8 Best Vegan Platform Sneakers To Buy Today

The growing popularity of faux-leather and cruelty-free materials has prompted manufacturers to broaden their design palette, incorporating materials and design techniques based on ethical labor standards and ecologically sustainable sourcing.

Why "Vegan" Platform Sneakers?

Vegan shoes are made without any animal-derived materials like leather, wool, fur, or suede. 

Instead, vegan sneakers utilize synthetic blends, canvas, cotton, cork, recycled polyester, and other plant-based materials. 

This allows for an animal-friendly shoe with reduced environmental impact.

By demonstrating that vegan shoes can be both trendy and cheap, manufacturers such as Adidas, Veja, and Saye are moving us one step closer to a healthier, kinder, greener earth.

best vegan platform sneakers you can buy today

Here are some of the best vegan platform sneakers that you can buy today!

SeaVees Monterey Sneaker Platform
Superga 2790 Platform Fashion Sneaker
J. Adams Hero Platform Sneakers

1. SeaVees Monterey Sneaker Platform


SeaVees has a wide range of vegan designs, including these platform lace-up shoes with charming graphics like strawberries or planet Earth.

These fantastic shoes are based off of the the casual sneakers worn during the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, but have been pushed up a notch with a little more height.

They include an exclusive cooling system which allows for great breathability with the use of perforations and channels that cool airflow and provide extra comfort.

The cotton canvas used on these shoes is also ethically sourced as it is recycled. The plastic laces are also recycled.

  • Ethically Sourced – As well as being vegan, the cotton canvas and the plastic laces are recycled.
  • Breathable – Channels and perforations allow for the shoe to let in cool air and let out warm air.
  • Design Options – There are just eight design options to choose from.

2. Superga 2790 Platform Fashion Sneaker


The cotton upper rests on top of a 1.5-inch platform, which finds an excellent balance between being tall enough to be conspicuous yet not too tall for comfortable walking.

The shoes are available in a variety of hues, including white, sage, and navy blue, to complement your clothing.

Some users claim the shoes are stiff when new and may require some patience to break in, but once broken in, reviews say they are incredibly comfy, though a little hefty.


  • Affordable – These shoes will cost you $80 which is cheaper than many other vegan platform sneakers on the market.
  • Color Options – There are an impressive 42 color combinations to choose from.


  • Stiff to Begin With – You may find that you need to break these shoes in before they are fully comfortable.

3. J. Adams Hero Platform Vegan Sneakers


These platform sneakers are a glamorous take on casual footwear, with a 2-inch platform and a very sparkling glitter pattern.

The shoes are available in a few metallic versions, as well as some studded with sparkling stars, in addition to the three glitter designs (rose gold, silver, and rainbow).

For those who aren’t like the shimmering aesthetic, the shoe is also available in fake suede and false animal print.

The vegan leather sneakers include a rubber sole and a cushioned footbed.


  • Affordable – These vegan platform sneakers will only cost you $40 on Amazon
  • Fun Designs – You can choose between 9 striking, colorful designs.


  • Durability – Since they are quite cheap, they may not last as long as other vegan platform shoes on the market.

4. Humans Are Vain Challenge V2 Sustainable Sneakers


The white sneakers, which were responsibly made in Portugal, with an eye-catching red-orange heel detail that is a fashionable addition.

The shoes’ limited branding allowed them to match practically every item in our closet, including both casual and formal attire.

The breathable material is made from a vegan eco-microfiber top with a matte finish that holds the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 mark, signifying that it has passed the strictest tests to be recognized as environmentally safe and devoid of dangerous substances.

  • Eco-friendly – Materials used in these shoes are vegan eco-microfiber that are free of harmful agents.
  • Versatile – You can dress these shoes up or down to go with whatever outfit you want.
  • Expensive – Expect to pay $168 for these shoes.

5. Loci X Reed Nine Vegan Sneakers


This British brand’s shoes, worn by celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Gwyneth Paltrow, are manufactured with a focus on animal conservation in mind: 10% of revenues from each pair sold online are donated to a number of wildlife organisations.

The firm is also committed to employing recycled and creative materials in its shoes, and it considers every detail, from repurposed brass in the eyelets to bamboo in the inner.

  • Supports Charities – 10% of profits are donated to wildlife charities.
  • Unisex – These shoes are designed to be worn by any gender.
  • Durable – The materials that they are made from may make them less durable over time.

6. ILLUDE Platform Lace Up Sneaker


These platform shoes, available in white, glossy black, or silver, resemble a running shoe but have a 2-inch platform.

The chunky shoes are constructed of vegan leather that is yet breathable, and they include a cushioned footbed for comfort and a synthetic sole with tread for better balance.

Best of all, they’re not just the ideal athletic touch to any ensemble, but they’re also under $40, making them a fantastic steal.

7. Nae Edda Maxi Sole Vegan Sneaker


Nae stands for “no animal exploitation,” so you can be certain that no animals were hurt in the production of its high-quality Portuguese footwear.

The shoes are made in accredited facilities using natural and recycled materials such as cork, pineapple leaf fibers, airbags, and plastic bottles.

Not only is the Edda made of vegan leather, but it’s also lined with 100% recyclable OEKO-TEX Certified microfibre.

  • Use Recycled Materials – Cork, airbags, and plastic bottles are recycled in these shoes.
  • OEKO-TEX Certified Microfiber – This means that there are no harmful substances in the material.
  • Limited Color Options – You can only choose from white or beige.

8. Puma Vegan Mile Rider Platform Sneakers


Puma provides a shoe for you if you like chunky footwear.

The Rider silhouette, which began as jogging trainers, has been a member of the Puma family since the early ’80s, winning accolades for its comfort and color-infused design.

The Mile Rider, on the other hand, takes the greatest aspects of these shoes and reimagines them in a more minimalist style.

The colors are more muted in this incarnation, the topstitching is more modern, and the materials are 100% vegan.

  • Unique Design – The design of these shoes are unique to Puma, especially the silhouette.
  • Comfortable – Their unique design plays a big part in them being so comfortable.
  • Outfit Versatility – Since these shoes make such a statement, they may not go with every outfit.

Other Popular Vegan Sneaker Styles

Tips & Tricks for Vegan Platform Sneakers

Caring for Your Vegan Platform Sneakers

  • Clean canvas or vegan leather uppers as needed with warm water and gentle cleanser.
  • Use shoe trees, filler or crumpled paper to hold shape when storing.
  • Take to a cobbler for resoling or reinforcing as needed to maximize lifespan.

Key Features to Consider when Buying Vegan Sneakers

When comparing options, keep in mind:

  • Material Quality: Look for durable uppers and rigid, supportive platforms.
  • Comfort: Cushioned insoles and arch support enhance wearability.
  • Durability: Well-constructed shoes last longer than cheap materials.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Platform height, colors and silhouette should match your style.
  • Brand Values: Seek out ethical brands committed to quality and sustainability.

Final Thoughts

Even though vegan shoes tend to be more expensive, this should not stop you from making that jump and supporting an ethical, eco-friendly cause.

Not only will you be keeping animals and the world safe, but you will also be rocking a new pair of platform sneakers.

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