10 Vegan Dress Shoes For Men To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Everybody likes to dress smartly every now and then, with their best suit and shirt, as well as some great dress shoes to match. However, it can often be difficult to find dress shoes that are vegan friendly, where there have been no animal products used in their construction.

12 Vegan Dress Shoes For Men To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Too many dress shoes will use leather or suede in them, and it can be frustrating trying to find dress shoes that are going to have caused no harm to animals. So how do you find them?

Well, we’ve done the work for you! In our handy guide below, we’ve rounded up 12 different vegan dress shoes for men.

Whichever you pick, they’re all guaranteed to brighten up your wardrobe – and help keep some animals free from cruelty!

Noah - Italian Vegan Shoes
Ahimsa - Quality Vegan Shoes
Moo Shoes - Quality Vegan Materials

Noah - Italian Vegan Shoes


We’re starting our list off with Noah, a company based entirely around delivering great vegan shoes of all styles. This, of course, includes male dress shoes!

When it comes to shoes, the Italians are one of the most famous manufacturers, with a long history of making wonderful and high quality footwear. This is no different when it comes to shoes that only use vegan materials.

They have a range of dress shoes available, all of which have a stylish design to them.

They’ve got ones that have vegan versions of nappa leather or suede, meaning that you can get exactly the kind of texture and look that you’re looking for. On top of that, the shoes also come in a range of colors: brown, black, and blue.

Some of the shoes can be a little expensive, but you are getting great style and quality when you buy them.

Ahimsa - Quality Vegan Shoes


Ahimsa is another brand that specializes in only producing shoes and footwear that are vegan, with none of their shoes involving animals at any stage.

They have a wide range of different styles available for both men and women, and their selection of men’s vegan dress shoes has a good variety of designs.

As you’d expect, they’ve got plenty of standard shoes, but also a few vegan dress boots. All of them look smart, whichever you go for.

Ahimsa sells a handful of men’s vegan Derby shoes, which are very smart and have open lacing.

They also produce some Semi-Brogue shoes, which have closed lacing and the decorative perforations you would expect from a Brogue.

In addition to these, they also make Derby wingtip dress shoes, if you want that sort of design too.

Moo Shoes - Quality Vegan Materials


Moo Shoes specialize in producing footwear for both men and women that has been ethically made with top quality vegan materials.

They have a range of men’s dress shoes to choose from, in a variety of styles. Novacus is their in-house brand, which is Spanish for “no cow”.

You can get Finn Loafers from them, which are smart loafer shoes made from vegan materials. They’re available in two colors, black and tan.

The Finn loafers have tassels on them, which the differently-styled Anthony Loafers do not. Instead, those have a sleek and simple look, and they’re available in both black and brown.

On top of these, Moo Shoes offers a wide range of traditional laced dress shoes, in all varieties of colors and styles.

Will’s Vegan Store


Will’s focuses entirely on vegan products, and their range of footwear is a great example of that.

Their men’s dress shoes come in a great range of styles and colors. You can get a variety of different Derby shoes, a range of Brogues in different styles, and a handful of different Oxfords.

On top of that, you can get vegan loafers, Monk shoes, boots, and even deck shoes! Whatever you need, Will’s likely has it.

NAE Vegan Shoes


Nae make vegan shoes for men and women, as well as accessories like bags and wallets.

If you want some men’s vegan dress shoes, then they’ve got plenty of different designs to choose from.

Most of their dress shoes are laced, with various different styles of smart shoe.

We especially like their EDU Cork vegan dress shoes, which have a fascinating looking style to it, full of cork patterns.

You can also get loafers from NAE, and their beige perforated moccasin ones are particularly attractive and smart.

They also offer ridged sole dress shoes, which have much thicker soles and almost look like boots.

Vegetarian Shoes - Vegan Footwear


On the topic of thick soles, Vegetarian Shoes offer a good range of thick-soled shoes, which give you great shock absorption and comfort.

They’re available in different styles too, including various brogues.

However, Vegetarian Shoes also offer more traditional dress shoes, with thinner soles. They’ve got laced shoes, loafers, and more for you to pick from.

Minuit Sur Terre - French Vegan Shoes


The French company Minuit Sur Terre offers a range of men and women’s shoes that are made without the use of animals, and their selection of men’s dress shoes has a variety of good picks for you.

The elegant Macadam Khaki is a great choice, made from recycled material too. Alternatively, you can go for the stylish Macadam Hazelnut.

Brave GentleMan - Vegan Shoes


On a more affordable price range, but admittedly expensive, is Brave GentleMan.

They have a wide range of men’s vegan dress shoes, all made from materials and processes that have stayed far away from animals.

Their Longwing shoes, a traditional design that has open lacing and a wingtip reaching to the heel’s back, are particularly stylish and come in four colors: navy, tan, black, and brown.

They also have loafers called Advocate, if that’s the kind of style you want to go for instead.

Finally, they’ve got especially smart dress shoes called “Executive”, which are sleek and formal. 

FAIR Shoes - Vegan Shoes


FAIR stands for “For All Its Rights”, because all their shoes are vegan and involve no animal cruelty. They have a great variety of men’s shoes, almost all of which are dress shoes!

Their “Timeless Shoes” are particularly great picks for men’s vegan dress shoes, because they have a sleek and elegant design that is truly timeless. Better yet, they’re a reasonable price.

You can also get Brogues, in either brown or black, if you want that classic perforated style instead.

Alternatively, you can get their “Classic Shoes”, which only have a few sparse perforations and an elegant, no-fuss design. These are available in three colors: brown, cognac, and tan.

They also sell vegan Derby shoes, which are smart and available in a soft brown color and an interesting blend of gray and white.

Vincente Verde - Vegan Shoes


These shoes are made in Brazil, and are completely vegan. As you would expect, they offer a wide variety of different men’s vegan dress shoes, with all kinds of different styles and colors.

Their Napoli shoe is a great dress shoe for a sort of in-between look, where it works as a fully formal shoe but also as a casual suit shoe. 

It’s got a classic style to it, and it’s a chukka since it’s ankle-high. They’re made from synthetic microfiber materials, which is a great vegan material because it’s soft to wear and resistant to the world around it.

Alternatively, their Bergamo shoes are in the style of a typical Derby, which means they’ve got a very elegant and sleek appearance. 

It’s sophisticated and simple, and made of high quality vegan material. Besides these, they’ve got a variety of other dress shoes.

Final Thoughts

Dress shoes are something every man will want to hand, but it can be difficult to find ones that have been made without the involvement of animals.

To find the best vegan dress shoes available, use our handy list! Whatever your price range, you’re sure to find a vegan make that suits you.

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