15 Trendy Vegan Belts Worth The Money

There was a time when vegan clothing was extremely hard to come by and if you wanted sustainable and cruelty-free clothing, you probably had to resort to a rope tied around your waist. Thankfully, all that has now changed.

15 Trendy Vegan Belts Worth The Money

You can get a wide range of leather belts that are not only extremely functional, but they are very trendy.

You can get vegan belts of all different sizes, shapes and colors with a whole host of amazing designs.

So where can you find these cool vegan belts?

Are they just as good, if not better than normal belts? Well, we have scoured the internet for some of the best, eventually trimming them down to just 15 great vegan belts.

15 Trendy Vegan Belts

Men’s Belt Vegan Leather Reversible
Men's Vegan Reversible Belt
Corkor Reversible Vegan Belt Cork

Men’s Belt Vegan Leather Reversible Dress Casual Belt


This first belt, upon first looking at it, is very traditional, which makes it ideal for wearing out to the supermart or even when you’re dressed to the nines on a night out. This belt is extremely resilient and will match most outfits.

We would describe this belt as having a very retro 70’s vibe. The tan of the belt will match well with a white shirt or cream chinos.

This is a reversible belt too, so you won’t have to pay any attention to which way round it goes, great for when you’re in a rush.

Men's Vegan Reversible Belt


This next belt is thick and durable and will be perfect for a more formal occasion such as a wedding or a funeral. This is just plain black, but it is also available in brown.

It will blend in seamlessly with most outfits.

This is made with leatherette, which not only does not use any animal skin, but it is also very environmentally friendly.

This is actually reversible, so you can alternate between the black and the brown color, saving you cash on having to buy two belts.

Corkor Reversible Vegan Belt Cork


This next belt is made with an amazing cork color which is just perfect if you want a belt that you’ll be able to clean easily.

This comes with a very sturdy metallic belt buckle, which is also amazing if you are wanting something to wear to work.

This belt will work with almost any outfit, which is great if you only like buying one belt for everything.

This belt is also very soft, so it won’t chafe against your skin when your shirt gets tucked in.

Nylon Fully Adjustable Casual Belt Strap


This belt buckle is made from nylon, which makes it just as durable as some of the leather belts that you can get.

This comes with an ingenious buckle that you can just slide your belt through without having to fiddle with holes.

This is also very stylish. It has a plain, square buckle that is made from gunmetal and will certainly draw the eye, no matter what other clothing you’ll be wearing.

This is also 100% cruelty-free, which is great if you are seeking to adopt a completely vegan lifestyle.

Invisibelt No Show Women’s Stretch Belt


This next belt is one of the coolest that we’ve seen and will certainly help women who have recently lost weight but don’t necessarily want to advertise the fact that they are wearing a belt.

This one is discreet yet completely durable and will hold up your clothes no matter what activity you’re doing.

This is made from stretch elastic, which means that it will conform to your waistline and natural movements somewhat.

It will match denim as well as cotton and other fabrics. It comes with a handy clip in the center that is easy to use.

No Show Invisible Elastic Belts for Women & Men


Now we have an elastic belt that you can be sure will be very discreet and hold up your jeans or work clothes without arousing suspicion.

This belt is made from elastic, so it will conform to the natural shape of your waistline without leaving any belt marks on your skin.

These belts are extremely cheap, but that does not make them cheap in material.

You can get these in a wide range of different colors, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find something that will match whatever outfit you plan on wearing.

Beltaway-Flat Buckle No Show Easily Adjustable Belt


This next belt comes with dual buckles, which will be very important if you are looking for something that will hold while you are doing strenuous activities. This is called a ‘no-show’ belt because you won’t really see it against your jeans.

You can quickly and easily adjust this belt, which is ideal if you need your trousers to jeans to stay up when you are running or dancing. This will not draw attention to itself, which is sometimes what you need from a decent belt.

SlideBelts Men's Ratchet Belt


Next up, we have a custom fitted belt that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a snug fit. No matter how large or small your waistline is, this belt will conform to it very comfortably.

This is made from vegan leather and comes in a thick black style that will suit either formal or casual wear.

This comes with a solid metal buckle on the front too, which is just perfect for slipping on quickly and effectively.

Corkor Women's Cork Belt


Now we have a really solid belt that is made from cork, which is one of the most solid materials that you can get on the market. You could pull this belt apart with all your might and it still would not break.

One of the great things if you’re a vegan is that this belt is completely leather-free.

This is ideal for anyone who is sick and tired of not being able to find quality material that is not made from animal products.

Nixon Americana Vegan Belt


If you are looking for something that is made from 100% vegan leather, but yet is durable and easily washable, then you’ve come to the right belt.

This one is a tasteful black color which means you’ll be able to integrate it with any outfit.

You can clean this easily with a dry cloth, so you won’t have to worry about your new favorite belt getting scuffed or damaged. This comes with a great clasp that you can adjust quickly without any snagging of the skin or clothing.

GRIP6 Honeycomb Web Belts for Men & Women


This next belt is very cool, with a honeycomb pattern in the front that you can be certain will get all eyes turning toward you at the next party.

This belt is suitable for both men and women so you can buy one for yourself and one for your partner.

This comes in a wide range of different colors, from grey to black to bronze. You can also have a number of different designs in the buckle, from the silhouette of a buffalo to a tree shape.

Cut To Fit Canvas Web Belt


This next belt is ideal for someone who just wants that standard belt that does the job functionally without many of the frills that often come with this kind of accessory.

This is made from durable canvas web that will work nicely with bright trousers or tops.

This comes with a buckle of the front that you can adjust to within the millimeter.

This comes in a massive range of colors, which is great if you want to buy a few to go with various outfits. We would certainly recommend this one for the flamboyant hiker.

Amazon Essentials Men's Stretch Woven Braid Belt


Amazon does some pretty great things, but none greater than this braid stretchy belt.

This is great if you want something that will work well with your Autumnal outfit, as it comes in a muted brown color (although other colors are available).

This is made from 90% polyester, which is amazing if you are looking for something that is completely free of any animal cruelty.

Bulliant Men's Stretch Braided Web Belt


Next up, we have another braided belt, this time one that’s designed to be worn on the golf course.

However, this is only to limit its potential. This is made from woven silk fabric, which will make it very soft against the skin.

This comes in a two-pack, which is great if you are looking for something for yourself and a friend.

These are very affordable belts, which is great if you do not like spending too much money on something that will only be holding your chinos up.

Bulliant Military Hiking Rigger Nylon Web Work Belt


This final belt is one of the coolest to look at and we certainly wouldn’t limit it to just a work belt.

This one is made out of industrial-strength nylon and will certainly hold you and your clothing together no matter what the weather.


We hope that our list of trendy vegan belts has helped you to decide which one you’ll get next for your outfit.

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