15 Amazing Dr. Martens Vegan Boots Not To Miss Out On

Dr. Martens’ has been around for decades, beloved by rock and roll legends and the average everyday person alike. Their shoes aim to offer individuality to those that wear them and encourage those with their own personal style to embrace self-expression and individuality.

15 Amazing Dr. Martens Vegan Boots Not To Miss Out On

In the last few years, the brand has ventured out into making vegan shoes for their customers which have been warmly received.

The styles added to their vegan range are ever-growing but can be subject to availability depending on the country.

Here we have included 15 of the best Dr. Martens vegan shoes and boots that you need to get your hands on!

Vegan Felix Lace Up Boots
Vegan Felix Chelsea Boots
Vegan Jadon Mono Platform Boots

Vegan Felix Lace Up Boots


These unisex boots made with Felix Rub Off are a vegan version of the classic eight-eyelet 1460 boot.

With the classic design, these are completely characteristic of the Doc’s brand with the signature yellow heel loop and yellow stitching around the sole.

Customers can expect the classic air-cushioned sole that has great non-slip properties making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Vegan Felix Chelsea Boots


Not everyone is a fan of platform shoes, whether you already think you have enough height or you find it hard to walk in them, they might not be for you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a beautiful pair of vegan Felix Chelsea boots.

As the name would suggest, these unisex boots are made without any animal products. Featuring AirWair Bouncing Soles, you can guarantee there is enough thickness and comfort to allow you to wear them year-round.

With easy-off elastic sides, these boots are suitable for all.

Vegan Jadon Mono Platform Boots


If you’re looking for the definition of stompy boots, the vegan Jadon platform boots are just that.

Whilst this style retains some of the classic 1460 elements you’d expect from Docs, the mighty platform will enable you to reach new heights you’ve never experienced.

Made with Felix Rub Off, the go-to material used by the brand, a handy zip is worked into the side to make it easier to get them on and off.

A pop of color comes from the yellow heel strap for a distinctive brand flex.

Vegan Bex Mono Lace Up Boots


The Bex eight eyelet boots are arguably the most iconic and characteristic style associated with the brand.

Using a vegan synthetic material, these are almost identical to the original 1460 boots. The only other notable difference is the little extra height added to the shoe with a Bex sole.

Dark eyelets and laces are featured here, with no yellow stitching apart from the scripted AirWair heel loop that you’d expect from the brand.

These boots are a vegan staple when it comes to Dr. Martens.

Vegan Sinclair Platform Boots


The Sinclair style is one of the newer and more popular types of boot.

It has been reworked here using the synthetic Oxford material which is a tough and durable vegan substitute.

The zip down the tongue of the boot allows for easy access, but this can be covered with laces if desired.

With a Bex sole, the platform boots will give you that little extra height and make you feel strong and confident as you stomp around town in your vegan masterpieces.

Vegan Kemble Lace Up Boots


Kemble refers to the material the boots are made with, this vegan-friendly material leaves you with a smooth, matte finish for a classic-looking Doc.

With an air-cushioned sole, your feet will thank you for this later!

Made in the classic 1460 style, this monochrome colorway featured silver eyelets with white laces contrasting with the classic black and yellow-stitched sole.

If you’re looking for a boot that will make a statement then this bright, white vegan triumph is the one for you.

Vegan 101 Felix Ankle Boots


If you’re looking for something a bit lower on the ankle, the vegan Felix ankle boot is a great option to consider.

Making a statement is easy with these classic workwear boots, although you may not use them for work they will be super comfortable with the AirWair air-cushioned sole.

Synthetic Felix Rub-Off is used to create the bold boot, so your mind can rest that it is 100% vegan.

Perfect to wear with a pair of pants or a dress, these boots can be worked into any outfit with a classic and effortless style that comes with owning a pair of Dr. Martens.

Vegan Metallic Emboss Lace Up Boots


As you’re probably aware if you’re a long-term Doc fan, there are hundreds of different colors and styles of the classic 1460 design.

You name it, they’ve made it. However, they have yet to expand the vegan range as much until this metallic embossed lace-up version was released.

Made with their new vegan Alumix Hex, the boots have been given a metallic coating with hexagonal embossing that comes in either pink or grey.

Although the boots have the classic yellow stitching and eyelet pattern, they feature a more modern and fitting flecked lace pattern and matching colored eyelets.

Vegan Jadon Kemble Mono Platform Boots


Putting a twist on the mighty Jadon, a Quad Retro sole is used to add to the already lofty boots to empower all.

Made with Kemble PU, a vegan material, the smooth matte white boots definitely make a statement.

Featuring the classic eight-eyelet design and signature yellow heel loop, there are typical Doc characteristics blended into this unique design.

The air-cushioned soles make them super comfortable and durable.

Vegan 1460 Lace Up Boots


This cherry red patent colored boot comes in the form of the classic 1460 Dr. Marten style.

To make the boot they have used Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, which is a subtle two-tone synthetic material that’s used in a number of their other boots.

With an air-cushioned sole, you won’t have to compromise for comfort with this vegan version of the old classic.

Using the cherry-red color is also a welcome addition to the vegan range that usually tends to stick to the more basic color schemes.

Vegan Felix Platform Chelsea Boots


These boots combine the two best things about winter shoes, platforms, and the Chelsea boot style.

Made with synthetic Felix Rub Off leather, these shoes sit on a stacked Quad Bex sole for that fabulous bit of extra height.

The rugged classic Doc’s Chelsea boot has been around since the 70s, here they’ve made them a bit more modern but still just as cool.

With a pull-on style and elasticated sides, you can easily slip these off after a long day.

Vegan Bex Kemble Mono Platform Boots


As with the other all-white smooth matte finish boots, these are made using the Kemble Pu vegan material.

Adopting the classic 1460 design, the boots have been changed slightly by adding a more elevated Bex sole.

The extra height of these boots adds to the classic attitude you’d expect with a pair of Docs.

A pop of color can still be found on the signature yellow heel loop that makes Docs stand out from the crowd.

Vegan Kemble Oxford Shoes


Dr. Martens’ recently expanded their vegan range to sell more than just boots!

Their classic low-top Oxford shoes are also available in a few different colors such as the white Kemble shoe.

Their Kemble PU material has been utilized to make their eye-eyelet shoes shown for their smart appearance and smooth matte finish.

Maintaining the classic dark sole, you can instantly recognize these iconic shoes with their yellow stitching.

Vegan Felix Oxford Shoes


For a more simple plain black look, these vegan Felix Oxford shoes are perfect for everyday use and can make your outfit smarter for any occasion.

Part of their unisex range, the Felix Rub Off material means these are suitable for everyone.

This classic shoe sits upon the classic air-cushioned soles and is slip-resistant which makes them durable and practical as well as stylish.

Vegan Jadon Max Platform Boots


Found exclusively in the UK, these ultra-high platform Jadon boots will have people watching their toes around you.

These are the highest and boldest platforms found in their vegan range with an impressive 2.2-inch Quad Max sole.

With their oversized eyelets and laces with metal aglets, every part of these boots was meant to stand out and make an impact.

Classic elements of the Dr. Martens style can be seen with yellow stitching and the classic AirWair heel loop.

The Bottom Line

Buying a great quality vegan shoe doesn’t have to be a challenge. Dr. Martens is a highly reputable and iconic brand that has a wide range of vegan options to choose from.

The hardest part will be deciding which pair you want to take home with you.

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