How To Wear A Dress Shirt

Are you going to a formal or semi-formal event soon and have no clue what to wear? Learn here how to wear a dress shirt for every occasion. 

How To Wear A Dress Shirt

What Is A Dress Shirt?

You may think that a shirt is just a shirt, but there are some key differences between a standard shirt and a dress shirt. A dress shirt is designed to be longer so it can be tucked neatly into pants. 

Dress shirts are also often categorized as shirts that are reserved specifically for evening wear and that can be worn with a necktie. Learn here how to wear a dress shirt in a variety of different situations.

Wear A Necktie For Formality 

Whether you’re going into the office or attending a formal event, a necktie is a perfect way to complete your outfit and create a more formal look. Dress shirts have collars that are perfectly designed to feature a tie under them. 

Make the outfit as bold or as simple as you like with patterns and colors of your choice. If it’s a black tie event, sticking to a classic black tie is best.

A good quality tie can be spotted a mile off, choosing one made from materials such as silk can level up your outfit. 

Go With A Classic White Dress Shirt

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to dress shirts, experimenting with different colors and patterns can be fun but sometimes a classic white look is all that’s needed. 

When attending a black tie event, you should always wear a white button-down dress shirt. Any other formal event, big meeting, or important first impression also warrants the use of a classic white dress shirt. 

Pairing a white dress shirt with a dark suit creates a fabulous contrast of colors and matches everything! If in doubt, wear white. 

Rock A Casual Dress Shirt Look

Casually worn dress shirts have increased in popularity over the last few years. While this attire isn’t allowed in many offices, it can be ideal for a weekend look.

For weekend events that require a certain level of formality, pair a colorful dress shirt with a pair of smart jeans and a pair of desert boots

The key to making the dress shirt look casual, yet not out of place is keeping it somewhat relaxed. Avoid tucking in the shirt unless it’s too long and keep the collar unbuttoned. 

Less formal dress shirts are available in all good men’s retailers and they typically come in a shorter fit. Finding the fit right for you is important to pulling off this look. 

How To Wear A Dress Shirt

Work With The Seasons

Attending formal events in the summer months can be a nightmare for those who usually love wearing a suit. As suits tend to be on the hot and heavy end of the clothing scale, you’re better off investing in a lighter summer suit. 

Linen is a great example of this. Pale-colored dress shirts and linen suits couple together nicely.

This combination can be paired with a tie depending on the formality of the event, but in most cases leaving one button undone in place of a tie is deemed acceptable. 

In springtime when the weather is not warm enough for a light linen suit, but also too warm for a standard suit you can opt for an in-between.

Wearing lightweight pants with a dress shirt and blazer of your choice can provide you with warmth as well as make a statement. 

Depending on how bold you like to be with colors, you can go for a bright pair of pants and a more subtle blazer. 

Make Sure You Choose The Right Shoes

Wearing the right shoes with your dress shirt ensemble is imperative. 

Semi-Formal Shoes

Desert boots or ankle boots are a great alternative to dress shoes in a semi-formal setting and they look great with a dress shirt.

In a summer setting, you can pair it with a smart pair of loafers to allow a little breathability to the outfit. 

Loafers are not made to go with a three-piece suit or another formal suit as they are too lightweight and can appear to be too casual. 

Oxford Dress Shoe

Oxford dress shoes refer to a type of men’s dress shoe that has a closed lacing system in the upper part of the shoe. These pair perfectly with a dress shirt for a smart and formal look.

Wearing the appropriate shoes with a dress shirt can make or break an outfit. 

Black dress shoes work better with black suits whereas brown dress shoes look better with a blue suit. There are various forms of dress shoes now including the height of the heel as well as the shape of the toe. 

What Are The Different Shirt Cuts?

With the many types of dress shirts available, it can be confusing to know which one is best for you. 

Classic Fit

A classic dress shirt is known for its more spacious and ‘boxy’ shape and longer shirt tails. The classic design is perfect for those that like a little more room to move around in their shirts. 

Slim Fit

Slim-fit dress shirts are among the most popular designs. With the more tailored fit, they can be more flattering and sleek than a classic dress shirt.

These tend to have higher armholes which can be uncomfortable for some. Slim-fit shirts also look a lot neater when tucked in. 

Skinny Fit

Skinny-fit dress shirts are exactly as described; they offer a very slim cut, especially around the chest and shoulders. A tapered cut is featured around the midsection and waist.

Therefore, these are mainly worn by those that have very slim frames and younger individuals.

The Bottom Line

Styling your dress shirt correctly is an important skill to master, especially if you’re attending a formal event in the near future.

There are a number of rules that have been listed here, if you follow them you should have no trouble at all finding a fantastic outfit for every occasion. 

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