15 Trendy Funny Vegan Shirts Worth The Money

Just because you have changed from fast fashion to more eco-friendly apparel does not mean you have to give up the things you like. From on trend dresses to funny slogan tees, you can find everything you love while still helping the environment.

15 Trendy Funny Vegan Shirts Worth The Money

However, finding ethically sustainable clothing can be a challenge as the world continues to mass produce clothing.

As a vegan you have to remember that your clothing choices matter just as much as your dietary habits. So, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Below are 15 funny vegan shirts that are worth the money. Keep your sense of humor and your morals by investing in shirts made with sustainable fabrics that give you and others a good chuckle.

15 Trendy Funny Vegan Shirts Worth The Money

Veganese Tees Yes You Can
HappyHeadTees Not Your Mom
Eat What Gorillas Eat Vegan T-Shirt

Veganese Tees Yes You Can Live Without Cheese T-Shirt


This unisex t-shirt is 100% cotton and worth every penny. With many refusing to convert to a vegan diet due to the lack of delicious, cheesy options, this t-shirt is a great way to poke fun.

Whether you are looking to spark an intense conversation or just want to have a giggle, this custom made t-shirt is the perfect gift for every vegan.

Although, you may find them chowing down on some vegan cheese options every now and again.

HappyHeadTees Not Your Mom Not Your Milk T-Shirt


Nothing makes people stop and stare like a giant cow on a t-shirt. This t-shirt is offered in both unisex and womens fit.

The women’s fit is more fitted and slightly shorter to hug the curves of a woman’s body.

This soft garment is made of 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Perfect for any vegan of any style to enjoy.

You can also fight for cows rights while wearing this bold t-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Eat What Gorillas Eat Vegan T-Shirt


Show your passion for being vegan without drawing too much attention with this ‘Eat What Gorillas Eat’ T-Shirt. Whether you are a man, woman, or child, you can wear this primitive t-shirt.

Gorillas eat a vegan diet and yet are adorned with muscles on top of muscles.

Making this t-shirt the perfect payback for everyone who assumes vegans lack protein in their diet.

No Difference Cow Dog Vegan T-Shirt


Many people out there adore their dogs, yet they won’t hesitate to consume meat when it comes to their eating habits.

In truth, dogs are living, breathing creatures much like cows, pigs, and other animals.

By comparing a dog to a cow, which is the same by every vegan’s definition, this shirt makes a striking design statement. With this powerful shirt, you can tell the world there are no differences.

Peace Love Veggies T-Shirt


This shirt, which is based on the well-known peace symbol, pretty well encapsulates what veganism is all about.

The emblem is not only well recognized, but it has also been transformed into a variety of different veggies.

This shirt is cute, bright, and colorful for any wardrobe while remaining true to the cause.

While you may get a few funny looks, everyone will be enthralled by the adorable veggies that are on your t-shirt.

You can also use this t-shirt to promote an increase of veggies into your child’s diet.

Herbivore Vegan Shirt


Even while it may be true that vegans never stop promoting their lifestyle, they are merely attempting to convert you and see their way of living.

Often if vegans are spotted then people will abort missions and find a new way to cross.

This herbivore t-shirt is the perfect, subtle message so as not to spook anyone.

It is also an incredible conversation starter as you will be surprised by how many people are unaware of what a herbivore actually is.

I Don’t Eat My Friends Vegan T-Shirt


It’s no secret that you probably LOVE animals if you’re a vegan. Any animal, regardless of breed or species, is your friend as long as they can breathe.

This t-shirt makes sure everyone knows your stance on the killing and consumption of animals.

While remaining utterly adorable with cute cartoon drawings of a cow, chicken, and pig.

This t-shirt may be a little intense for everyday wear but on the days when you really want to drive the point home, this is the t-shirt for you.

Vegan AF T-shirt


Simple yet effective. This t-shirt ensures that everyone you pass will be aware of your stance on being vegan and protecting animals.

This shirt will be sure to deliver the punch you are looking for without you ever having to open your mouth.

Perfect for shy vegans or those who are tired of explaining why they can’t eat meat at Sunday lunch.

This simple t-shirt is available in a range of colors meaning that you could purchase one for everyday of the week. Depending on your dedication to the cause.

Eating Animals Is Weird T-Shirt


When you really think about the basics of eating animals, it is rather strange to be eating dead bodies and leftovers of animals. However, the majority of society doesn’t seem to agree.

This bold t-shirt is sure to give them the reminder they need. With a simple background and the message in bold, capital letters there isn’t anyone who won’t understand.

It may take some convincing but after explaining how weird it is, you may find yourself more successful in your debates.

Fueled by Avocado Love Heart T-Shirt


It is of no secret that avocado on toast is a staple for the majority of millennials’ breakfast.

The creamy, delicious flavor of avocado is loved by nearly everyone who tries it. And it is an incredible, vegan option.

While some people are motivated by meat and others by plants, this shirt is for you if you’re fueled by avocado.

This shirt is certain to get a lot of admiring attention because it features a cute tiny avocado guy.

Unfortunately, it is not made of avocado or it might be worn by every millennial everywhere. It is made from 100% cotton so you can rest easy knowing this t-shirt is perfect for the environment.

Vegan Dictionary Definition T-Shirt


If you have been a vegan for longer than a week then you will know the pain of being asked “where do you get your protein from?” a million times a day.

Well silence the perpetrators with this clever, passive-aggressive t-shirt.

Make it known that vegans do in fact get protein in their diet. Without harming animals to do so.

You can also make it known that this t-shirt is made in small batches or made to order in order to continue helping the planet.

Vodka Is Vegan T-Shirt


While finding vegan foods and drinks at restaurants can still be a bit of a challenge, you can always rely on vodka.

Made from potatoes, vodka is in fact vegan. Perfect for those who love going out for a drink with friends or with dinner.

Don’t let anyone forget that they can enjoy the delicious, fair cheap alcoholic beverage with this bold t-shirt.

Herbivore Eat Like You Give A Damn Muscle Tank


Herbivore is an all american company focused on delivering vegan goods. This incredible t-shirt being one of them.

Show off your muscles in this cut off tank top that has the bold words ‘Eat Like You Give A Damn’. Because being vegan is caring about the planet and the animals that inhabit the Earth.

Made from a blend of polyester and cotton this muscle tank is soft and flexible allowing it to hug your body perfectly.

BEET X BEET WIsh You Were Vegan Crop Top


BEET X BEET is an incredible ethical brand. Creating t-shirts with cool slogans, graphic designs and other bits and pieces.

We especially love this ‘Wish You Were Vegan’ crop top. Show off your midriff while making the message clear that unless they are vegan, they are not for you.

The pastel purple makes for an attractive color choice and is sure to get the message across.

Talk Vegan To Me (TVTM) T-Shirt


Talk Vegan To Me is an ethically sourced brand that produces clothing that helps the planet. If you love a branded t-shirt then this is the one for you. 

Support a small business while promoting the cause through their t-shirts and sweatshirts.

This simple branded t-shirt takes a jab at the typical ‘talk dirty to me’ while remaining focused and funny.

Final Thoughts

Forget fast fashion t-shirts with nonsensical slogans, check out these vegan funny t-shirts. 

Supporting the cause and remaining funny is a difficult line for many. These t-shirts make it easy.

Select from 15 funny vegan t-shirts to start a conversation, make your stance known, are to simply make people laugh as you walk down the street. 

Whatever your intention, we have a t-shirt for you. All you have to do is pick your favorites and wear them.

All of the above are made from eco-friendly fabrics that are incredibly soft and comfortable.

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