your jeans will feel nicely stretchy and fit perfectly after some time.

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