How To Style Blue Sneakers

Blue sneakers might seem like one of the most difficult items of footwear to style for different occasions other than going to the gym or hanging out with friends.  However, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Blue sneakers can be a very versatile item to have in your closet depending on their specific style.  In theory, with the right styling, you can wear your blue sneakers to any occasion or event. 

In this article, we have put together some suggestions for how to style your blue sneakers to get the most wear out of them. If you prefer to wear your black sneakers however, you can read the styling tips in this article.

1. How To Casually Style Blue Sneakers

One of the easiest ways to style your blue sneakers is with a casual look.  In fact, styling your blue sneakers casually is probably the thing that you do most with this footwear.  So let’s start with this category.

Style Sneakers With Sweatpants

Styling your blue sneakers with your favorite sweatpants is one of the easiest ways to put an outfit together around your footwear. 

The best thing about this is it doesn’t matter what shade of blue your sneakers are or what material they are made of, they will always look good with sweatpants. 

Similarly, the color and style of the sweatpants don’t really matter.  With that being said, a dark blue, skinny-cut sweatpant can look really good, as can black sweatpants in a looser fit.

Style Blue Sneakers With Shorts

Blue sneakers can be a great way to add some personality and sportiness to a shorts look.  This works no matter what your shorts are made of. 

Whether you have denim cut-offs, basketball shorts, running shorts, or even smart culotte shorts, blue sneakers can complete your look perfectly. 

If you are wearing culotte shorts or basketball shorts that are a bright color rather than a neutral color, be mindful to ensure that your sneakers don’t clash with them. For example, red shorts and blue sneakers might clash.

Style Sneakers With Jeans

Jeans are another classic closet staple that you can go back to time and time again.  They also pair exceptionally well with blue sneakers.  You can get away with wearing any colored jeans with blue sneakers except brightly colored jeans. 

How To Style Blue Sneakers with a Jeans for example

White jeans can look incredible with blue sneakers as both colors make the other one pop.  Black jeans can also work as long as your sneakers aren’t a shade of blue that is too light. 

One of the best pairings is blue jeans that match the blue of your sneakers almost exactly but not quite.  This can look incredible if you have patchwork blue jeans or patchwork blue sneakers. 

Style Blue Vegan Sneakers With Gym Wear

Another classic way to style your sneakers is with gym wear.  This may be a look that you already regularly wear every time you go to the gym, but it can also make a good leisure wear outfit. 

Pairing your favorite leggings, gym shorts, or running pants with your blue sneakers can instantly make you look sporty and allow some of your personality to shine through with your outfit. 

How To Style Blue Sneakers Professionally

This can be a great option for days when you have a lot of walking to do to help you get into the right mindset. 

2. How To Style Blue Sneakers Professionally

A more unusual way to style your blue sneakers is for a professional setting or event.  Sneakers may feel like inappropriate shoes to wear when you are expected to look professional, however, they can create a very effective look.

Style them With A Suit

If you regularly wear a suit to work to fit the atmosphere of the office that you work in, you may also wear dress shoes with the suit to complete the look. 

However, if this is an outfit that you would never choose to wear outside of the workplace, it can stifle your confidence and your performance somewhat. 

Making a simple styling change and wearing your blue sneakers with your suit instead can be the perfect way to let some of your personality shine through, increase your confidence, and make you feel more comfortable. 

This works really well if your blue sneakers are a dark blue or navy color. 

Styling Business Casual

If you wear business casual to your place of work, styling your blue sneakers can be the perfect way to add the casual to your business outfit. 

This is a look that works with a button-down shirt and jeans, an office casual dress, or even a shorts suit look.  The sneakers can help give you extra confidence and comfort, especially if you are used to wearing heels or stiff dress shoes to work.

3. How To Style Blue Sneakers Formally

An even more unusual way to style blue sneakers is for a formal occasion or outfit.  The type of sneakers that you have are much more important for this look as a sporty sneaker will not work. 

However, if you have a patent, navy sneaker, or a blue leather sneaker they will work for these looks.  

Style Blue Sneakers With a Matching Suit

If the formal event that you are attending allows suits that aren’t black, you can style your blue sneakers with a matching suit. 

Pairing a navy or dark blue suit with your dark blue sneakers can create a smart, formal outfit that keeps you feeling comfortable and adds a little bit of your personality to the look. 

You should always check with the venue you are attending whether they allow smart sneakers otherwise they may not let you in.

Style Sneakers With a Dress

If you are wearing a midi dress to a formal event or occasion, dark blue, smart sneakers can be a bit of a fun way to round off the outfit. Sneakers will always be more comfortable than heels, especially if the event you are attending is going to last for a long time. 

Flat shoes, including smart sneakers, can make a formal outfit look polished and put together.  If the color of your sneakers matches or complements your dress, they will look just as good as any Louboutins.  

4. How To Style Blue Sneakers For A Special Occasion

Styling your blue sneakers for a special occasion can be a great way to bring a flash of your personality to the event.  There are rarely any rules about whether you can wear smart, clean sneakers to a special occasion such as a birthday or graduation. 

Therefore, the type of blue sneakers you wear is less limited than with formal wear.  However, it is still smart to steer clear of sporty-looking sneakers.  

Styling Smart Casual

Blue sneakers, especially dark blue sneakers, can be the perfect addition to a smart casual outfit.  Whether you are pairing a casual shirt with suit pants or are choosing a smart shirt with jeans, blue sneakers can complete the look.  

Style With a Cocktail Dress

Wearing a cocktail dress for a special occasion can be a great opportunity to get dressed up.  However, if the thought of having to wear heels all day or all night fills you with dread, you can swap them for your trusty blue sneakers. 

Pairing sneakers with a cocktail dress can create a fun and playful look that keeps you comfortable. 

Style Blue Sneakers With Pressed Shirt And Jeans

If you want to take smart casual to the next level, you need to get the iron involved and primp your outfit a little.  Making an outfit out of a button-down shirt and jeans with sneakers sounds very smart and casual. 

However, if you press your shirt and your jeans, you can make the whole outfit look more put together and stylish.  Ironing a crease into your jeans can make them look extra smart, although this might take some practice.

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Tips And Tricks

Sneakers have a very fine line between looking smart and stylish and looking used and casual.  There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make sure your sneakers are always good to go for any look.

Maintain Your Sneakers

Maintaining your sneakers, or any shoes, is one of the most important things to help keep them looking good and stylish.  The maintenance that your sneakers need will depend on the material that they are made of.

If your sneakers are sporty, you will probably be able to put them in the washer to keep them clean.  However, if your sneakers are leather, patent, or suede, they shouldn’t go near the washer or dryer. 

There are different products that you can buy to help maintain different sneakers.  Suede in particular will need specialty products to help keep them in good condition and protected from the elements. 

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your sneakers clean is one of the best ways that you can keep your sneakers looking fresh and suitable for any look. 

You can give your sneakers a quick clean before you go out and when you come home with a damp cloth.  This will help avoid staining and ingrained dirt from ruining the appearance of your sneakers.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways that you can style your blue sneakers.  They are surprisingly versatile pieces of footwear that can be worn for many different occasions as long as they are styled accordingly and well looked after.

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