14 Trendy Vegan Jackets Worth The Money

Spending a decent amount on a high-quality coat or jacket means that it could potentially last you for years, even with a lot of wear. An insulated jacket is the ideal outer or thermal mid-layer to wear if you want to feel warm while still keeping protected against the elements. They are also very lightweight, so you can easily carry them around if you decide that you are too warm.

15 Trendy Vegan Jackets Worth The Money

In the past, a lot of jackets were made out of animal products, whether that be leather for the outside or feathers for the insulation. For vegans or those who want to be a bit more environmentally friendly, buying a product made from animals may not fit in with their morals.

So where are you supposed to get your jackets from? There’s a wide selection of synthetic insulated jackets to buy. These jackets come in a range of designs, and are functional as well as stylish.

Insulated synthetic jackets that are 100% vegan are now available from a lot of stores and brands. Here are the top 15 vegan jackets for you to try out this winter!

Arc'teryx - Proton LT
Unreal Fur



Noize, based in Montreal, Canada, is one of the greatest vegan apparel brands in the world. The brand is well known for its extensive collection of vegan parkas, vegan puffers, and vegan winter jackets suitable for all situations.

All women’s and men’s vegan winter jackets are insulated with recovered and reused recycled plastic bottles. No matter how chilly it gets, their jackets’ lightweight filling keeps you toasty.

The fabric of Noize jackets is water- and wind-resistant, perfect if you require a warm, windproof vegan winter jacket. Many of the vegan parkas provided by Noize have detachable vegan fur trim or detachable hoods for further versatility.

Arc'teryx - Proton LT


This active insulated jacket is very breathable and lightweight while still being able to keep you warm in the harsh winter months. It also has enhanced flexibility so you can move around easier.

If you want to move quickly and put in a lot of effort while you’re in the mountains, this is the ideal choice for you!

Unreal Fur


Unreal Fur is a premium Australian ethical fashion business that specializes in vegan fur jackets.

The brand’s objective is to eliminate the use of actual fur and animal products in the fashion business, and they develop their high-quality vegan winter jackets using synthetic materials.

Each design is crafted with quality and longevity in mind so that it may be worn season after season. The ethical fashion firm is also developing new eco-friendly material possibilities, such as hemp and PET fibers.

Alpkit Katabatic


This incredibly adaptable outdoor jacket is stuffed with Primaloft Gold Active Eco insulation, which is Primaloft’s most technologically advanced kind of insulation.

The insulation keeps out cold air while retaining a high degree of breathability. When you use gear made of elastic fabric, you won’t have to worry about feeling constrained when doing activities such as mountaineering or ice climbing.

In terms of its impact on the environment, the insulation is made up of 45% post-consumer recycled materials, and its DWR layer does not include any PFCs.

Matt & Nat


Matt & Nat began in Canada in 1995 and is one of the most reasonably priced companies of eco-friendly clothes. Inspired by veganism, the founder of this vegan apparel firm aimed to make eco-friendly clothes, footwear, wallets, and purses for like-minded individuals.

The business provides recyclable backpacks and a vegan puffer coat made entirely of recycled polyester. Many of their items, such as their vegan winter jackets, are lined with 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

Matt & Nat employs several vegan materials, including polyurethane (PU), cork, rubber, and recycled plastic bottles. In addition, the firm offers a Purity line in which every product’s exterior is constructed of PVB.

Warm up with their vegan winter boots, which are equally as fashionable and eco-friendly as their vegan outerwear.

Patagonia - Nano Puff Jacket


The Nano Puff is an extremely well-liked jacket that is famous for its down-like properties it has. Although it is compact, light (340g), and very compressible, it carries a significant amount of thermal power. This insulated jacket is also highly favorable to the environment.

The 60g PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Eco is not only sewn using Fair Trade practices, but it is also constructed from components that are 100% recycled from post-consumer waste, and it has a recycled polyester shell.

It has the Fair TradeTM Certification, the BluesignTM Approval, a wide range of



Thought is one of the greatest ethical fashion brands in the United Kingdom, with a strong commitment to sustainable and modern fashion.

Using ecological, organic, and recycled materials, their clothing is built to last and includes fashionable but timeless styles and beautiful prints.

Thought develops fashionable vegan winter coats, knitwear, and light jackets for men and women made of eco-friendly fabrics such as sustainably produced organic cotton and modal.

There are several gorgeous designs, eye-catching prints, patterns, and weather-appropriate layers available. Also, Thought offers a men’s capsule line and produces hemp-based sustainable beachwear for guys.

With their adorable organic cotton dresses, you can indulge in the summer spirit and bring back the pleasant weather. Always check the label from buying from this brand though, as some of their adorable winter jackets contain wool and so aren’t vegan-friendly.

Finisterre - Nimbus


With a remarkable warmth-to-rate ratio and pockets that are lined with fleece, the Nimbus is a windproof and water-resistant jacket that will always keep you warm.

All of its components, including the ripstop shell, the zipper, and the insulated polyester filling, are certified to the Global Recycling Standard.



ThokkThokk is a socially responsible, ecologically conscientious company. The business is PETA-approved and vegan-certified, and its sustainable winter jackets are made from kapok cloth.

Kapok fiber is hollow and a good insulator, keeping you warm in cold conditions. GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled plastic, and Tencel are the other vegan materials used to manufacture the clothes.

Due to its organic-fair textile manufacturing standards, ThokkThokk is one of the greatest brands of organic cotton.

Save The Duck - Daisy


Although it might not be the most technically advanced insulated jacket on the list, they have been awarded the B Corporation certification and made significant efforts to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

Both the Donald and Daisy jackets are constructed from Bluesign-approved fabrics, making them an excellent alternative for transitioning from the city to the trail.

Montane Icarus


Despite providing outstanding quality outdoor items at cheap rates, Montane is still not very well recognized.

The PrimaLoft ThermoPlume insulation (which is the equivalent of 550 fill-power down) and the Pertex Quantum Eco outer layer make this jacket perfect for wearing in colder climates.



LOVECO is your one-stop shop for ethically and ecologically created gear as well as really warm vegan parks.  All of the company’s goods are certified by GOTS and Fair Trade.

This vegan apparel manufacturer provides items constructed from eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, Modal (cellulose), recycled polyester, and Refibra.

Their vegan coats and jackets are produced from PET bottle-derived recycled polyester. All of the fabrics utilized in LOVECO’s vegan winter coats are insulating and water-repellent to keep you warm during the winter months.

Kathmandu Heli-Thermore


Quilted versions of Kathmandu’s Helimore jacket, which may be purchased with or without a hood, are available. The ripstop outer has a DWR coating, and the materials used in its construction have been Bluesign-approved.

The inside fill is constructed from Thermopure Eco down, which is a substitute for down that is authorized by the PETA and is also suitable for vegans. Also, it’s made entirely from recycled materials.

Frank & Oak


Frank & Oak is a Canadian men’s and women’s apparel business that also provides a trendy subscription Style Plan. Frank & Oak is making waves for their high-quality, eco-friendly apparel produced from recycled and organic materials.

Frank & Oak’s vegan winter jackets for ladies are made from recycled polyester derived from discarded plastic bottles and cotton. Their vegan winter jackets for men are both eco-friendly and warm!

Many of their vegan winter jackets are waterproof, can keep you warm in temperatures below -25°C, and contain featherless insulation, making them suitable for cold, snowy winter weather.

Frank & Oak is also a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for unique presents for outdoor enthusiasts around $20.


You don’t have to look far if you’re trying to find your new vegan winter jacket! Choose any of the ones above for a stylish and sustainable addition to your wardrobe!

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