15 Amazing Vegan Riding Boots Not To Miss Out On

Riding boots differ from regular boots due to the structure of the heels. They tend to be shaped well and offer plenty of support, compared to the small or large heels of fashion boots.

15 Amazing Vegan Riding Boots Not To Miss Out On

You could injure yourself if you’re not wearing the right boots when riding. So the best way to avoid that is by getting the right one.

However, if you’re an animal lover, you might wonder what type of riding boots you could get that are vegan-friendly.

That’s why we’ve found 15 of the best vegan boots on the market, ready and ripe for the taking.

Amazing Vegan Riding Boots

GLOBALWIN Knee-High Riding Boots
TuffRider Ladies Front Zip Paddock Boots
DREAM PAIRS Winter Riding Boots

GLOBALWIN Women’s Knee-High Riding Boots


Made from synthetic leather, GlobalWin’s knee-high riding boots for women are made of high-quality Italian faux leather. They come in a variety of seventeen different types depending on your preferences.

They are available for riding and can also fit any outfit in your wardrobe. Regardless of what you use them for, GLOBALWIN has designed these riding boots to be comfortable with a cushioned footbed with plenty of padding.

You’ll find the heels aren’t too high or too low and are especially practical for winter use.

TuffRider Ladies Front Zip Paddock Boots


These paddock boots come in either mocha or black and are made of 100% synthetic leather. Imported from India, these boots can be worn in all weather conditions.

TuffRider has designed these boots so you can easily take them on and off, and elastic gussets ensure plenty of flexibility.

You’ll find there are comfortable spur rests that work brilliantly with the soft and breathable insides. In terms of durability, they have a PVC outsole that protects them in the weather and detailed stitching that won’t come loose.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Wide Calf Winter Riding Boots


DREAM PAIRS has made a selection of 29 different vegan riding boots that are made of rubber. They have a faux fur lining on the inside for maximum comfort. There are belt buckles alongside the side zip that add both extra security and style.

But that’s not all that makes DREAM PAIRS stylish, as they have a quilted design that stands out. In terms of design, they have definitely been inspired by modern motorbike riding shoes, as they also have a round toe for extra room.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s SHYENNE Equestrian Boots


The SHYENNE equestrian boots come in five different colors. Designed by the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger, these shoes have two tones and the Hilfiger brand right there.

Made from 100% synthetic leather, you’ll find that it has two tones to make it stand out from other riding boots. Instead of an outer side zip, it has an inside zip closure to prevent it from getting caught accidentally.

It has a wide calf for plenty of breathing room and is true to size, making it easy to discover whether it’s right for you.

LifeStride Women’s X-Anita Knee High Riding Boot


The LifeStride Women’s X-Anita knee-high boot is made from 100% synthetic leather. It’s available in three distinct colors and also has a flexible and synthetic outsole.

You don’t need to worry about whether it will be too small for your feet as it’s true to size, and you can adjust its width. These boots are both practical and fashionable, with a round toe and a stretch knit back panel.

LifeStride also included a decorative strap around the ankle to add to its stylish appearance.

Vepose Women’s Riding Boots


Vepose designed these riding boots to be both fashionable and practical. These boots come in nine different colors, are made from synthetic leather, and have a rubber sole.

They are lightweight and have a low chunky heel to protect yourself from getting hurt. But what truly makes it stand out is the quilted design on the back and two sets of buckles around the ankle.

It has an inner zipper to stop it from getting caught, and there’s plenty of padding on the footbed.

Shires Moretta Clio Adult’s Paddock Boot


Shires’ Moretta Clio paddock boot comes in two different colors and is made of clean faux leather. It has been designed with durable, shock absorbing insoles.

The soles incorporate steel shanks to provide anti-fatigue relief when you’re riding and arch support.

It also provides moisture channeling lining to acclimatized feet. These boots also work for any outfit outside of riding, making them functional for both riding and fashion.

Nautica Girls Knee-High Riding Boots


Nautica has made these knee-high riding boots for children, and they come in eight different colors. They’re true to size, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what you need to get for your child, either.

They’re made with faux leather and a triple buckle wrap-around for style. You’ll find it has an inside zip closure to prevent it from getting caught and has an easy slip-on/off system.

If you’re worried about comfortable boots for your children, then don’t worry because they have a padded insole and are lightweight and comfortable.

TuffRider Kids Front Zip Paddock Boots


The TuffRider Kids front zipper paddock boots are made of 100% synthetic leather. They come in two different colors: Black or mocha.

As a part of the starter collection, these boots are perfect for beginner horse riders. They’re durable and can be used in all weather conditions.

The front zipper makes it easy for kids to pull them on and off, so it’s great for a variety of ages.

Roper Women’s Chunks Western Boot


Made from 100% synthetic leather, these Roper western-inspired riding boots are true to size and only available in one color.

They have rubber soles and truly embody the Stetson spirit of the Great American West. If you’re looking for a lightweight cowboy-inspired boot, this riding boot is the right fit.

Not only are they great for riding, but they’re also great for any kind of practical work too, so they can be used all day long without discomfort.

HORZE Kilkenny Unisex Kids Paddock Boots


Available in two different colors, these paddock boots are 100% synthetic. Despite their laces, they actually have a back zipper to make them easier to slip on and off.

You’ll find that there’s plenty of stabilization, as the side walls of these boots prevent your child’s ankle from rolling.

If you want to ensure that they’re slip-resistant as well as waterproof, then the rubber sole is easy to break in.

Overall, these HORZE Kilkenny paddock boots are great for children and also great for schooling.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Pu Knee High Riding Boots


DREAM PAIRS has made a pair of rubber riding boots that are laced up right to the knee. With a rubber TPR outsole, military-style combat boots have inspired these riding boots.

Inside, you’ll find a fully-padded faux fur interior to keep your feet warm in colder weather. They are not only rubber but also have two sleek buckles at the top of the boot and look just like the real thing.

You can also easily adjust the laces too if the calf feels too tight, making them much more comfortable.

TuffRider Kid’s Back Zip Field Boots


The TuffRider’s back zip field boots only come in one color and are available with 100% synthetic leather.

They look like they’re premium leather and have fixed elastic laces on the front for added comfort.

If you’re looking for traditional boots, then these water-resistant boots are great for schooling, riding, and competitions.

They even have contoured ankles, so you’ll find these boots are comfy and professional.

HORZE Kilkenny Women’s Winter Paddock Boots


These Kilkenny boots are made of 100% synthetic leather and have a back zip and laces at the front. However, the laces are only decorative.

They include state-of-the-art Cambrelle lining to provide warmth even when it’s cold and wet. You’ll find they have a snug fit and an ergonomic shape to make them easier to break in.

ARIAT Women’s Fatbaby Western Riding Boots


ARIAT’s Fatbaby Western-style riding boots come in four different colors and are true to size. They’re made of 100% synthetic leather and are both supportive and cushioned.

If you want a boot that you can use for riding as well as work, these uniquely-styled boots can work for any occasion.

They’re durable and can be used in a wide range of weather conditions, so they won’t fall apart any time soon. With bold colors included, these can even make a great gift too.

Final Thoughts

These are 15 of the most amazing vegan riding boots on the market today. All of these boots work great for women and children.

There may be limited supplies of vegan riding boots for men, but new boots are always made each day.

If you’re interested in riding boots, then these are the best choices. After all, these days, vegan products are getting more and more popular, and they’re a lot more ethical when you’re horse riding. So why not find the right vegan brand for you?

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