How To Organize Jeans

While shopping for a new pair of jeans or pants is an enjoyable experience, we can all agree that storing them is not so much.

While a coat is hung in the closet, and socks get rolled up and put in a drawer, jeans can be a little more tricky to store. So much so, you might have noticed that your drawers are beginning to overflow with denim.

How To Organize Jeans?

Bulky items like jeans can take up a lot of space. Because of this, you might already be frustrated when it comes to putting those jeans away after a long day.

We understand too – but with a few adjustments and know how, you will find putting those jeans away super easy.

In fact, there are many different methods to try. This means you can experiment folding and storing your jeans in a number of ways to find out what suits your closet the best.

So, if you are looking to organize your jeans, look no further. We have all the answers you need to reorganize those out-of-hand jeans!

The Something Solutions

If you have a set of drawers in your closet, then you will be happy to know that there are a number of different ways to fold them. 

Here are a few interesting ways to organize the jeans in your closet and drawers.

Keep The Jeans Flat

Place a pair of jeans on a flat surface and straighten them out. Try and remove any creases that you see by smoothing them over with your hand.

Fold the jeans lengthwise. Then, take the waistband and fold it so it is placed at the center of the jeans. Next, hold the hem and place it at the center of the jeans, but do not overlap with the waistband.

Once both the hem and the waistband meet in the middle of the jeans, fold the jeans in half and flatten out any creases again. 

You should be left with a smooth fold. 

Roll The Jeans Up

Often referred to as the ‘jelly roll’ method, this is a great space saver. In fact, it is probably the best method if you are looking to fit a fair number of jeans in one drawer.

To begin this method, place the jeans on a flat surface and smooth out any creases with your hand. Once finished, fold them over lengthwise. 

Place your hands on the hem and begin to roll them upwards. As you roll, you may need to remove creases as you go along. You will also need to change your direction, as jeans are not poker straight.

Once you reach the waistband your jeans will be rolled up and ready to be placed in the drawer. 

Roll But Also Tuck

Another roll technique also requires tucking the jeans too. This one may be a little tricky to follow, but the result will be a flawless pair of ready to wear jeans.

Just like with the above methods, place the jeans on a flat surface and smooth out any creases and wrinkles with your hands. Once you have finished removing as many creases as possible, fold the jeans up lengthwise.

You may need to make sure that they do not all of a sudden have creases due to the folding over. Smooth out any that you see. 

Once ready, pick up the pant leg that is on top and fold it diagonally, using the area of the knee as a mark. Then, start rolling the jeans tightly from the waistband, but leave the pant leg folded diagonally.

Once the roll has finished, you can then insert the jeans into the pant leg. It may sound a little complex, but it gives great results.

Just Fold The Legs

Another simple storage solution for jeans is just by using a simple folding method. Again, just like the above methods, place the jeans flat on the ground and smooth out any creases. 

However, this is where it differs. Take a pant leg and fold it upwards using the knee area as the fold point. Then, fold it upwards again.

Repeat the process on the other pant leg, removing any new creases as you go along. Once both pant legs have been folded, fold one pant leg over the other to create a really nice pair of folded jeans.

The back pockets should be showing on both sides of the fold. 

The Simple Solutions

If you do not like the idea of folding your jeans, or if you do not have a drawer to put them in, then there are alternative solutions to avoid doing so. 

Here are some simple alternatives to organizing jeans in a closet:

Hang Them Using The Waistband

If you really do not want to fold your jeans out of fear of creases, or any pair of pants for that matter, then using a specialized hanger with clips is ideal for this situation.

Place your jeans flat on the floor and smooth out any creases. Once happy with the result, fold them over lengthwise. Now you can clip the hanger onto the waistband and place the pair of jeans into your closet.

They will be ready to wear when you need them, and they avoid other types of material becoming stretched. 

Hang Them Using The Cuffs

You can also do the same as above but hang them by the cuffs instead. However, you will need to use a hanger that has clamps rather than clips. Clips are more likely to indent into the fabric.

What does that mean? Ironing, of course!

Do the same method as above by placing the jeans onto the floor and removing creases with your hands before folding them lengthwise.

You will then want to clip the hanger onto the cuffs to hang them up. However, do remember that when you are hanging jeans in your closet, always factor in whether they will hit the closet floor or not.

Doing so will cause them to crease. 

Fold Over A Clothes Hanger

If you do not have a hanger with clips or clamps, then there is another solution. Some hangers allow for pants to be draped over them because they include a bar.

You may want to opt for a fabric or non-slip hanger, otherwise you may find your jeans on the closet floor.

Just like before, lay the jeans on a flat surface and remove any creases using your hands. Then, fold them lengthwise. Once happy, all you then need to do is hang the jeans through the bar.

Color Coding Your Jeans

Another way to organize jeans is by color coding them. While not necessary, it is a great way to keep the color of your jeans in order. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a lot of jeans and need solutions to making the most of a small space, or you just want to organize your jeans better, there are many methods to choose from. 

You can fold and roll jeans up in different ways to make sure they fit in a small set of drawers, but you can also hang them up efficiently within a closet space. 

So, instead of worrying about creases and jeans being bulky, there are simple ways to organize your pants and jeans to make sure that they are always ready to wear – and that they will fit nice and snug in your closet

Hopefully you will now have the know-how to organize your jeans while making sure you have enough space for the rest of your clothes too!

If you do not have a closet or drawer, think about using a storage box or even a shelf. Piling them high can look great. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some simple frequently asked questions when it comes to organizing jeans:

How Do You Organize Lots Of Jeans?

If you own a lot of jeans, you will need to make the most of space. One way is by folding them and fitting them into drawers and boxes. Another way is to stack jeans up on top of a shelf.

You may also want to make the most of using hangers with bars and clips. This means you can hang jeans in your closet and keep them crease free. 

Which Is Best: Folding Or Hanging Jeans?

Jeans are great to fold due to the fact they have a thicker fabric. This means that they will hold their shape well. However, both folding and hanging works well for jeans.

It really is up to you which one you choose depending on your circumstances and the space you have available. 

Is It Better To Roll Or Fold Jeans?

Rolling jeans tightly can remove any trapped air between the layers causing them to use up less space. This method may even cause less creases within the fabric too. 

However, folding is still a great option and better for if you want to keep your jeans flat. For example, in a stack on top of a shelf.

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