How To Style Chelsea Boots Women

The Chelsea boot is a classic boot style that’s been rapidly gaining popularity. They’re extremely versatile and can be worn with both business and casual attire.

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How To Style Chelsea Boots Women?

Chelsea boots are a great investment for the colder months. Since they’re crafted from waterproof, breathable materials, they keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Here’s how to wear them and some of the different styles which have become really popular this year and for all year round!

Boots Throughout The Seasons

Chelsea boots are loved by many because of how well they can go with a variety of different outfits.

They are known most for the colder seasons with a nice thick pair of tights, but they don’t have to be. This guide will cover how to put your Chelsea boots with all of your outfits.


If you’re a lover of wearing tights with a nice wooly skirt and jumper, then Chelsea boots will be a great addition to the outfit.

Why not even wear something a bit different and try out some nice, printed tights as well.

Classic Look

If you’re looking for a nice casual look, you might think about wearing a nice pair of jeans, a jumper with some Chelsea boots.

You can accessorize this with any type of scarf because it is like a blank canvas. Many people opt for this look because it is simple and easy and everything goes really well.

Oversized Coats

Another great look you can go for is wearing oversized coats in the cold periods with a nice pair of trousers and a turtle neck.

When you are wearing darker colors for your clothes, this leaves a lot of room for different colored shoes to be worn.

In this case you can choose basically any color of Chelsea boots to match the outfit.

A Wider Heel

There are many different types of Chelsea boots to choose from, but if you do have heeled Chelsea boots then you can match these with some different options.

Any type of heel will give you that height and with a good pair of wide trousers, top and denim jack, it will be a great mix.

Office Look

When you work in an office, you have to dress smart in most places. However, this does not mean you can style up your look as well!

Chelsea boots can be the perfect attire because the flats are comfortable and will go with basically anything.

Even if you want to wear a nice blazer and trousers, Chelsea boots will make you look smart but still slightly casual as it is convenient for you to walk around in.



Any type of denim with Chelsea boots is a great option and it gives off that London look.

It is a great idea if you have a pair of light coloured denim jeans, a nice colorful top, puffer jacket and Chelsea boots. It is simple but trendy and effective.

Adding that element of color can always make the difference in the outfit too. You can even match the color with your Chelsea boots if you can.

Chelsea Snake Print

The snake print is very popular because it gives you a jazzy look and it is great to match with different clothing.

It goes really well with planer colors because it really makes them stand out a lot! Many people even love wearing them on nights out for more comfort or just going for a nice stroll.

Black, White Or Gray

They are some of the most popular colors for women to wear because they literally go together so well and you can really go wrong.

Therefore, getting yourself a nice white pair of Chelsea boots is a great option for any other clothes with Gray or Black.

If it is an office style you are going for you can match them with a nice Gray skirt and black blazer.

Faux Fur

This is quite a common look when it comes to Chelsea boots because it can be quite difficult to match certain colors together.

However, with Chelsea boots it’s like everything is a yes. Some skinny jeans, a nice colored faux fur coat and Chelsea boots are the perfect combo!


Overall, when it comes to putting clothes together, you need to think about what you already have and how that will work together.

It can be a little frustrating when you’d prefer to just throw something on in the morning, but with Chelsea boots, they might make your life a bit easier because they do go with everything.

Hopefully this guide will help you style your Chelsea boots a bit more with different clothing you never thought would actually go.

It might actually surprise you how many of your clothes will actually go with Chelsea boots and it doesn’t really matter what color they are.

It also depends on your style too because you might be someone who prefers the plainer looks, or the office look, the more casual looks or trendier ones.

There is definitely something for everyone here to take some inspiration from and make their outfits better with their boots!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chelsea Boots Still In Style 2022?

Chelsea boots are popular across the world because they are just so comfortable and stylish.

They go with basically everything in your wardrobe and there are so many different pairs to choose from.

They are especially popular in the colder months of the year because they are great with thick tights and wooly jumpers, but they don’t have to be.

They are also now worn as casual office wear and during the warmer months with dresses and skirts!

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