15 Trendy Vegan Leather Dresses Worth The Money

Leather dresses are capable of making some of the most beautiful and fashionable outfits that you have in your closet. The colors and finish of the material make leather dresses incredibly unique and distinctive.

15 Trendy Vegan Leather Dresses Worth The Money

However, if you are vegan and are trying to be as ethical as possible, it can be challenging to find a leather-effect dress that’s beautiful and aligns with your moral values.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 trendy vegan leather dresses that are worth the money.

PAIGE Women’s Mayslie Vegan Leather Dress
The Drop Women’s Hank Vegan Leather Mini Dress
KENDALL & KYLIE Regular Puff Sleeve Dress

PAIGE Women’s Mayslie Vegan Leather Dress


If you want a classic vegan leather dress that you can wear on a casual, daily basis and also dress up with some accessories for a night out, this PAIGE Mayslie dress could be for you.

The color is very neutral and is extremely complementary to so many different skin tones.

This dress is a shirt dress style and the tie belt helps to add some extra shape to the dress and highlight the natural shape of your body.

The Drop Women’s Hank Vegan Leather Mini Dress


This mini dress from The Drop is such a beautiful, classic dress that can be worn to any occasion.

The vegan leather is incredibly high quality and the available colors are stunning.

The square neckline of the dress is very flattering on most people and allows you to make a feature of any jewelry that you choose to wear.

The hem of the dress sits around mid-thigh which makes it one of the more modest mini dresses on the market.

You can accessorize this dress with a waist belt to add some extra shape to it.

KENDALL & KYLIE Regular Puff Sleeve Dress


KENDALL & KYLIE’s clothing range is incredibly popular and it can be difficult to find places where their items are in stock.

However, they do have an extensive range of vegan leather items of clothing within their collection.

This regular puff sleeve dress is one of the most unique vegan leather pieces that they offer. The neckline is a wide, plunging V-shape with stunning shirring at the shoulder. The sleeves are slightly puffed with beautiful, delicate cuffs. You can get this dress in black or red.

The Drop Women’s Sam Vegan Leather Shirt Dress


Another vegan leather dress from The Drop is their stunning Sam shirt dress.

The main difference between this shirt dress and the PAIGE shirt dress is the length of the sleeves.

The sleeves on The Drop’s shirt dress are longer which makes this dress a great option for fall and winter.

This is another dress that is easy to dress up or down.

For the daytime, you can button it all the way to the top and add a beautiful statement necklace that sits under the collar.

For nighttime, you can undo some of the buttons and add a beautiful long necklace to highlight your decolletage.

Bardot Annabelle Vegan Leather Dress


If you are looking for a more dainty dress that you can wear to events and nights out, this Bardot Annabelle vegan leather dress could be what you are looking for.

The design of this dress is very classic. It has delicate spaghetti straps and the skirt is slightly flared.

The cut of the dress is extremely feminine and yet super versatile. You can pair this dress with some strappy heels for a girly night out look.

Alternatively, you can throw on your trusty sneakers for a more laid-back look that allows you to dance all night.

Lai Meng Five Cats Faux Leather Midi Bodycon A-Line Dress


This faux leather dress from Lai Meng Five Cats is the embodiment of city chic.

The skirt of this dress flares out and provides a beautiful shape creating a stunning silhouette.

The top half of the dress is long-sleeved, perfect for colder months. The neckline is round and sits around your collar bones creating a modest and sophisticated look.

The two halves of this dress are split by a tie belt around the waist. The belt is the same color and material as the rest of the dress.

This allows it to create more of a shape without distracting from the overall look.

RAMISU PU Leather Sleeveless Bodycon Dress


This Pu Leather dress from RAMISU is another dress that would look just as good on a casual day out shopping or on a night out on the town.

The ruched sides with long tassels at the end give the dress more shape and personality than it would have without it.

Thanks to the spandex content of this dress, it is very clingy and hugs your body when you wear it.

Although this is a very short dress, the neckline is quite high which helps to keep it looking classy.

RAMISU is a great brand to purchase faux leather clothing from.

Alice & Olivia Ofra Vegan Leather Mini Dress​


This vegan leather mini dress from Alice & Olivia is one of the most expensive dresses on this list but it is well worth it.

Not only is Alice & Oliva a well-known and trusted clothing brand, but they also make incredibly high-quality clothing items that always look great.

This vegan leather dress is another mini shirt dress but with a slight difference.  Alice & Olivia have made this dress with beautiful paneling and stunning puffed sleeves.

The paneling on this dress gives it shape and structure that can often be missing from faux leather clothing.

Floerns Asymmetrical Hem Halter Neck PU Dress


Many of the vegan leather dresses that we have looked at so far in this list have been very similar. 

This Floerns asymmetrical hem dress is about to change all of that.

Not only is the hemline of this dress entirely different from the others we have seen, but it is also a halter neck design.

If you like your dresses to pull their weight when it comes to providing shape and a fun silhouette, this could be the dress for you.

Because this dress is designed to create a certain shape and is tight, you don’t have to worry about using belts and other accessories to make the dress interesting.

Coutgo Short Sleeve Shirt Dress


Although we have already had a few shirt dresses on this list, they just make excellent vegan leather dresses. 

This is mostly because of the structure that can easily be built into them.

The main difference between this Coutgo vegan leather shirt dress and the ones that we have already seen is the strong metal details.

The buttons on this dress are larger than the others and are great at breaking up the block color of the rest of the dress.

The utility-style pockets on this dress also appear to be more structured than other dresses on this list.

KUFV PU Leather Sleeveless Bodycon Dress


If you are looking for a more simple vegan leather dress that you can wear for multiple occasions, this KUFV Pu leather dress could be what you have been looking for.

This dress is one of the plainest offerings on this list and yet it is still incredibly beautiful.

This is the perfect dress for you if you love to dress your outfits up with fun and colorful accessories.

Again, the neckline of this dress is high which means that despite its short length, it can be appropriate for a multitude of occasions.


One of the most well-known brands on this list is Clavin Klein.

This embroidered Pu leather a-line dress is a beautiful option that is significantly more colorful than the other dresses on this list.

The embroidered flowers add a spring feel to this dress and break up the single piece of Pu leather.

The cut of this dress is nice and relaxed and makes it look incredibly comfortable.

The dress wouldn’t look out of place in the office or getting drinks with the girls.

XLLAIS Strapless Faux Leather Midi Dress


If you thought the Calvin Klein dress was nice but definitely not your style, this XXLAIS dress could be much more up your street.

This strapless bodycon dress is extremely sophisticated and grown-up. It is available in a wide variety of colors that can complement your skin tone and hair color perfectly.

Despite the figure-hugging nature of this dress, the midi cut helps keep it looking more demure than flashy.

GUESS PU Mini With Button Detail


Another well-known brand on this list is GUESS and their Pu mini dress.

The button detail of this dress might have made it into the name of the dress but it definitely takes a back seat when compared to another design feature of this product.

The main focal point of this dress is the pleated ruching that draws the eye naturally to your waist.

If you want to accentuate this part of your body, this dress will be a winner.

PU Leather High Waist Belted Midi A-Line Dress


If you are looking for something completely different from the dresses on this list, this might be what you have been waiting for.

There is a lot more going on with the design of this dress than the others. The high waist and the belt help to highlight the curves of your body.

The irregular hemline of the skirt adds body and movement to the dress.

Final Thoughts

There are many different vegan leather dresses on the market.Some are designed with shape and structure and are ready to go. Others will need accessorizing to make the most of them.
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