17 Vegan Dress Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

The days of uncomfortable and unsustainable dressy footwear are finally over! If you follow a vegan diet or are trying to be more environmentally friendly, then you may be trying to find ways of bringing this mindset into your wardrobe as well. Sadly, even today a lot of clothing, especially shoes, is manufactured using animal products.

17 Vegan Dress Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Not only that but more companies are being created with sustainably sourced products being their biggest selling point. If you have a fancy party, event, or wedding coming up, then you might be on the market for some pretty vegan dress shoes.

You know you’re a savvy shopper when you refer to some of the items in your collection as “investment pieces.” While a lot of vegan brands are a bit pricier than other ones, the products are often made with much better materials, meaning the clothing will last longer.

When it comes to footwear that does not include any products derived from animals, ethical customers now have an almost unlimited number of options to choose from.

These 17 pairs of cruelty-free dress shoes are sure to satisfy your footwear needs, regardless of whether you’re searching for high-glam heels, a pair of “man-made” shoes from your favorite popular shoe company, or some handcrafted vegan leather clogs.

Here are the very best vegan dress shoes to try out the next time you have a big event to dress up for!

Nova High Top’s - VEJA
Oxford Sarabeus Planets
Lucky High Top Western Boots

Nova High Top’s - VEJA


These timeless unisex shoes are constructed with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and rubber sourced sustainably directly from the Amazonian rainforest.

Because of their simple cool appeal and ability to seamlessly complement any getup, they are an easily transitional classic that can be worn during every season.

Dress them up for a more formal event like a wedding, or dress them down for a casual summer BBQ party.

Oxford Sarabeus Planets


Bringing nerdy chic into the mainstream has never been easier thanks to these dressy sandals.

This shoe manufacturer, which is located in Brazil and is 100 percent vegan, creates a variety of fashionable boots and sandals, so you are sure to find something to your taste.

These Oxford saddles have been inspired by the galaxy, and are made from 100% recycled materials. That doesn’t mean that they are uncomfortable though, as these might be the comfiest pair of dressy shoes that you own.

Lucky High Top Western Boots


This women-owned firm has been pushing the frontiers of fashion one stylish shoe at a time, and it has been featured in high-profile publications such as Elle, Vogue, Nylon, and more.

And it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the brand, which is only seven years old, has won multiple honors from both Fashion.net and PETA.

One example of its classic and long-lasting footwear is shown here in the form of these brilliant white boots.

Just because these are styled like cowboy boots doesn’t mean that these shoes aren’t “dressy” either! If you live anywhere in the South, then you know that cowboy boots can be worn for any occasion!

Alpargatas Heritage Canvas - Toms


This firm has distributed more than 60 million pairs of shoes to disadvantaged children all around the world, but the broad collection of animal-friendly shoes that it sells is what makes us adore this brand the most.

Toms makes a wide variety of shoes in many designs for both men and women, with many of them being suitable dress shoes. While we love the brand’s signature slip-on, you also have options like wedges and boots at your disposal.

Claquettes Chain - Svegan


Sandals like these, made by the vegan and sustainable firm Svegan, are certain to make any outfit look glitzier and more glamorous. They are quite attractive and eye-catching.

To get the ideal appearance for a fancy brunch, wear these shoes with a long skirt and a shirt in neutral tones.

Duda Micro Vegan Boots - NAE Vegan Shoes


NAE, which stands for “No Animal Exploitation,” makes certain that none of its goods involve the exploitation of humans or animals in any way throughout production.

When you wear any of NAE Vegan Shoes, your conscience can relax since they are made entirely in Portugal in factories that have been audited and verified, and because they are constructed from all-natural materials like cork and pineapple.

Original Universal - Teva


After securing the Velcro strap that comes with these super fashionable shoes, you will be ready for anything that comes your way. These sandals are very adaptable and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the event or activity that you are attending.

You have a lot of alternatives to choose from, such as going on a hike, taking your dog for a stroll in the park, or having a low-key vegan lunch. On its website, you may use the vegan search to get a complete list of products that are not tested on animals.

Clara Nightfall - ALOHAS


These luxuriously smooth wedge heels are excellent for any special occasion, from fall weddings to weekends spent in the vineyard. They can be worn everywhere from the city to the countryside, and they are of course vegan and cruelty-free.

Agua - Bahatika


With a phrase like “No Animals. No Suffering Just Shoes.,” we already knew that we would be fans of this brand situated in Germany. But if their sustainable practices don’t draw you in, their very fashionable shoes definitely will!

These shoes, which are of very high quality and come from a brand that has been authorized by PETA, are making cruelty-free seem so fashionable and wonderful.

CARINA Boot - Collection & Co


This vegan shoe company is located in the United Kingdom and has been equipping vegans in London with fashionable clothing for the past five years.

It has swiftly gained a dedicated fan following due to its use of cutting-edge materials and fashion-forward styles such as these recycled fake leather knee-high boots.

South Bicolor Corn - Second Life


Have you ever thought about wearing vegetables on your feet? Well, with these boots made from corn and other vegetation, this is now a reality!

The traditional color Beige Corn is miraculously turned into these cutting-edge, two-toned, and trendy footwear. This one-of-a-kind footwear is sure to turn heads everywhere you go, and you will be asked non-stop where you got these stylish boots.

Taste Artistry - Tastemaker Supply


These boots are already a delight to wear thanks to the skilled shoemakers who handcraft each pair, but the addition of the comfortable insoles that are built to order takes them to a whole new level.

For an over-the-top dressy outfit that’s worthy of an Instagram post, you could wear these striking shoes with a bright dress, or dress them down a little by wearing pair of jeans that have the cuffs rolled up.

Mulan - Veerah


Vegan shoes can be made out of anything that is not an animal product, so how about plastic bottles? Well, that is exactly what these shoes are made out of!

These extra high printed stilettos are the most ethereal, dreamy statement item that we could ever imagine, and they are completely vegan and sustainable, making them even better!

Vegan Sandals - Birkenstock


In 2017, everyone’s favorite old-school sandal maker introduced a vegan range, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a pair from the new collection.

These shoes by Birkenstock of course come with the brand’s renowned anatomical footbed and high-quality vegan leather, allowing you to indulge in your inner hippy while wearing the most comfortable sandals ever created.

Roulette Loafer - BC Footwear


These ultra-luxurious vegan penny loafers are from a brand that is at the forefront of fashion, and you will just love them.

The fact that they have a warm color palette is enough to make us want to buy them right away! You’ll be set for a night out on the town if you pair these with jeans, but work just as well at a formal event if dressed up.

Fatima Clog - Novacas


MooShoes, a New York staple, sources their chunky, platform clogs from Portugal, where they are handcrafted in factories that are family-owned and managed ethically.

They are excellent for sprucing up a casual appearance for a night out on the town and are available in three different colors: black, blue, and tan.

Deena Mid Heel Boots - Matt & Nat


This high-fashion firm, which is committed to not using any animal products in any of its designs or products, can now be found all over the world.

The sleek and understated designs of this company, which have been spotted on A-list celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Emily Deschanel, and Tobey Maguire, are at the top of everyone’s must-have lists.


Who said that dress shoes have to be boring? These 17 beautiful pairs of vegan and sustainable dress shoes are sure to be a hit at the next big event that you have planned!

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