8 Trendy Funny Vegan T-Shirts Worth The Money

T-Shirts are a versatile type of clothing that is perfect for almost every situation. While a smart dress, suit, or coat is often expected to be some shade of white, gray, black, or navy blue (with exceptions of course), t-shirts are a lot more colorful in their designs, both metaphorically with their prints, and quite often as well!

8 Trendy Funny Vegan T-Shirts Worth The Money

However, as more and more designer brands and companies start responding to increased calls for using more ethically-sound materials than have been traditionally used, we find ourselves at something of a crossroads.

Many of us want to try and be a little more environmentally conscious and ethically minded when it comes to where we get our everyday items.

However, we also don’t want to be forced to wear shirts and other clothing that is made from subpar materials, giving us subpar quality as a result.

In dilemmas like this, what is an environmentally-conscious consumer supposed to do?

Well, the simplest answer is to shop smarter!

There are plenty of clothing brands that produce great t-shirts that are vegan-friendly, without compromising on quality at the same time.

All it takes is knowing where to look.

And if you’re looking here, then you’ve come to the right place, as we have a list of some of the best (and funniest, in our opinion) vegan t-shirts that are worth the price tag that they ask for!

Ferocious Vegan
Wholesome Soybeans
Plant Faced Clothing

Ferocious Vegan


Starting this list with a strong contender for both the funniest and ethically made t-shirt on this list, we have this particular design for your animal-loving trendy folk out there!

This t-shirt is made to be both comfortable, and environmentally conscious.

With cotton that has been sourced ethically, as well as been created in a way that feels great against your skin, this is a top that is a delight to wear, both on your skin, and on your conscience.

Of course, we’re massive fans of the design too! And we’d dare you to find someone that didn’t find this design at least a little funny!

The shirt, when it is in stock, comes in a variety of sizes, so you’ll be able to gift your friendly neighborhood vegan this adorable and hilarious shirt!

Wholesome Soybeans


Soybeans are a lifesaving item for vegans, aren’t they?

They can be a great way to substitute dairy products with soy milk, for meat meals with tofu.

Small wonder that an ethical company would want to name their vegan-friendly clothing brand on a food item as iconic and synonymous with vegans as this!

Fortunately, this clothing brand is similarly versatile in its products, with plenty of fashionable items for vegans and other ethically sourced and concerned consumers to wear for themselves.

As for us, we just love this cute little t-shirt. The warm yellow color of the shirt itself, to the adorably cute little bunnies and styling of the picture on it.

This is a shirt for someone as much of a lover of art and design as they are for rabbits and all the other little critters that you don’t want to see suffer at the hands of the fashion industry.

Of course, people are often a part of that cycle of suffering too, which is why this company makes sure that all of its materials are ethically sourced, as well as vegan-friendly.

This is the perfect shirt and company to shop with if you prioritize moral business practices as your comfort and style.

Plant Faced Clothing


If you’re a lover of streetwear that is as morally sound as you want your clothes to look great, then you need to take a look at Plant Faced Clothing.

As with all the entries that we have added to this list, all the materials that are used in the production of the wide range of clothes, tops, and t-shirts that Plat Faced Clothing makes are sourced ethically and from sustainable sources too, so you have the vegan-friendly part covered.

All that environmentally conscious clothing is great, but it also needs to be adequately comfortable too, as well as look great.

Well, from the looks of this particular t-shirt, we can certainly see that the latter is easily covered, with a level of quality that would rival any standard t-shirt, and probably exceed them too!

So, if you’re looking for designer streetwear, and you’re trying to stay a little environmentally conscious, this is the brand to go with!

No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Boy


While we can’t exactly guarantee the model in this pic’s ethically-sourced nature, we can at least hope that they’re paying him well enough.

Oh, right! The t-shirt!

Well, this is another case where the materials for the shirt itself have been ethically sourced, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to excess waste or polluting the environment with this shirt design.

Plus, this synthetic cotton is great to feel against your skin, making it an ideal shirt to wear for almost any occasion, whether you are out on the town, or simply staying at home.
(well, maybe not on every occasion.

Meat-based food buffets might be off the table, but come on, how much sleep will you lose over that?)

Plus, the design is simple and clear, easy to read, and a fun little dig too!

This t-shirt covers all your bases, whether you’re looking for cozy or funny!



Heartcure is a UK-based clothing brand that is bringing ethically sourced and vegan-friendly clothing to the British Isles.

This long-sleeved t-shirt is a perfect example of their philosophy.

The shirt itself is gorgeous to look at, with patterns running up and down the sleeves and across the chest, fitting into a perfect soft-punk aesthetic that will make any other ecologically-conscious punk jealous (in a friendly way, of course).

Plus, as we’ve already stated, this shirt is ethically sourced, using organic cotton, as well as being manufactured in the same region as the cotton is made in.

This keeps animals off the chopping block for this food item, as well as keeping the carbon footprint of transporting it down too!

So, in short, it looks great, feels great to wear, and is great to make for the environment too.
What’s not to love?

In The Soulshine


Of course, many of these stores that we have mentioned are primarily based in specific parts of the world, to keep carbon footprints at a minimum.

We saw it with Heartcure in the last section, and we’ll see it again on this list.

So, while that’s great for the planet, it does seem to mean that you’re pretty much confined to the UK and North America for your vegan t-shirt needs.

Or are you?

This particular brand of clothing, In The Soulshine, is a business that is based in Australia, meaning that, at least in the global southeast, your vegan clothing needs will be taken care of!

(Well, technically it is based in Bali, Indonesia. But this does give the business the maximum range of delivery, without making delivery itself too costly, both on your wallet and for the planet)

Take this particular t-shirt design, for example. It’s a colorful cute little rainbow, whilst still somehow maintaining a washed vintage look, so it is a treat to look at.

The cotton, as always, is organically ground, and in line with the Global Organic Textile Standard, so you know that the cotton is grown ethically.

Plus, the shirt itself is made ethically too, with the employees of the business paid on a by-piece basis that can help them earn well over the minimum wage rate in the area.

So it’s even helping lives there too!

Grass Fed


Once again, we turn to another quality Etsy store for this entry.

This particular top’s design says it all, doesn’t it?

After all, we’re all just animals trying to stay alive on a marble rocking through the cosmos.

So why do we have to try and survive at the cost of so much life in this little world aside?

Morbid pondering aside, the shirt itself is simple, yet elegant, while making its statement clear. Perfect for any vegan-clothing lover, wouldn’t you say?

Plus, the clothing material themselves is ethically sourced and made into these tops, whilst still being a great feel on your skin too.



You may have already heard of Etiko, the shoe-making brand that prides itself on its fair trade policy that gets a fair deal at every part of the manufacturing chain.

Well, they’ve recently expanded into clothing as well, so even more people can enjoy the ethical sourcing that comes with this brand.

Another brand that is based in Australia, this particular shirt of theirs is emblematic of the chain as a whole: Cleanly designed graphics, comfortable to wear, as well as being, you guessed it, free-trade friendly!

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are plenty of vegan t-shirt designs for you out there of all different tastes and temperaments, from funny, to pretty, to cute, and everything in between.

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