How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should I Own?

If you’re trying to be more sustainable with your clothing choices, but love fashion and looking stylish, it can be hard to find the balance between purchasing clothes and being more mindful.

Jeans are an example of such clothing. Many people are guilty of possessing more jeans than they actually need. This can make it harder to narrow down which pair to wear during the day.

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should I Own

Similarly, a lot of minimalism fans don’t own enough jeans. They may struggle if they need a pair appropriate for a certain occasion.

If you’re wondering how many pairs of jeans you should own, the short answer is between three and four.

This is a nice amount that gives you enough jeans suitable for different events, while remaining faithful to a sustainable lifestyle.

You’ll learn more about the jeans you should own below. We’ve listed the best types of pairs women and men should have in their closets, which give you various options to choose from without feeling overwhelmed.

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should Women Own?

The ordinary woman possesses around seven pairs of jeans, but you may own more or less, depending on your lifestyle.

However, if you own many pairs of jeans, this can do more harm than good. It can make finding a pair to suit your outfit a lot harder than it should be.

Switching to a minimalist style wardrobe can help with this issue. This involves keeping clothes that you love. These items should fit you well, be comfortable to wear, and be appropriate for several occasions.

Women should own four pairs of jeans, no more, no less. Here are the four classic jean styles that work well in many different settings.

Typical Blue Jeans

This style of jeans will be a basic pair that you can dress up or dress down.

Choosing blue jeans that have decent stretch properties means that you can wear them throughout the month without worrying about weight changes or bloating.

This will be your go-to pair of jeans, so it’s best to choose a medium wash instead or a darker or lighter one.

Medium wash denim is a classic choice that works for casual and formal events, depending on what you wear with them.

The fit of the denim is up to you, but we’d recommend going for a straight-leg fit with a little room.

Other styles, like skinny or flared jeans, can look too trendy or dated for particular occasions. Straight-leg jeans suit many different events as they are so adaptable.

General Black Jeans

Black jeans will be one of the most versatile items in your closet. You can wear them to work, on nights out, and when casually meeting up with friends.

Select a pair that’s in a pure, bold black wash. Faded black jeans can look worn out and too casual for professional or formal settings.

A slimmer fit will allow you to wear the jeans wherever you want, but make sure that the jeans aren’t skin-tight.

Black jeans are more likely to fade in the wash, so you should consider spending a little more on a high-quality pair made with fade-resistant dye.

Throw On Jeans

This pair is meant for the days when you are lounging at home or carrying out messy tasks. Throw-on jeans prevent you from spoiling your nicer pairs as they can take a little wear and tear.

The denim will make you look relatively put together, but you won’t be mad if they become stained or ripped.

Older jeans that are very comfortable are a good choice, but if you’d rather buy a new pair, go for a boyfriend style. These will be very comfy and loose-fitting.

The pockets also tend to be larger on these, allowing you to store your phone, cash, or anything else you want to carry with you!

Trendy Jeans

The last pair you should own is your fashionable pair of jeans. This will vary depending on your style, though examples include a classic bootcut pair, trendy distressed ones, or retro flares.

Even though this pair is a trendy piece, you should still be able to style the jeans in several outfits instead of wearing them once or twice.

A good sustainability rule is to avoid buying clothes unless you’ve been wanting them for over two months. This will prevent you from purchasing items that go out of fashion the next season.

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should Men Own?

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should I Own

Men can do well with three pairs of jeans. Here are the three types of jeans that men should own in their closets.

Slim Everyday Jeans

Slim-fitting jeans are great day-to-day options for men. These shouldn’t be too baggy or skinny, tailored well to your frame.

Slim-fit jeans can be worn when running errands, on dates, and when hanging out with friends. They can even work at some workplaces, depending on how casual the dress code is.

Dark Blue or Black Jeans

Darker jeans can be casual or dressy, depending on what you wear them with.

Dark blue or black jeans are great if you prefer to wear jeans regularly, as you can wear different tops and shirts with them to make entirely new looks.

A white T-shirt and dark jeans are classic casual choices, while a blue shirt elevates the look, making the jeans suitable for smart-casual affairs.

Slim-cut jeans are best for this, as they will always look classic and timeless.

Throw On Jeans

Every man needs a pair of throw-on jeans to save their nicer pairs from damage. This is the pair that you wear if you’re doing messier jobs, like painting or gardening.

You can use an older pair of jeans for this, as long as they fit comfortably. If you are a different size or don’t have any suitable older jeans, purchase a pair of loose-fitting jeans made from thick denim.

The Bottom Line

Three or four pairs of jeans will give you enough options to wear while still being sustainable.

If you have gone through your closet and have leftover jeans you’d like to get rid of, try to prevent them from entering landfills.

You can sell your jeans online or donate them to charity stores. Some locations even have denim recycling schemes, so do your research before giving them away.

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