15 Amazing Vegan Work Boots Not To Miss Out On

When you are looking for a new pair of work boots you will want to know which are the best in terms of protection but also what they are made from. For those who want to buy only vegan shoes and boots it is important to carefully check all the materials included in their manufacture. 

15 Amazing Vegan Work Boots Not To Miss Out On

This can take time, so we have found 15 amazing vegan work boots not to miss out on, so you can choose your favorites.

Rock Fall Chemical Resistant Boots
Rock Fall TeslaDri RF120 Safety Boots
Bogs Steel Toe Waterproof Boots

Rock Fall Rhodium RF250 Chemical Resistant Safety Boots


These boots are a traditional work boot shape and are made from a tough microfiber that keeps liquids out. They will also protect your feet from hazardous chemicals. 

Although they don’t have steel toes there is a reinforced toe cap that can cushion any impact from stubbing your toe in the workplace.

There is an anti-slip sole and the boots are fastened with strong laces, so you are able to  tighten them securely to a level that feels comfortable for you.

Best of all there are no animal derived products in these work boots.

Rock Fall TeslaDri RF120 Safety Boots


Another traditional looking work boot, the Rock Fall TeslaDri boots are constructed from microfiber. They feature an upper that uses Sympatex Climate Control Technology, allowing your feet to breathe while also being water repellant.

Crushproof toe caps provide excellent protection for your feet as will the composite midsole which is penetration resistant.

These work boots will protect your feet, keeping them safe, warm and dry in all conditions and environments. The boots are also ESD compliant making them very safe against static electricity.

Bogs Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots


Bogs Forge Steel work boots are built for the toughest conditions on a building site. They are calf high so will protect your feet and lower legs from getting wet. A steel toe cap prevents injury to your toes from impact.

The boots are insulated to keep your feet warm in temperatures exceeding 40 below and also protect your feet and lower legs from chemical spills.

Made from rubber on the outside, they have a stretchable inner bootie and a non-slip sole.

Will's Vegan Shoes Dock Boots


Suede dock boots which are tough and water-resistant but also look good, these Will’s Vegan footwear blend style with substance. The boots are made from vegan leather which is 69% bio-based, and they are breathable as well as being comfortable.

They feature long, strong polyester laces and a grippy and durable outsole that is made with recyclable material.

Certified carbon neutral, the boots can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling once they have reached the end of their working life.

Tan Worker Boot By Brave Gentleman


Despite its work boot appearance this Tan Worker boot by Brave Gentleman is not construction grade footwear as it has no steel toes. However, they are tough and will function well in other work environments.

The material is advertised as Italian leather but is not derived from animals. Instead it is a PU microfiber which is water-resistant, supple and strong. There is a lightweight but durable sole which gives good grip and a moccasin style toe.

A high quality, animal and environmentally friendly leather work boot.

Chestnut Work Boots By Will's Vegan Shoes


Smart and tough, these chestnut work boots are both breathable and water-resistant. Featuring vegan leather uppers with 69% bio-oil content and sturdy rubber soles, these boots will last years.

Recycled content features in the strong polyester laces as well as the deep tread soles and rear pull tabs. The insoles are hand stitched and very comfortable.

Will’s Vegan Shoes have been refining these boots for years, since their launch in 2013 and have continually improved on the design. These are not safety boots, however and have no steel toe.

Ethical Wares Safety Boot


These boots are not going to win any fashion awards, but they will certainly keep your feet safe and that is their primary purpose. They feature a steel toe cap and a puncture resistant midsole to protect your feet.

To add to their impressive list of safety features these boots are static resistant and non-slip.

They also protect against shock, abrasion and heat and are resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents and oil. There are not many places where you can’t wear them.

Women’s Vegan Work Boots​

Blue Bogs Daisy Multi Flower


Blue Bogs work boots feature a variety of floral designs, and they are perfect for when you are out in the wet and mud.

The boots have a 4 mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation, so your feet are kept dry and warm no matter what the conditions.

They are easy to pull on with their handles either side and once on they will wick away moisture from your feet to keep them dry and healthy.

DuraFresh biotechnology also ensures that your feet don’t get too smelly either.

Black Fugu Maguro Japanese Calf High Industrial Work Boots


In truth, these don’t look like work boots but when you see their features you will appreciate how tough they are. The material is a mixture of canvas, cotton and recycled rubber.

These boots are unusual in that they have a barefoot feel and are used by martial artists, Parkour athletes, dancers, and performing artists. The large straps are adjustable making them simple to custom fit to many leg sizes.

The top part of these boots can be folded down if you prefer them not to sit on your calves.

Black Tredsafe Iris Slip-Resistant Work Shoe


If you prefer a shoe style rather than a boot style for work the Black Tredsafe Iris work shoe is ideal. This is a great shoe to wear in an environment where you need to protect your feet but have to move around a lot. For this reason they are popular in the restaurant industry. 

The slip resistant sole means there will be no sliding around and the soft foot bed means your feet will be comfortable as you work. 

A practical shoe that offers comfort and protection.

Unisex Vegan Work Boots

Dr. Martens 1490 Work Boot


Dr. Martens are one of the most iconic boots in the world and these 1490 Work Boots are undeniably made with the same DNA. The 10-eye lace up system means the boots are worn high on the leg and offer good protection. 

The air cushioned sole is both oil and fat resistant and is slip resistant with good abrasion. Made from synthetic leather these are vegan friendly and look identical to the original DMs. 

Like any Dr Martens boots they will be stiff to begin with and will need to be broken in.

Birkenstock Professional A 640 Work Boot


For a workplace that requires foot protection and good hygiene standards the Birkenstock Professional work boot will serve you well. Although it is not strictly a boot and more of a slip on shoe.

There is a steel toe cap to protect your feet, and they are simple to clean when needed. For these reasons they are ideal for the healthcare and food industries.

These work shoes are made from polyurethane and so contain no animal derived materials or products.

Black High Top Safety Sneaker By Eco-Vegan Shoes


These shoes are perhaps the most unlikely looking work boots in this review. They look like a pair of regular sneakers. However, they have safety features which are not immediately apparent.

In the toe there is a non-metallic composite safety cap, while not a steel cap, it does protect your feet. The shoes are light and comfortable as well as being water-resistant.

An anti-slip pattern on the outsole gives plenty of grip and an Eco-OrthoLite insole provides support.

Black Tredsafe Pepper Slip-Resistant Clog


If you need a pair of work shoes that you can slip on and off the Black Tredsafe Pepper clog is perfect for you. It has a slip resistant sole and so gives good grip on most surfaces.

For working in the healthcare or hospitality industry these slip on shoes are comfortable to wear with an anti-fatigue footbed to alleviate tired feet. They are also very easy to clean and keep hygienic.

If you need something more secure on your feet however, these may not be for you.

Black/Orange Vegan Chainsaw Boots By Ethical Wares


For a seriously safe pair of work boots you can’t get much better than a pair of chainsaw boots from Ethical Wares. These have Lorica uppers and Kevlar anti-cut protection so are ideal for using around any kind of power tool and not just chainsaws.

They come with a steel toe cap for impact protection as well as pierce resistant midsoles. The lace up system ensures a tight and secure fit while the rugged sole offers excellent grip underfoot for extra safety.

Final Thoughts​

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to 15 amazing vegan work boots and that you will find your perfect pair.

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