What Colors Go With Red Clothes?

Red clothing can seem daunting to some people – both in terms of the brightness that it can exude, but also because of the fact that it can be difficult to pair. 

What Colors Go With Red Clothes

As such, this article will look at some of the best ways to style red clothing, and the best colors to pair the clothing with. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what colors go best with red clothes!

Pairing Red Clothing

Red can be a difficult color to pair, namely because it is such a strong, rich color in and of itself. However, there are many colors and shades that can be used to accompany a red garment to make sure you get the most from it upon wearing. 


Red and white are a classic combination for a reason – they are entirely striking and vibrant. With a white top or accent piece, you can create a sense of perfect balance.

Red clothing can be warm and deep, whereas white is cool and neutral – making the combination one of perfect balance, calming, while completely visually powerful. 


One of the best ways to tone down the brightness of red, is to pair it with colors of a similar shade. With red, this can be earth tones, pinks, oranges, yellows, and even golds. 

While it is unlikely you own a gold tee, you could just as easily pair a red garment with a red bag, purse, or jewelry. 

But if gold is not quite your thing, you could also incorporate rose gold jewelry or metals of a similar shade to really bring everything together. 


Silver might sound equally out there, but when combined with red, something truly magical happens. Silver helps to reflect the red, and helps to both tone down and accentuate the richness of red clothing. 


Black is perhaps the most commonly paired color, and this is for good reason.

What’s more, black is the most common color of clothing, making it a more versatile choice, and allowing you to pair your red clothing with a black garment regardless of the function or time of year. 


Of course, it goes without saying that blue and red go great together, and the best thing about blue is that there are so many different shades to choose from.

Whether you want a more neutral, toned down navy blue for a smarter occasion, or you want something more vibrant, there are countless ways you could make this combination, each of them offering something different while remaining utterly stylish. 

Incorporating Patterns

Incorporating Patterns

Of course, when pairing red clothing, you can also incorporate patterns into the mix. This can be a great way of distracting from the brightness of the red, all the while giving great contrast. 

Polka Dots

This is a common choice with red, especially with a black dress or top with white polka dots. This is a neat, dressy look with just enough quirk to keep things interesting. 

And what’s more it is a true design classic, making it timeless and effective all year round. 


This can be great for the office, and a nice, subtle pinstripe is a great way to draw the eye away from the red, as well as adding length to the body. 


Checks can also be a great way of pairing red clothing, especially if they are subtle, and consist of neutral colors. 

Animal Print

Some people are wary about animal prints, because they can often be so vibrant and eye-catching. But for those brave enough, animal prints can go great with red, and can complement one another perfectly.  

Changing Textures

Incorporating different textures and materials can be a great way to pair red clothing. 


Leather is a great, stylish material, and looks good with just about anything. This could be a cool leather jacket, or it could be some leather look pants or leggings. Either way, this material looks great with red. 


If it’s wintertime, then what better material than wool? This can be a great way of pairing red, and could either be in the way of a fitted woolen pant suit, or a stylish, vintage looking jacket. Either way, you are going to look great!


Of course, no wardrobe is complete without denim. It simply is one of the most versatile materials on the market, which is the reason we are all so taken with it. Denim can be dressed up, worn casually, and can be paired with any color. 

The color of the denim might change slightly, depending on the function or colors, but there is no doubting just how great this material is. 

Should Red Go With Green? 

This is a common pairing, but has become something of a faux pas in the fashion world in recent years. 

Red and green are opposing colors on the spectrum, which means they go together well on a scientific level as well as a fashion level.

However, their association with Christmas and the festive season has meant that they are often overlooked or outright shunned as a pairing. 

This works best when one color of the other is duller, darker, or more neutral. If this is done, then the look can really work and be a stylish combination, but if both colors are bright and garish, then people might start thinking that Christmas has come early this year. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to perfectly pair red with other colors, materials, and patterns. 

Red can be a tricky color for some people, but with the right combination of colors and fabrics, you can layer red in such a way that it works for you. 

o if you are wanting to experiment with red clothing, then why not give some of these combinations a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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