15 Trendy Vegan High Heels Worth The Money

Vegan high heels are the perfect way to help you look and feel your best while helping to protect the planet and the animals. There are so many different brands that offer ranges of vegan high heels.

15 Trendy Vegan High Heels Worth The Money

However, as with any type of clothing or footwear, there are certain items that are definitely worth the money and those that are definitely not.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 of the best vegan high heels that are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

15 Trendy Vegan High Heels Worth The Money

Cape Robbin Square Open-Toed Heeled Sandals
Steve Madden Gracey Heeled Sandals
Dolce Vita Paily Heeled Sandal

Cape Robbin Square Open-Toed Heeled Sandals


These square, open-toed heeled sandals from Cape Robbin are the definition of trendy.

Not only is the square, open-toed style extremely popular among fashionistas, but it is also incredibly flattering on most people.

Best of all, it helps to avoid the horrible feeling of squished toes throughout the day. The flare at the bottom of the heel is beautiful styling and feels like the heel itself is upside down.

These vegan, heeled sandals come in an extensive range of colors which makes them perfect for styling with any outfit or any preferred aesthetic.

Steve Madden Gracey Heeled Sandals


Steve Madden is another stalwart of vegan footwear. These Gracey heeled sandals are another winner from this brand.

The most striking thing about these vegan heels is how stunningly simple they are.

The base of the shoe is nude and made out of rubber. The straps that help keep your foot in place throughout the day or night are made from see-through synthetic material.

When you wear these shoes on a night out or to an event, it will look like you aren’t wearing shoes at all.

Dolce Vita Paily Heeled Sandal​


These stunning backless Paily heels from Dolce Vita are perfect for both day and night looks.

The braided vegan leather straps look like they are quilted and would be incredibly comfortable to wear all day.

The braid effect also adds some shape and dimension to the shoes and makes them look like they are more detailed than they are.

There are four different colors that you can choose from for these shoes. Three of the colors are available in the vegan leather effect material.

One of the colors is available with fabric braided straps instead of vegan leather. The chunky heel also helps to add to the comfort and wearability of these shoes.

Olivia Miller Vegan Leather Knot Cork Platform Heels


These vegan leather, knot effect, cork platform heels from Olivia Miller have to be one of the most stylish vegan heels on the market.

The light brown of the cork platform and heel ensures that these shoes can be worn to practically any occasion.

It also creates the perfect contrast between the sole of the shoe and the material of the outer.

The outer is made from vegan leather that has been given a suede effect.

Small strips of vegan leather have been used to form a stunning knot effect that meets over the middle of the foot.

The same strips of faux leather have been used to create the delicate ankle strap. These shoes would look good for a trip to the city or on a night out.

BC Footwear Make An Impact Vegan Knee-High Boot


If you are looking for a pair of vegan high heels that are more suitable for colder weather than the sandals above, BC Footwear has you covered.

These Make An Impact knee-high boots are the perfect addition to your fall and winter closets.

These are classic knee-high boots that are perfect to keep your feet dry and legs warm while looking stylish and chic.

The colors available are black or tan, both of these are perfect colors for fall outfits.

Depending on how you style these boots, you can wear them for casual outings and winter walks, or you can dress them up to be suitable for events and dinner dates.

Steve Madden Audra Pink Pointed Closed-Toe Heels


Another beautiful offering from Steve Madden is the Audra pink, pointed, closed-toe heels.

These shoes are essentially the opposite of the more neutral-toned shoes that we have featured so far in this list.

One of the first things that grab your attention when looking at these shoes is the stunning bright pink color.

If you are looking to add some more color to your closet and your life, these are the heels for you.

In addition to the bright pink color of the heels, there are some stunning pointed stud details that add a tonne of attitude to these heels.

If you are specifically looking for some vegan heels that are the perfect addition to a night out to pair with your classic little black dress.

Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Mid Heel


If the Audra heels were a little bit too much for your tastes, these vegan heels from Chase & Chloe could be more up your alley.

These heels are available in a massive range of colors and finishes to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

The best thing about these heels is that the heel itself isn’t too high so these shoes are comfortable enough to be worn all day.

They are also designed in such a beautiful way that they can help complete a delicate, feminine outfit that makes it look like you have stepped straight out of a romance novel.

BC Footwear Heeled Cowpoke Ankle Boot


If you are looking for a much smaller heel than the shoes we have already looked at, these Cowpoke ankle boots from BC Footwear could be just what you are looking for.

There are a few different colors available for these boots so that you can pick one that best suits the rest of your closet.

The cowboy boot style isn’t for everyone but for people who do like the aesthetic, these boots are perfect.

You can easily pair these boots with some boot-cut, stonewash jeans for a casual, dressed-down look.

However, the boots can look equally good when paired with a feminine sundress for a cute date outfit.

Steve Madden Vala Pump


Another fun vegan offering from Steve Madden is the Vala pumps. This is another pair of shoes that are brimming with attitude and personality.

If the Audra heels caught your eye and your heart, these will too. There are so many amazing colors that are available for this shoe including gradient or ombre color combinations.

The spiked studs that cover these shoes add a huge amount of sassy attitude and can bring a tonne of personality to any outfit no matter how plain or simple it may be.

Dream Pairs Karrie High Stiletto Pump


Dream Pairs are another shoe brand that is expert at creating beautiful vegan shoes that are completely cruelty-free.

These Karrie stiletto pumps are some of the most beautiful, elegant heels on this list. The design might be basic, but it is incredibly classic.

These heels are available in a multitude of different colors and finishes. You can even get ones that have faux fur on the toe strap to make them feel like princess slippers.

J. Adams Skippy Mary Jane Pumps


If you fell in love with the Chase & Chloe heels above, you are certain to love these Skippy Mary Jane pumps from J. Adams.

If you love cute, heeled shoes, this is what you have been missing from your closet.

The classic mid-height heel ensures that your feet will stay comfortable all day. The dainty strap across the ankle also gives these shoes a retro, vintage feel.

There are so many different colors to choose from to match the tones of your closet.

Sophitina Pink Gradient Patent Heels


The best thing about these vegan heels from Sophitina is the gradient color that makes them so much more interesting than other stiletto heels.

There are so many different colors that are available with gradient or ombre coloring.

The patent finish of these shoes makes them look very professional, even with the brighter colors.

Vivianly Clear Pointed Toe Heels


Another great option for a subtle vegan heel with clear strapping is these Vivianly clear pointed-toe heels. 

The strapping on these shoes is different from the Steve Madden Gracey heels.  For these heels, the strapping is flat and clear which some may find more comfortable.  

Again, this is a shoe that is available in a wide variety of different colors so that you can match your shoes to your outfit perfectly.

XYD Peep Toe Heeled Ankle Boot

If you love a nice delicate heel but that isn’t what you are looking for, XYD might have the answer for you.These peep-toe, heeled ankle boots are stunning, durable, and most importantly, 100% vegan.The polished metal studs add an extra layer of personality to these boots. The colors that are available are extensive and there are a variety of patterns available too.

Joy In Love Gradient Heeled Pumps


No list of vegan heels would be complete without these stunning gradient-heeled pumps from Joy In Love.

There are other colors available that aren’t gradient colors or are available in suede-effect finishes.

The outline of these shoes near the heel is intricate and stunning but still incredibly simple. If you want professional, patented heels, these are a great option.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different types of vegan heels available on the market.  The ones mentioned in this article are definitely worth parting with your hard-earned money.

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