12 Vegan Vans Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Vans are a popular streetwear brand that started off making skate shoes in 1966. Since opening, the company has expanded its styles and products to clothing, kid’s shoes, and accessories.

15 Vegan Vans Shoes To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Everyone needs a good pair of sneakers in their life, whether it’s for running, walking, or just as a fashion statement.

Sneakers are comfortable and practical for many situations, if you’re looking for a new pair of vegan sneakers then you’ll want to pay attention to this list.

Featured here is a list of 15 different vegan Vans that will brighten up your wardrobe.

SK8-HI Tapered Shoes
Eco Theory SK8-Hi Tapered Shoes
Eco Theory Circle Vee Shoes

SK8-HI Tapered Shoes


High-top Vans are commonly associated with their skate shoes, as the shape offers extra support around the ankle.

The deconstructed upper section of the shoe offers a slimmer look than the usual SK8-Hi shoes which can be appealing to many. 

These Vans are made with 100% organically grown cotton and a natural rubber compound that follows ethical and sustainable practices.

The embroidery on the side adds a unique element to the shoe along with the light pink uppers.

Eco Theory SK8-Hi Tapered Shoes


There are a number of high-top shoes in the Eco Theory collection, including the classic Sk8-Hi tapered shoes.

Replacing their petroleum-based rubber soles with a new natural product, Vans has created a more environmentally friendly shoe that doesn’t compromise on durability.

The deconstructed upper of the classic shape shoe offers a more slimline and fitted look.

With the black and white colorway, these shoes embody the essence of Vans, including the classic side stripe.

Eco Theory Circle Vee Shoes


Another of the Eco Theory range, these low-top lace-ups are made with their new 50% organic cotton material.

There is a range of colors to choose from here, all of which are made with their EcoCush midsole and EcoWaffle rubber outsole. 

Vans partnered with the Ocean Conservancy to produce this collection, which means that they are donating $1 from every shoe sale will go to the Tides Foundation charity.

Eco Theory Authentic Shoes


Vans Authentic shoes are one of their classic designs.

They are low-top lace-ups with thick rubber soles, with the Eco Theory collection a new natural rubber compound has been used to manufacture the soles. 

The rubber is responsibly sourced and sustainable, all whilst maintaining the iconic grip and durability that the soles are known for. 

The range of colors and designs means all personalities and styles will find something they like with this canvas shoe.

Eco Theory SK8-HI 38 Decon SF Shoes


These deconstructed SK8-Hi 38 Decon SF shoes have many of the classic Vans hi-top features such as padded ankles, stripe down the side, and thick rubber soles.

There are two different designs to choose from: red or black.

Both of these have patterns and textures to make them more visually interesting. 

With the Eco Theory collection, they also feature jute renewable laces and the canvas is made with 100% organically grown cotton.

At the bottom of the shoe, you can find their UltraCush foam midsole which provides extra comfort.

Vans Authentic Shoes


These classic Authentic Vans are made with 100% canvas uppers and a rubber waffle sole.

The waffle sole is what gives the shoe so much grip which makes them perfect for skating.

They are low-top shoes with a classic lace-up design and all the characteristics you’d associate with Vans shoes. 

Authentic shoes shoes are always made from canvas which means you can pick and choose from the numerous colors and designs to find the perfect shoe for you.

Vans Classic Slip-on Shoes


The Slip-on shoes are one of Vans most popular and iconic styles, usually associated with the checkerboard pattern.

When you see a pair of these, you instantly know they are from the trendy skate brand. 

As the uppers are made with 100% canvas material and the thick waffle soles are made with rubber, there are no animal products used to manufacture these shoes. 

Elasticated sides enable you to slip these shoes on and off with ease, making them perfect for active and busy people.

Vans Era Shoes


The Era shoes combine the classic looks of the Authentic and the Old Skool style shoes, with the branding on the thick rubber waffle soles and the padded ankle surrounds.

Originally made specifically for skateboarders, the Era has become a more popular product with mainstream customers as well. 

Available in a few different colors, the Era is made with sturdy canvas material uppers as well as metal eyelets and the signature rubber waffle soles.

Vans UltraRange EXO Shoes


The UltraRange EXO shoes have been created for those that seek out adventure.

Made with synthetic uppers and elevated textiles to provide built-in support and a heel lock to ensure a secure fit. 

Increased grip is seen through the all-terrain outsoles that improve one’s traction and flexibility.

This occurs through the rubber-wrapped reverse waffle soles.

UltraCush technology is used with this shoe, providing a comfortable feel in the sole and increased breathability with the UltraCush tongue.

Checkerboard Classic Slip-on Platform Shoes


Who doesn’t love a platform shoe? As platforms have become more trendy over the last few years, Vans has brought out a number of even thicker soles with some of their classic shoe styles.

This includes a classic checkerboard slip-on shoe. Although this is usually a skate shoe, they aren’t very suitable for that purpose here. 

These shoes feature all the original elements you’d expect from a low-top slip-on pair of Vans, just with a platform rubber waffle outsole.

The rubber used here isn’t part of their new eco range, but the uppers are made from 100% canvas. 

Pick from two different colors, a classic black and white block coloring, and a black and white chequered design.

Vans Authentic Platform 2.0 Shoes


Authentic Vans are a low-top lace-up shoe that is recognized worldwide.

Made from 100% canvas material, the shoes are the same as the originals but with a platform rubber waffle sole.

These styles currently don’t have many color options to choose from other than a black or white canvas upper with a classic white sole. 

For those who are looking to gain a little extra height whilst wearing their favorite pair of Vans, look no further than the platform 2.0 shoes.

Women's La Costa Slide-on Shoes


Finally, we have the La Costa sliders, made with synthetic rubber and stretch textile lining these shoes are made from over 90% synthetic materials.

The inks and glues used to produce this shoe are water-based making them more environmentally friendly. 

A more lightweight version of the UltraCush waffle outsoles is included here for added comfort.

Customers can pick from three different designs that all have the typical Vans style.

These shoes are ideal to take with you on vacation, wear to the pool, or simply around the house.

The Bottom Line

Although there are no specific ‘vegan’ Vans on offer, many of them are not derived from animal products.

Those made with textiles, synthetic materials and canvas are examples of this.

Vans state on its website that once they have managed to certify that products are entirely animal-free, this will be indicated in its product descriptions on their website.

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