Can You Iron Nylon?

Ironing is a task that very few of us relish doing, but is a requirement for many items of clothing.

Many of us have questions about which fabrics can stand being ironed, and which may be damaged through the use of heat and steam, especially for man made fabrics such as nylon. 

Can You Iron Nylon?

Nylon is a very delicate material, and should be handled with care whenever it is ironed. This being said, there are some specific guidelines that you should always follow when ironing nylon. To find out more, keep reading below. 

Does Nylon Wrinkle?

Many of us base our purchases on whether or not a clothing item is wrinkle free. Nevermind how good the garment may look, we don’t want the hassle of having to iron it after every single use. 

So, is nylon wrinkle free? Most of you will be pleased to find that for the most part, nylon is relatively wrinkle free. This is because it has very tight weaves which help to keep the fibers of the garment together. 

It’s best to check if the nylon fabric has been blended in with another material, as this will prevent it from wrinkling more than pure nylon alone.

In addition, you can also check to see if there are any added chemicals in the material, as some manufacturers add in these as a preventative measure of wrinkling. 

Bear in mind, however, that these chemicals may irritate those out there who have sensitive skin, so it’s best to stay away if this applies to you or your family. 

You will not likely need to iron nylon fabric very often, but from time to time, it’s good to give the fabric a little touch up. 

Will An Iron Melt The Nylon?

In terms of whether or not an iron will melt your nylon clothing, it’s completely dependent on you and the setting that you’re using.

Nylon is one of those fabrics that is well known for being sensitive to heat, and acquiring holes in the material. 

This is why it’s so important to be careful when ironing your nylon clothes. If you put it on too high of a heat, with lots of steam, you will most certainly burn a hole in the fabric. 

Ironing at a high heat will melt the material, not to mention leave you with an unwanted piece of fabric embedded in your iron.

If you put it on too high a temperature, you could also cause the garment to catch fire. 

In order to avoid this from happening you can put a pressing cloth over the fabric, to avoid it from making direct contact with the iron itself.

As well as this, make sure that the iron is on its coolest setting, to avoid burning it. 

Allow the iron to heat up for around 10 minutes before putting it on the fabric, as the low setting will take a while to heat up. 

Can You Iron Nylon?

Can You Iron Nylon Fabric? 

As we mentioned briefly above, yes you can iron nylon fabric, provided that you’ve set the iron to the lowest temperature possible.

It does not iron as well as materials such as cotton, and cannot stand hot temperatures. 

You should also take care to avoid putting hot steam on the fabric, as this can also burn straight through it. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use water altogether.

Instead fill up a spray bottle with cool water, then you can keep this at hand and spray the fabric intermittently whenever you need to. 

Although nylon is incredibly sensitive and prone to damage, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be ironed, you just need to take the proper precautions. 

Which Setting Should I Use To Iron Nylon? 

So, if you’ve decided to go ahead and iron your nylon garment, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got it at the right setting for the job.

Of course, there is no exact setting that we can give you, as all irons will have different temperature measurements. 

If your iron only has numbers affixed to it, then we recommend that you put it on setting number 1, which is the very lowest. 

If, on the other hand, you are able to measure the temperature of your iron’s heat, 275 degrees fahrenheit is the best possible temperature.

This is the maximum heat that you should be using on your nylon clothes. 

Make sure that you keep your pressure even throughout the ironing process, and don’t press down too hard, as this could be potentially damaging.

To avoid damaging the material, turn it inside out, and consider using a pressing cloth on top of it too. 

Make sure that the strokes that you are using are fast, and very light, as this will help to prevent the material from making too much contact with the heat. Iron the clothing in any order that you want. 

Can Nylon Be Steamed? 

Some of you may be wondering whether or not you can steam clean nylon fabric. The answer is, no, it is not safe to steam nylon fabric, as it could be potentially damaging. 

Despite this, if the item in question is a nylon based carpet, then this can be steamed safely without causing any damage to the material. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, iron can most definitely be ironed, provided that the correct precautions are taken.

If you choose to go ahead and iron your nylon fabrics, then you’ll need to make sure that the iron is at the lowest possible setting, be that 275 degrees fahrenheit, or simply setting number 1. 

When ironing nylon clothing, make sure that it’s turned inside out, and also consider using a pressing cloth over the fabric. 

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