How To Style Silver Sandals

If you want to add some shiny elements to your outfits but don’t know where to start, then this is the perfect article for you. 

How To Style Silver Sandals

You can easily achieve a look that is shiny and fashionable while still appearing very natural by incorporating some silver elements into your outfit, you just need to know the right way to style these. 

Wearing silver sandals is a fantastic first step to adding some shiny color schemes to your outfits. 

Even though they are shiny, silver sandals are something that you can style pretty easily and can also pull off quite easily and effortlessly. 

A straightforward combination of a t-shirt, jeans, and silver shoes is the most basic outfit you can make, but there is almost an endless amount of combinations to try. 

If you have been looking at a pair of silver sandals for a while but haven’t bought them because you don’t know how to style them, then we are here to help! 

Keep reading to find some expert-style info!

Choosing The Right Shoes

The first thing you need to think about is the kind of silver shoes you’re going to be wearing, as this will impact the whole outfit.

You want the sophistication of your footwear to be on par with that of the dress you’re wearing.

For instance, if you are going to wear flip-flops or flat shoes, you should wear them with a day dress or pants rather than an evening gown. The same goes for the other way around.

Because silver is such a brilliant and dramatic tone, you will want to avoid accessorizing your outfit with other accessories that are equally loud, such as a belt with a prominent buckle.

What Colors Go Best With Silver?

White and off-white hues look stunning when paired with silver. White jeans, slacks, skirts, or cotton dresses will all look appropriate if you are going for a more casual style and wearing silver shoes. 

Silver-heeled sandals are an excellent choice to make if you are going to be attending a formal event wearing a white or off-white dress.

Black is another hue that is versatile and goes well with almost any other color, including silver. Black, as opposed to white, will produce higher contrast and result in a more striking appearance.

Other colors that look great with silver shoes are deep purple, burgundy, vivid red, light gray, charcoal gray, and light gray.

Choose colors that are darker in tone when the weather is cool and colors that are lighter or more pastel when the weather is warm.

When wearing silver shoes, it is preferable to go with a single block color rather than a design or pattern. Make sure that these colorful shoes are the focal point of your ensemble.

Do’s And Don’ts When Wearing Silver Shoes


  • Do choose a plain color as opposed to one with a design or pattern when wearing silver shoes. Make sure that these colorful shoes are the focal point of your ensemble.
  • Do add smaller accessories to the outfit. Use belts and handbags that are small and muted in color, and make sure they match the color of your attire.
  • Do experiment with your clothing options. Don’t be afraid to try out new colors and develop your sense of style. Solid earth tones, such as burnt orange or deep green, are a color palette that can never go wrong. Their dark tones provide the ideal counterpoint to the metallic sheen.


  • Don’t add too many metallic colors. The clashing hues are just too much to handle, therefore you should probably steer clear of wearing gold apparel with silver shoes. Additionally, matching silver accessories and footwear is unnecessary and should be avoided if at all possible.
  • Don’t over-accessorize. The shoes already contribute a significant amount of brightness to the ensemble on their own, so there is no need to add any additional accessories that draw attention to themselves, such as a bright large metallic purse or a belt that makes a statement.

Silver Sandals Fashion Inspo

Here are some excellent looks to try out if you don’t know what to pair with your silver sandals. 

Silver Sandals With A White And Black Striped Playsuit

Starting strong we have this fashionable business casual outfit. It is a look that is simple to throw together when you are in a bit of a rush before work, but it will still look effortless. 

You can keep things straightforward by choosing to highlight your outfit with a striped romper in either black and white or even a mix of the two!

If you want to seem ultra trendy, accessorize it with a pair of silver platform sandals and a black purse, either made of leather or other materials. 

Add one or two silver accessories to tie the whole look together. 

How To Style Silver Sandals

Denim Overalls, Silver Sandals, And A Blue Denim Jacket

Ok, we know that this is a lot of denim, but trust us, it just works!

Wearing a light blue boyfriend jacket made of denim over a white or blue overall denim jumpsuit will help you produce a look that is both revitalizing and youthful. 

Not only can you appear cute in these pieces, but this outfit is also a bit of an optical illusion. When you wear this combo, your legs look longer and you also appear thinner. 

Put the finishing touches on the look by putting on a pair of slide sandals with a metallic silver finish.

Pencil Skirt, Black Blouse, And A White Blazer

Although on paper it might seem like it would be more suitable to wear heels to work, in practice, it doesn’t always work. And anyway, who wants to be stuck in uncomfortable heels all day?

Instead, find a pair of silver sandals and pair the look with business attire. You not only will look fantastic but also still keep that professional flare. 

You can finish off this outfit by wearing the shoes with a black and white patterned pencil skirt, a white jacket, and a black blazer. 

A Casual T-Shirt, Blue Denim Shorts, And Heeled Sandals 

This well-kept clothing is ideal for wearing to a laid-back hangout, such as a beach function that requires only the most relaxed attire possible. 

You can create this look by pairing a white t-shirt with a fitted silhouette with a pair of light blue denim pants with cuffed bottoms. Put on a pair of slide sandals in silver to finish off the look without making it look sloppy.

Strappy Sandals, A Sleeveless Top, And A White Skirt

This is another excellent outfit to wear to work, although it is best saved for those jobs that have a more relaxed dress code. 

This is a feminine work casual dress, and it has the potential to make you appear very appealing and friendly. 

Wear a sleeveless top in charcoal color for the top and wear should wear it with a white lace mini (but not too mini) skirt. 

You may achieve a gorgeous and laid-back style with your footwear by adding a pair of silver flat sandals with strappy detailing.

Blue Slim Fit Jeans With Ripped Detailing, White Blouse, And Sandals

You may accomplish this sophisticated and ladylike look by topping off your outfit with a white chiffon blouse with a loose fit.

Combine it with a pair of dark blue slim-fit jeans with cuffed ankles. 

You can finish off the style by carrying a black leather shoulder bag and accessorizing it with a pair of silver-heeled sandals. This will make you appear even more trim and sophisticated.

Blush Midi Dress With Heeled Sandals

This is a stunning and invigorating look that you can wear either as an outfit for a day out on the town or as an outfit for a business casual setting. 

Put together this style by donning a midi-length shift dress made of floral-printed chiffon with a gathered waist.

The garment should be blush pink with some touches of light blue if you want to add a bit more color to the look. 

To add a touch of sophistication to the ensemble as a whole, finish it off with a bag made of light pink leather and a pair of silver sandals with high heels.

Silver Skater Skirt, Sandals, And A Fitted Top

This is a very nice outfit that also has the potential to make you appear slimmer and taller. You may get this style by pairing a pale pink fitting sweater with short sleeves and a silver metallic skater little skirt. 

You may finish off this stylish getup by donning a pair of silver platform sandals, which will add some inches to your height and make your legs look longer. 


While you may think that silver sandals are a hard look to pull off, there are an endless amount of ways to style this piece of clothing.

If you have been eying up some silver sandals but don’t know whether they will suit you, give them a try with some of the outfit inspo above!

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