15 Vegan Skate Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Skating as a hobby is incredibly freeing and fun. It gets your adrenaline pumping and improves your balance, coordination, and overall fitness.

15 Vegan Skate Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

To make the most out of skating as a hobby or as a lifestyle, you really need to have the best footwear that will last through all of the abuse that you can throw at it.

There is no shortage of sneakers that can stand up to the task, but there are fewer that can meet all your requirements and be vegan and cruelty-free to align with your values. 

Van Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes
Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoes
Osiris Relic Skate Shoes

Van Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes


Vans are one of the most well-known skater shoe brands in the world.

As well as being a widely recognizable brand, they also offer a range of vegan-friendly shoes that are perfect for the ethical vegan skater.

One of the best things about this range from Vans is that it certainly isn’t an afterthought from the company.

There is an extensive range of colors and patterns that their vegan skate shoes are available in.

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoes


Etnies might be a slightly lesser-known brand than Vans but their skate shoes are just as good. The design of the Jameson 2 eco skate shoes is a little more grown-up than the classic Vans.

The colors are more neutral and the shoes wouldn’t look out of place in an office or at a restaurant.

One of the things that make Etnies skate shoes so great is the pedigree that they have. They are made for skaters by skaters.

Osiris Relic Skate Shoes


Another skate shoe that is steeped in a pedigree is the Osiris Relic skate shoe.

These shoes feature the same signature thick soles that adorn every quality skate shoe on the market.

However, with this shoe, the outer is a lot chunkier and more padded than other, canvas-based skate shoes.

Although these aren’t high-top sneakers, they do provide a significant amount of support for your ankles which can be invaluable when you’re skating.

Adidas Original Men's Adiease Skate Shoes


Adidas is another well-known brand on this list that you will be familiar with.

Adidas knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to almost all types of sporting footwear.

That of course extends to their skate footwear. The Adidas stripes on the side of these skate shoes are iconic and are bound to add some extra style to your skating.

There are currently only three different color options available for these skate shoes but all of them are iconic to Adidas so they can be forgiven for that.

Etnies Stratus Skate Shoes


For the second appearance of Etnies skate shoes, we have the Stratus which already sounds super cool but it doesn’t stop there.

As with the other Etnies skate shoes on this list, these sneakers wouldn’t be out of place in your regular work and leisure shoe rotation.

That really is the unique selling point of these sneakers, aside from the fact that they are vegan. These are skate shoes for grown-up skaters, a corner of the market that is sparse.

Convers Chuck Taylor All Star Stripes


Converse are shoes that you either associate with skating or you don’t but they do make excellent skating shoes. This is thanks in large part to the thicker sole that they possess.

The best thing about converse shoes is that they are naturally vegan thanks to the fact that they are made of canvas rather than any kind of leather.

If you are looking for a skate shoe that is iconic and instantly recognizable, this could be the perfect skate shoe for you.

DC Women's COurt Graffik Low Show Skate


DC is a well-known brand at the skate park and the design of their shoes is pretty unique and recognizable from a distance.

The padding that is built up around your ankle provides great support and helps to give that little bit of extra protection when you need it.

There’s nothing worse than practicing a new trick and having your board hit you right on your ankle bone. The risk of that is decreased with these vegan skate shoes.

What’s more, these shoes are available in a huge range of colors and patterns to suit your personality.

Saucony Men's Jazz Low Pro Sneaker


These sneakers from Saucony have the least amount of skating pedigree than any of the other shoes on this list. This is because Saucony is technically a running shoe brand.

However, these Jazz low pro sneakers are 100% vegan and actually work pretty well as skate shoes, especially for casual skaters.

The sole of these sneakers is flat enough and thick enough to withstand most of the abuse that skate shoes endure.

However, the front part of the sole might not last as long as the soles of other skate shoes.

Vans U Authentic Unisex Adult Sneakers


Another offering from the skating stalwart that is Vans is the U Authentic Unisex sneakers. Although lots of Vans shoes look extremely similar to one another there are actually quite a few distinctive differences.

The main difference comes in the form of color options. The choice of colors that you can purchase these shoes in is significantly more limited than the Old Skool Vans.

There are also less patterns to choose from. The color combinations that are available, however, are more muted and mature than other offerings from Vans.

If you are loyal to this trusted skating brand but want something more grown-up, these skate shoes are a great option.

Etnies Scout Skateboard Sneaker


As with all Etnies skate shoes, the Scout Skateboard Sneaker is as mature as skate shoes can get.

There is a huge range of colors and combinations that you can choose from with these sneakers, however, they are all muted tones that don’t draw attention to themselves.

Even the gold color option is mostly gray with gold laces.

If you are a seasoned skater and want to purchase some new, high-quality skate shoes that are covered in flame decals or bright pink trim, these could be just what you are looking for.

Emerica Men's Wino Standard Skate Shoe


Emerica is another footwear brand that caters specifically to skaters.

The shoes that they produce are of an extremely high-quality and are sure to last you for a long time no matter how much wear and tear they have to face.

There are a huge range of colors and patterns that are available with these vegan skate shoes so no matter what your personality or style, you will be able to find a new pair of skate shoes that you love.

DC Men's Manual Low Top Vegan-Friendly Casual Skate Shoe


Another offering from DC is the Men’s Manual Low Top Vegan-friendly Casual skate shoe. There are only three options available for this shoe which entirely pertains to the color of the sole.

You can choose between a black sole, white, or camel brown.

These shoes have great built-in structure that helps to keep your foot and ankle supported which can help to prevent injuries from occurring.

Etnies Men's Blitz Skate Shoe


A final entry from Etnies is the Men’s Blitz Skate Shoe. As is to be expected with this brand, the colors and the design of this shoe are very mature.

There are no options for having patterns on the textile outer of the shoe.

This low profile skate shoe is the perfect option for a more mature and seasoned skater who is very agile with their footwork when they drop in.

Again, these are the perfect shoes to wear to the skatepark straight from the office.

Emerica Men's Romero Laced Skate Shoe


The Romero laced skate shoe from Emerica is the perfect antidote to all of the Etnies shoes. There are six colors available to choose from with this shoe including a completely bright red shoe.

This is perfect for the skater that wants to stand out at the skate park and have all the attention on their feet and their skillful footwork.

These skate shoes have been approved by skateboarding legend Leo Romero so you know they are good.

TOMS Men's Baja Slip-On Sneaker


TOMS might be a bit of an unexpected curve ball on this list but hear us out. TOMS might not have the most skating pedigree in the world, in fact you are much more likely to find them strolling along the beach.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Baja slip-on sneaker can’t be a good choice for a skate shoe.

The thick, flat sole of these vegan sneakers makes them perfect for skateboarding, especially if you are more of a casual skater.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different options for a skate shoe that is suitable for ethical vegans. All of the shoes in this list are vegan-friendly and suitable for skating.

Whatever your style, or whatever your preferred skating brand, there are some great vegan options for you out there.

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