8 Amazing Vegan Knee High Boots Not To Miss Out On

Knee-high boots are a style never goes out of fashion, it seems. Not only do they look great and stylish, but they also have the added benefit of keeping you comfortable and warm in those situations where the weather turns chilly (in a good pair, of course).

8Amazing Vegan Knee High Boots Not To Miss Out

However, as the fashion industry starts taking into consideration its ecological footprint, and how it sources its materials to manufacture its clothing items, many have started turning away from ethically dubious means of getting a hold of their prized leather, in favor of more environmentally conscious materials.

This is great news if you are concerned about the welfare of the animals, plants, and the planet as a whole, as disasters pile up and up.

However, if you are a lover of this particular fashion item, it can almost feel a little bleak.

Where will you be able to find those perfect leather boots when the green revolution is done and over with, and leather is not just seen as unnecessary, but even cruel to own?

Well, no need to panic just yet!

Many designer brands and makers of these classic shoes have already anticipated this move away from animal products and making boots that are as environmentally conscious as they are stunning to look at.

So, where can you find some of these items? Why, in this guide, of course!

Matt + Nat Waterproof Tall Boots
Ziggy Wood Platform Tall Vegan Boots
Allkind Chloe Vegan Boots

Matt + Nat Waterproof Tall Boots


Starting this list with a brand that is well known for incredible clothing and vegan-friendly designs, we have Matt + Nat’s waterproof tall boots for you to take a look at!

Matt + Nat have been in the business of making gorgeous clothes and wearable designer items for almost 30 years at this point, and have built a reputation as one of the best brands when it comes to vegan-friendly and environmentally-conscious products for purchase, and these particular boots are a shining example of this brand’s philosophy in practice.

Of course, these boots have everything that you would typically be looking for in a designer brand, from comfort to form-fitting, to even a touch of water resistance on the side too, for good measure when you are out and about doing your business!

However, when combined with the recycled materials that are used in these boots, from the nylon to the rubber, to the cork, you have a pair of boots that are perfect for the modern, environmentally conscious, and fashion-savvy fashionista!

Ziggy Wood Platform Tall Vegan Boots


If you’re looking for inspiration to draw on when it comes to your knee-high boots, going with a world-renowned musician known for their iconic style throughout the decades might be a good place to start!

Drawing inspiration from Bowie’s long and iconic line of designs and costumes for these boots, these particular knee highs have a style all of their own!

The gorgeous 3-inch heel is made from solid wood, providing your feet with the support that a good pair of heeled boots should.

The leather used in the creation of these boots is also entirely vegan.

So they don’t just look great, but they’ll also feel great to wear, both in their sense of comfort, and the moral comfort that these shoes were ethically sourced and made for you too!

Allkind Chloe Vegan Boots


Stiletto knee-high boots are a difficult design to get right at the best of times, and that goes doubly so when trying to manufacture a vegan-friendly design, too.

Fortunately, the British-based designers at Allkind have managed to pull it off, with a beautiful pair of Chloe knee-high boots.

Cutting off at just below the knee, these boots have all the comfort and support that stiletto boots need, while also being made from a plethora of materials that are as high-quality as they are ethically sourced.

With a mixture of recycled polyester and polyurethane being used alongside new material to help cut down on manufacturing, these shoes marry gorgeous design sensibilities with manufacturing processes that are both more ethical and efficient.

Couple that with the 100% upcycled and recycled rubber, and you have a show that is as comfy to wear as it is pretty to look at!

RAFA Peony Stick Vegan Boots


RAFA might be one of the biggest names out there when it comes to designer clothes and items for women, and that includes their long line of boots that they have also created.

That means that a vegan-friendly item isn’t just being compared to its direct competitors, but also against its brand.

Fortunately, their vegan peony stick boots are more than up to the challenge!

For starters, just look at them! These light-purple boots have a style all of their own that few others on this list can even compare to, much less compete with.

The laces being placed at the back give these boosts an uninterrupted show of luxury textile material that is simply a delight to just look at, much less where.

However, wearing them is just as much of luxury too, with ample padding and support under the soles.

Plus, the lacing also gives the boots some much-needed adjustability, making them even better at supporting a range of body types and sizes.

And, of course, there’s the sustainability aspect to them.

Made almost entirely from upcycled and recycled textiles, nothing is going to waste with these boots, that’s for sure!

Matt + Nat Sumi Women’s Tall Vegan Boots


What, you thought that you’d heard the last from Matt + Nat on this list?

Even with a massive upsurge in the number of environmentally conscious knee-high boots being created, Matt + Nat still maintains a pretty tight hold on this market, with many of the best designs coming from this company alone!

These Sumi knee-high boots are yet another example of Matt + Nat’s impeccable taste in design and functionality, with a clean design for these boots that make them both incredibly stylish, as well as functional too.

We’d be wearing them to everything if they weren’t so gosh darn pretty to just look at all the time!

And, of course, these boots are made with Matt + Nat’s environmentally conscious values behind them, being primarily made from recycled textile materials, keeping that rubber and polyester that would otherwise go into a landfill out of them!

Will’s Vegan Leather-Heeled Knee High Boots


Of course, when it comes to high-quality boots, it is hard to resist the pull of good old-fashioned leather.

They’re strong, reliable, durable, and, most importantly, stylish. This has been the trickiest issue for many manufacturers that want to be creating their products morally to try and overcome.

And, thankfully, it is a task that many brands, such as Will, for example, have stepped up to, especially with these heeled knee-high boots!

The suede leather used is some classic Italian vegan leather, meaning that it isn’t just some of the most comfortable materials that you will be wearing, but will also be an ethical product to use too. No guilt from using true-and-cruel leather here!

Vegan-Style Claudia Vegan-friendly Knee Boots


If you’re looking for a brand name that you can trust to be environmentally friendly and conscious in its design philosophy, how can you go wrong with a designer brand with a name like Vegan-Style?

Vegan-Style is another relatively young company that is dedicated to creating products that are as morally clean as the fit that their clothes will match!

These Claudia boots are a textbook example of the company’s ethos: Looking good, feeling good, and keeping them green to make!

The leather that these boots are made from is 100% vegan leather, and is breathable too, meaning that you’ll be able to avoid that sometimes clammy feeling when you eventually take those boots off that other brands have.

Not that you’ll be jumping to take them off anytime soon, anyway, with these boots being incredibly comfortable to wear and walk around in!

So, if you’re looking for shoes that feel good to wear on every level, these are the way to go!

Sylth Virago Penelope Over The Knee Vegan Boots


Sylth Virago is one of the most pristine names in the world of fashion, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. So it’ll be interesting to see how their vegan-friendly clothing compares to other makes and products.

Well, from the looks of things with these Penelope knee-high boots, they measure up pretty nicely indeed, in more ways than one!

Designed in New York, and crafted from artisanal hands in Italy, this is a high-quality set of boots that feel as good as they look. And from just a glance at this immaculate simple-yet-effective design, they must feel pretty damn good too!

And, of course, that is without even mentioning the synthetic leather that feels as good as it looks too, without any animal product being involved in the manufacturing process!

Sylth Virago manages to go toe-to-toe with the best of them with these boots, all while remaining incredibly eco-friendly too

Final Thought

So, there you have it! Just because you’re trying to be vegan-friendly with your clothing choices, doesn’t mean you can’t have style too!

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