15 Vegan Running Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

A lot of the best selling running shoes are made with leather, suede or other products that are not vegan-friendly. However, there are plenty of excellent vegan running shoes on the market.

15 Vegan Running Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Synthetic materials are just as optimal for running shoes as natural materials. A lot of vegan shoes are also better for the environment as they are made with recycled materials.

We have put together this list of 15 amazing vegan running shoes that will add color and style to your wardrobe as well as improving your running performance.

Keep reading to find your perfect vegan running shoes.

Hoka One Bondi 7 Running Shoes
Salewa Men's Gore-Tex Running Shoe
Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III

Hoka One Bondi 7 Running Shoes


If you are looking for a well-cushioned road running shoe then this product is ideal. The Meta-rocker technology helps you to stay stable on your feet even when running fast.

The EVA midsole, soft memory foam and plush collar makes these shoes very comfortable. The mesh upper provides breathability and keeps your feet cool.

Salewa Men's Ultra-Flex Mid Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe


These waterproof shoes are ideal for trail running as they will protect your feet from wet, muddy conditions.

They are also breathable, so your feet will be kept cool and dry from the inside.

The sole has an anti-rock heel cup and deep tread to help you keep your grip on unstable ground.

The flex collar gives you great ankle support as well as a good range of movement.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III


These running shoes have a minimalist design to help your body move in a natural way.

They are shaped to your foot with plenty of width to allow your body to naturally correct your balance.

The shoes are flexible to move with your feet and are made with sustainable materials to help the planet.

Reebok Women's Nano X1 Cross Trainer


These running shoes have a durable upper made from Flexweave, which is a plant based material that is very flexible yet hard wearing.

The shoes are supportive yet allow you to move quickly and dynamically to improve your running performance.

The energy foam provides plenty of cushioning to the front of the foot.

Brooks Ghost Women's Running Shoe

These running shoes have plenty of support which makes them ideal for road running. They will ensure that you have a smooth landing and protect your joints from impact.The positioning of the cushioning is neutral which means it is suitable for runners with different styles of pronation.The shoe is made from 30% recycled materials and is a carbon neutral shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire Men's Running Shoe


These shoes offer excellent traction to help your feet grip to any surface.

The mesh upper allows for breathability and is also flexible, so your feet will be cool and comfortable and can have a full range of movement.

The foam support reduces shock and absorbs impact. The outer sole is made from durable carbon rubber which is long lasting.

Men's Altra Escalante Running Shoe


This is a lightweight and breathable running show which offers moderate cushioning to suit different types of runners.

It is very comfortable and responsive with a flexible midsole. The shoes are breathable which helps to keep your feet cool and dry.

You can use the shoes for short jogs, longer runs or even for walking. They have a casual style which also works with other clothes for running errands etc.

Inov-8 Terraultra Women's Running Shoe


The graphene-grip rubber on these shoes provide amazing traction suitable for rough and uneven terrain.

The powerflow max foam ensures that your run will be well cushioned with great impact support.

This will help you to run for long distances at high speeds without experiencing pain or discomfort.

The spring loaded footbed allows you to push off with a springy step. The wide fit helps your feet to stay balanced even on rocky trail paths.

La Sportiva Men's Akasha Trail Shoes


These shoes are perfect for long distance mountain running.

There is a cushioned footbed insert to support your foot as well as an upper which is supportive but non-compressive.

Your foot doesn’t feel restricted or under too much pressure. The upper is also breathable, which means that air can circulate through the shoe.

The sole has excellent grip and also helps to stabilize your movements.

Scarpa Ultra Running Shoes


You can use these shoes for road running, but they are best suited for trail running. They are agile and have plenty of cushioning to protect your feet and joints from impact.

Yet they also allow for flexible and dynamic movement to help you navigate rough terrain and uneven trails.

They fit snugly like a sock, but still allow you to move your foot and achieve full flexibility.

The lace loops are designed to ensure that the shoes are secure without putting pressure on the foot.

Saucony Endorphin Pro Running Shoe


These shoes are super lightweight to help you achieve your fastest speeds. They have great heel support for runners who tend to land towards the back of their foot.

The anti-slip laces keep your feet securely in the shoe with a snug fit and the mesh upper allows air to flow through the shoe to keep your feet cool.

The reinforced heels are durable and offer great traction.

Topo Athletic Ultraventure Pro


These running shoes have a wide fit and a thick platform sole to offer balance and support.

They are lightweight yet supportive which allows you to build up speed one uneven trails.

They have moderate flexibility, so you can move your feet but you won’t topple over on rocky ground.

You will be impressed with the traction and durability of the soles. The molded foam collar is comfortable and supportive.

The microfiber midsection wraps around the foot to absorb moisture and provide comfort.

Women's On Cloudswift Sneakers


These shoes are the best option for running on hard surfaces.

They are lightweight with plenty of support and cushioning to make it as comfortable as possible for you to run on hard surfaces.

The mesh upper allows for breathability and is made from recycled materials.

The rubber grips on the soles will help to prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces so you can run safely in the rain.

The super foam cushioning reduces the impact of heel strikes.

Merrell Moab Flight Running Shoe


These shoes are designed for long distance trail running. It is a sustainable option, made with lots of recycled materials – including laces, upper, and insole.

The shoes have a mesh upper and a mesh lining which helps your feet to stay cool and dry.

There are two foam insoles, one of them removable, so you can choose how much cushioning you want.

The soles are made from recycled rubber and give you great traction in any conditions.

Adidas By Stella McCartney Outdoorboost


These shoes are designed to be worn in cold weather so you can exercise regardless of the conditions outside.

The lining will keep your feet warm so you can run for miles even if the road surface is cold.

The energy boosting midsole keeps a spring in your step so that you can run further and longer. They also benefit from the unique style of Stella McCartney.

Best Vegan Running Shoes Buying Guide

What features should you look out for when buying vegan running shoes?


Make sure that the sole of the shoe is made from a durable material. If you are trail running then the sole should have a deep tread to improve traction on uneven surfaces.

If you are road running then the sole should have anti-slip features to prevent you from losing your balance on slick, wet surfaces.


Running shoes should have a suitable amount of cushioning to absorb impact.

This prevents your joints from becoming painful and makes the experience of running much more comfortable. The positioning of the cushioning will depend on your style of running.

If you land on the front of your feet you will need more cushioning in that area and vice versa.


Your feet will get warm and sweaty as you exercise. It is important that your shoes have some sort of breathability so that the air can circulate.

It will keep your feet cool and dry and ensure that your shoes are hygienic.


You need to find the perfect balance between support and weight. The more cushioning and support the shoe has, the heavier it will be.

It is easier to build up speed if the shoe is lightweight.


You don’t need to use animal products like leather to make a top quality running shoe.

All of the products on this list are vegan friendly and have excellent features to help you with your running performance.

Whether you like road running or trail running, you will be able to find an ideal pair of running shoes that are vegan friendly.

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